Reacting to bad reviews of my favourite book // The Foxhole Court

Hello 🙂 20190120_1238062012396606.jpgI’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but I’ve been too lazy. Today, however, I am procrastinating studying for my exam so now is the obviously perfect time to react to bad reviews of The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic.

All For the Game is one of my favourite series ever so this should be interesting.😂

This is not an original idea in the slightest. I’ve seen this floating around on YouTube but I’d never seen a blog version so all of the credit for this post goes to Nikita @ Prose & Pancakes who reacted to bad reviews of Twilight. Definitely check that out because it was so much fun to read!


*Possible minor spoilers for the book/series*

I do think he [Neil Josten] is THE DUMBEST PERSON ALIVE though. I understand why he would want to stay, but not why he does!!!! He makes very, very poor choices in my opinion.

Ok this isn’t the worst thing ever. I’m starting myself off easy.

I 100% agree with this. Neil Josten makes very, very poor choices. *cough* roasting Riko on live TV *cough*.

I don’t think he’s dumb though. He’s just got … selective intelligence.

Neil is boring. Kevin is pointless. Andrew is a drug-addict/psychopath/should be in jail/banned from ever playing Exy again moody teenager who will probably kill one of his team members in the future. Nicky is like that black friend who’s always saying dumb and funny things in Hollywood comedies. Coach is the babysitter that has to handle their BS because the Foxes can never act like normal college athletes, God forbid them!!

Me: *is offended but acknowledges peoples right to their own opinion*

Neil. Boring? With his complicated and mysterious background, attitude problem and questionable judgment?

Kevin. Pointless? With his ability to whip the Foxes into a half decent team despite his trauma from being in sport obsessed mafia cult and pushed into the public eye since he was a kid?

Also Andrew is a not a drug addict and he’s not a psychopath either, that’s the side-effect of the drugs he’s obligated to take. And what’s wrong with being a moody teenager?

Not surprisingly my first thought after reading it was: WHY THE FUCK IS THIS LABELED AS M/M romance? This is false advertisement you all and I am annoyed. I don’t care in the next books appears a gay ship, but all I care now is this book, in which there WASN’T A GAY SHIP. So I am so so so so mad.

True this first book is low on the M/M and I can totally see how people could be upset that it’s labelled as that.

I personally don’t see it a total lie or “false advertisement” because the relationship that develops between Andrew and Neil over the course of the series is so important to the story and is one of favourite things.

I think it’s rare we see such development of an LGBT+ relationship that spans over the course of several books with those characters being the actual main protagonists instead of side characters and I don’t think that’s something that should be ignored just because they didn’t become cannon in the first book.

That people compare this to The Raven Cycle is an atrocity

Yeah I don’t understand the comparrison either. I love both series and you can definitly compare and see similarities between characters to a certain extent but literally the only things these books have in common is:

  • A beloved character who lies about “being fine” all the time. (I’m looking at you Adam and Neil).
  • Hitmen.
  • Ravens. Two very different version of ravens but ravens all the same.
  • Both series feature a book titles “The Raven King” which will make you cry.


So that was me reacting to unpopular opinions/reviews of The Foxhole Court. All of these snippets were taken from reviews on Goodreads. This was just me having fun and not dragging these people for their opinion lol. It was actually pretty fun and I might do some more of these in the future.

I’d love to know what you think of this series? I’m sadly going to go and study for my latin exam now😭 Thanks for reading and stay safe 🙂

Elli xx

8 thoughts on “Reacting to bad reviews of my favourite book // The Foxhole Court”

  1. I’ve seen some bad reviews for this series as well and it always makes me a little mad and frustrated even if I do feel like everyone is entitled to their own opinion, obviously. I just feel like they didn’t fully appreciate/understand the book?

    I get why people wouldn’t like it because of the heavy subjects (especially in the next books), but to me, these characters are basically perfect the way they are! (The perfect way to describe Neil Josten and kinda the whole series is a line from the TFC – “Neil was much better at instigating fights than winning them”)

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    1. my heart breaks every time I see a 1 or 2 star rating on goodreads and I have to scroll away lol
      I definitely think you get more enjoyment and understanding from reading the whole trilogy, like it works better as a whole (?) instead of just the first book.

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