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Hi, hey, hello and welcome to my blog.

Ok so first things first: I’m considering dying my hair pastel pink. 

I’m bored and I’m not going back to school anytime soon so why not, ya know. So yeah. I’m writing this in advance so there’s a chance that when this post goes live I could have (temporary) pink hair … or I could sleep on it and realise it’s a bad idea. Who knows.

Anyways today I’m going to be doing The Book Interview Tag. Thank you so much to Daria @ The Bookaholic’s Therapy for tagging me! You should definitely go follow Daria because her posts are really fun to read and also her blog is so aesthetically pretty!

Name/Blog Name

slim shady

My name is Elli-mai but I go by Elli because my teachers sometimes pronounce “Mai” as “meow” so it’s just easier.

My blog is called AceReader cause I’m terrible at coming up with cool names so I just smashed two words together and called it a day.


I’m going to be 18 in August and yes I’m having an existential crisis about that constantly.

Favourite Genre

I love paranormal/urban fantasy. Anything with magic but set in our world. High fantasy is too complex for my brain, all the complicated names and places. I’m also really starting to like contemporary.

Favourite Male Author

Copying off Daria here but I love Rick Riordan. He got me in to reading and I’ve actually started re-reading the Percy Jackson series. I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy them as much now that I’m older but nope. They’re as great as ever.

Favourite Female Author

This is harder because I read so many more female authors then male. A recent favourite of mine though is Erin Hahn, author of You’d Be Mine and More Than Maybe. I loved both of these books so much and I can’t wait to read more from her.

Forever Favourites

  • All For The Game Trilogy by Nora Sakovic
  • The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater
  • The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

What was your first book of 2019? How did you like it?

The first book I read in 2019 was Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. It was actually a re-read and I enjoyed it even more then second time around.

What was your last book of 2019? How did you like it?

The last book I read in 2019 was She’s With Me by Jessica Cunsolo. It was an ARC and it was by no means the best book in the world, you could definitely tell it was published through Wattpad Publishing but it was also pretty good for what it was.

What do you look for in a book? What makes a book stand out for you?

Obviously plot and writing are important in a book but what I look for is characters/

Like the Shadowhunter Books, for example. The reason I love those books so much and continue to read and buy them is because I love the characters, their relationships, the dynamics and especially the witty banter and sarcasm.

I like reading about characters who feel like they could be real people even if they are fighting off demons or attending a school of magic.

Do you collect any particular sets/editions of books?


The only books I’m collecting are the Harry Potter Illustrated Editions. I just think they’re so pretty and they’re definitely something I’ll have for years and years.

Favourite place to read.

My Bed! Where 9/10 times I’m accompanied by my dog.


Do you keep books you don’t like, or do you just get rid of them?

Yeah I unhaul books a lot. It is hard though because I don’t really have many places to take them. I give a lot of books to my friend Aaron when I think he’ll be interested in them but then there’s the more romance heavy books I know he won’t like which are still sitting in a pile.

Really I need to take them up to the local charity shop but I’m too nervous to do it lol.

Which literary character best defines you/do you relate to?

I feel like I’m a mix of these two characters:

  • Daisy Winters from Prince Charming by Rachel Hawkins
  • Cathy from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I relate to Cathy in terms of her anxiety, her love for fanfic and writing. Its funny to say I relate to her/see myself in her because while I was reading that book I did not like her. She annoyed me. It’s kind of ironic.

And with Daisy I relate to her sarcasm and humour, and the fact that I also dyed my hair mermaid red.


I’ve decided not to tag anybody but if you like the look of this then go ahead and do it and leave a link in the comments or something cause I’d love to check out your answers.

Thank you again to Daria, this was fun 🙂

Thanks for reading, wish me luck with the pink hair and stay safe!

Elli xx

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