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Somebody needs to take my Kindle away from me // E-Book Haul

Hi, hey, hello and happy whatever day it is. I don’t know.

Somebody needs to come over here and take away my kindle. Or my mums credit card. Either one is fine because I keep buying a bunch of On Sale e-books and I’m going to end up with too many sooner or later.

I have a fun TBR planned for next month to help get some of these newly purchased books read but for now I’m just going to talk about what I got:


The first book of this haul I had to buy because my literature teacher told me to and that is The Talented Mr Ripley by Patricia Highsmith. This is one of the books I have to read this term. My book report actually has to be in by the 4th of May and I haven’t read this yet so I’ll be getting to this soon. I don’t know anything about it but I hope it’s good because it’ll make doing homework easier and fun.

Geekerella by Ashley Poston is a modern day retelling of Cinderella but it’s got elements of fandom and a food delivery truck called the Magic Pumpkin! I’ve heard pretty good things about this so I’m hoping for a fun, fast read.

As is a common thing here on this blog I don’t know much about The King of Bones and Ashes by J.D Horn. It’s set in New Orleans and  it’s about witches which is all I know and I’m really excited about that.

Two violently yellow books.

I’ve considered getting It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne a fair few times both in physical and kindle form but never committed. As far as I know this book follows a girl who is so over romance after her parents split but then meets a boy called Harry at the cinema and she realises real life love isn’t like it is in the films.

Yes No Maybe So by Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saed follows the romance (?) between two people, Jamie and Maya, who meet while working for a politician, going door to door knocking for votes. I’m hoping to like this. I liked Simon VS by Becky Albertalli and I like books with cute romance and books with political themes so this sounds like it’s going to be good.

And the final book I snatched up for cheap is Land of Stories by Chris Colfer. These middle grade books by ex-Glee Star are really quite popular as far as I’m aware so I want on that train.

On only a slightly related note: I’m kinda obsessed with Glee TikToks. They’re weirdly hilarious and MR Schu is sooooo creepy. Was he that creepy when I watched the series all those years ago?


And so those are 6 books I’ve bought recently. Like I said I’m planning a “special” tbr for next month in hopes of knocking some of these off my TBR because no doubt I’ll be buying some more in the sales depending on how long lockdown lasts.

If you’ve read any of these let me know I’d love to know what you think. Thanks for reading and stat safe!

Elli xx

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