I’m trash so I re-read Ghosts of the Shadow Market☺

Hi. I’m trash. Welcome to my blog.

So first things first: Its 1:30 am right now so apologies in advance for any possible spelling mistakes. My ability to write coherently is shabby at the best of times let alone in the middle of the night.

GSM_cover_01I read Chain of Gold a few weeks back and now I’m back in my Shadowhunter obsessed ways. On some level I knew this was going to happen but I didn’t expect it to hit me this hard. So to feed my obsession I have decided to re-read some of the Shadowhunter novella bind ups.

I’m doing this for two reasons: 1) The novellas feature characters from all current series especially The Last Hours, and 2) my next option is re-reading The Mortal Instruments which I lowkey don’t want to do because it’s so long and that series high-key annoys and frustrates me 🙂

As you can see I decided to start my novella re-read with the Ghosts of the Shadow Market bind up. I started with this solely because it features my man Brother Zachariah who I love dearly.

1)Cast Long Shadows

This first novella is all about Matthew Fairchild. It’s basically his origin story as we see how he goes from this happy sunshine boi™ to the dark, brooding and cynical version of him from Chain of Gold. Matthew is one of those characters who I just want to reach inside the pages and give him a hug, ya know.

My favourite parts include:

  • Matthew giving Brother Zachariah a kiss on the cheek.
  • Four 15 year olds renting a room above a downworlder tavern. The most Herondale and Lightwood thing ever.
  • Matthews love for Henry, his dad, is too pure for this world.
  • Matthew being a dramatic ass bitch and using a grappling hook to get to the library instead of walking up the stairs like a normal person.

Overall this was a fun novella that might make you cry at the end. I do think this adds a lot to Matthews character but I don’t think it’s necessary to read before jumping into the new series because I’m 99% sure his background will be explored and explained in that.

2)Every Exquisite Thing

So I read these when they were first released on Kindle and yet I swear to God I didn’t remember anything about this. Novella number 2 follows the amazing Anna Lightwood, again this is essentially her origin story and I loved it. We see her transform from this awkward girl who feels uncomfortable in dresses to this badass who kills it in a three piece suit and has all the confidence.

My favourite parts include:

  • Anna. Just Anna herself. I want just 1/2 of her confidence.
  • Christopher Lightwood who is the purest of beans to ever exist.
  • “Women should value other women, even if society often does not”.
  • Anna and Matthew being a lesbian/bisexual duo. I want more of them in future books please and thankyou.
  • Cecily and Gabriel being the best parents ever.
  • Brother Zacharia being famous for BEING KIND!!!! Hold me while I weep.

Again I really enjoyed this one and to me who wants to know more about these characters I’ve recently come to love I enjoyed learning about them but I don’t think it’s totally necessary to read.

3)Learn About Loss

Wow. Okay. This was a wild ride. So novella number 3 follows Brother Zachariah and a soon to be Iron Sister, Emilia, and they’re exploring a mysterious Shadow market for missing Adamas and it’s set after the newest series.

I’m not going to say any more that but just know this gave me soooo many theories. I was there in my bed scribbling things down like I’d cracked some kind of code. If you’ve read Chain of Gold go and read this!

My favourite moments were:

  • Sister Emilia.
  • The final scene. Will and Jem in Shanghai.
  • Will, when Jem is telling him about a nearby restaurant that serves duck: “There is nothing so sweet as feasting upon the bones of my enemies. Especially with you atmy side”. 

4)A Deeper Love

This one had me tearing up because I will never not ship Tessa Gray and Jem Carstairs! This is set during WW2 in London where Tessa and Catarina Loss are working as nurses and as if that’s not a heavy setting already JEM IS INJURED!!!

I mean, I knew he was going to be fine but it still pulls at the fangirl heartstrings.

