I read Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer and it was … interesting.

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So a while back I made a post talking about books I’d love to read from another characters point of view. In that post I said I’d love to re-read Twilight from Edwards perspective and Emma @ A Few Chapters ’til Love actually pointed out something that I completely forgot about which is that this was already a thing!

It took me a while to get around to reading it (aka 8 months) but recently I read Midnight Sun which is part of the first Twilight book but from Edwards point of view.

hhhThis was actually leaked before it could be published or even finished for that matter. I’m not clued in on the whole drama surrounding why this was never officially released because I was a literal child at the time and I don’t have the energy to go digging now but I decided to read this because I was bored and wanted some entertainment.

So today I’m going to be talking a little bit about what I thought about this book. This isn’t a proper review and I didn’t give it a star rating on Goodreads either because it feels wrong to judge a book seriously when it’s literally the half completed first draft. I’m just kind of going to be sharing the fleeting thoughts I had during and after reading.


Edward perspective of their first meeting in Biology is hilarious. So if you’ve read the book or watched the movie you’ll know that these two star crossed lovers meet in Biology class when Bella has to sit next to him.

In Bella’s POV she see’s him react in utter disgust and thinks she smells bad or something. The problem is the complete opposite. She smells too good which leads to Edward fantasising about sucking her blood for the entire class.

No joke he thinks about killing her in various ways for nearly a whole chapter. While Bella’s thinking: Oh do I smell? Edward is thinking: I’m a predator. I want to eat her.

One line in particular made me laugh. All she did was blush but Edwards inner dialogue was:

“Turning her skin the most delicious colour I’d ever seen”.

Yes this entire exchange was creepy af. Yes I laughed way more then I probably should have. I recommend reading Midnight Sun just for this first chapter.

Even later on in the book when Edward has resigned himself to his feeling for Bella theres a moment when he’s thinking about kissing her and it goes like this:

“For half a second I was distracted by the idea, the impossibility of what it would be like to try and kiss her. My lips to her lips, cold stone to warm yeilding silk …
And then she dies”

I really liked seeing more of the Cullens.

First of all they all deserve a round of applause for putting up with Edward moping around for seventy years and they definitely deserve a round of applause for putting up with a love-sick Edward.

I really liked seeing more of their familial relations . Just off handed things like how Emmet and Jaspar have an ongoing game of chess with their own rules over 8 chessboards put together. Or them ganging up on Edward in a snowball fight.

Little things like this made the ten year old twilight obsessed me very happy.

Actually reading from a vampire’s POV is weird. So I was totally okay when Edward was on about sucking human blood and killing Bella and all their classmates but there’s various scenes and moments when they’re talking about drinking animal blood and I had to skim read through those because I couldn’t deal. Yes I’m aware this says a lot about me but that’s okay.

Also something to note is that the internet has ruined the word “thirst” or “thirsty” for me. Both of these words show up quite frequently and it felt like a meme.

Alice knows everything. I really love Alice and I think I forgot about that.

Alice spends basically this whole book begging Edward to let her talk to Bella because she’s seen the future and she already knows they become close friends. She already has that love for Bella before they’ve even met and I never thought of that.

She also see’s Bella becoming a vampire right off the bat. After Edward decides not to run away she see’s him falling in love with her and then she sees Bella with cold skin and red eyes and Edward reads her mind and see’s this too and again, I never even thought of that!!!!

People must think Edward is crazy or something. So Edward can hear peoples thoughts which throughout this story leads to many one sided conversations where one person is speaking to Edward telepathically while Edward is the only one speaking out loud. From an outside perspective this must look weird.

He also just randomly starts grinning and laughing when listening to other peoples thoughts. Can you imagine the creepy good looking boy that never talks just randomly grins for what seems like no reason. No wonder everyone at that school thinks there’s something weird about the Cullen family.

As funny as I found Edward to be … it also shows how creepy he is. It’s no secrete that Bella and Edwards aren’t the “healthiest” of YA couples and that Edward has a tendency to be kind of creepy and problematic at times and this was even more apparent in this book.

Sure you can see Edwards reasoning and motivations behind doing what he does and yes I suppose it’s clear he’s doing it “in the name of love” and while 10 year old me thought this was the epitome of true love, 17 year old me knows there’s crossing a line between love and obsession.

Edward sneaks into Bella’s room at night to watch her sleep and tells himself he should bring oil next time for the squakey window AND HE DOES!!!! Can we please take a moment to picture Edward just casually greasing up Bella’s window while she sleeps so he can sneak in her room easier.

And then there’s the fact that he continuosly follows her about and uses his powers to listen in on her conversations even though she said she’s not comfortable with that.

He doesn’t get a pass on all of this just because he’s a vampire and they’re in love.


I can’t lie. Overall I did enjoy this. It was amusing and kept me entertained.

I am sad we didn’t get more. This book is 264 (A4) pages long but only goes up to the part after Edward saves her from nearly getting assaulted and she finds out he is a vampire and Jessica is grilling Bella about that.

We don’t get to see Bella formerly meeting the rest of the Cullen’s, or the infamous baseball scene or the Bella runs off to Pheonix and nearly dies scenes. None of that,which is sad but I was happy with what we did get. (I would love to read all that though).

If by any chance you’re interested in checking this out I’ll leave the link HERE, and if you’ve read this before I’d love to know what you think.

Thank you for reading and stay safe 🙂

Elli xx


7 thoughts on “I read Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer and it was … interesting.”

  1. lol I just can’t bring myself to read anything Twilight related or reread the series. I actually have some positive memories associated with it and I’m worried another read of it would ruin that for me. I’m glad you enjoyed this though! 💗😂

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  2. Ahhhh hi!
    Midnight Sun was definitely an experience. I probably would’ve read it more seriously and kept my mentality of “eDwArD cUlLeN iS mY lIfE” if I had read it when I read the original series…. so about four years before I read Midnight Sun. I am tempted to go through and reread it (times have me looking for nostalgic activities!) and also read Pallister’s fanfic versions of the saga, they wrote Midnight Sun super well!
    – Emma 🙂

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