My favourite moments were:

  • Catarina and Tessa friendship.
  • Tessa’s kids trying to convince her to go to America where it’s safe.
  • Racing through London in a double decker as bombs fall.
  • Jem wanting biscuits even though he can’t eat. (same)

5) The Wicked Ones

This book follows Celine Montclaire and it took me forever to figure out who the hell she was and why she was relevant. Imagine my gasp when I realised *spoilers for TMI* … she’s Jace’s mum!!! I’ve forgotten the majority of TMI besides the big moments so it took me a while to catch on.

My favourite moments were:

  • Celine herself. She was actually a really interesting character who deserved better.
  • That’s it.
  • She was my favourite part of this novella.

6) Son of the Dawn

Oh my GOD! Baby Jace! Baby Alec! Baby Izzie!! And also my favourite Shadowhunter characters … Raphael Santiago and Lily Chen. This novella is definitely in my top 3 favourites from the bind up.

Basically in this novella a young Jace Wayland arrives to live with the Lightwoods while Raphael Santiago seeks the help of the shadowhunters and Brother Zachariah to stop a shipment of Yin Fen arriving in the city.

My favourite moments were:

  • Raphael and Lily, respectively.
  • Raphael saying “I don’t like people” and the immediately fist bumping with Ragnor as he passes.
  • Baby Alec crushing on Raphael and Baby Izzy being done™.
  • “Jazz baby and greaser teen take on the world” I. DIED.
  • My father used to tell a joke about having another Jonathon, if I wasn’t good enough“, oh sweetie that wasn’t a joke😭

7)The Land I Lost

This one is by far the biggest novella of the bind up but it’s so good. It follows Jem, Tessa, Alec and Lily going to a Shadow market in Buenos Aires where werewolf women are going missing.

We get Lily’s backstory in this and it’s heartbreaking

My favourite moments were:

  • Literally everything involving Max Lightwood-Bane, the most adorable blueberry ever.
  • The sailor suit of shame.
  • The hellborn rat
  • The fact that Magnus is apparently taller then Alec …. whattt??
  • Lily Chen calling Jace “Jason” was a powermove and I love her.
  • The fact that vampires have a consent form to drink humans blood.
  • Hey my baby”
  • Max having “temptation” lessons with demons.
  • Every Rafael scene, dudes a little grumpy legend.

8) Through Blood, Through Fire

This is kinda sorta Kit Herondale’s origin story. I suppose in a way this entire bind up could be classed as his origin story as it follows Brother Zachariah tracking down the lost Herondale and all that jazz.

My favourite moments were:

  • Brother Enoch (dude deserves a medal in my opinion)
  • Jem and Tessa being adorable.
  • Jem and Tessa being badass.
  • Jem and Tessa getting the happy ending they deserve.

9) The Lost World

Fair warning, these final two novellas contain spoilers for Queen of Air & Darkness so beware.

So in this novella we follow Ty at the Scholomance and he’s running experiments on his new connection with Ghost Livvy.

My favourite moments were:

  • Ty naming a wild Lynx after a character from Sherlock.
  • The sneak peaks of the Blackthorns in LA
  • Emma and Julian being in Paris together.
  • Kit drinking liquor out a coffee mug and spilling it over him.
  • Dark Livvy???
  • Wilhelmina Yiqiang Ke Carstairs.

10) Forever Fallen

I think this might be my favourite of the bunch. This follows Jem and Tessa’s life in England with their baby Mina and Kit. It also fallows Janus, aka alternate reality Jace, who freaks me out so much.

This novella has me soooo excited for The Wicked Powers trilogy and also incredibly scared.

My favourite moments were:

  • Kit going to Mina in the middle of the night to not distrub Jem or Tessa.
  • “Mina-mine” and “Silly melon”.
  • The village ladies melting at the sight of Jem with Mina.
  • Alec enjoying a nice day out with his family!!!
  • “Seen that movie”, “read that book”.
  • Ash Morgenstern. I don’t know what to think about him yet.
  • Jem being offended on Kits behalf when a village girl calls him “a beast”.
  • Literally every Carstairs/Gray/Herondale family interaction.


So there we go. My thoughts and feelings on every novella from Ghosts of the Shadow Market. This definitely did what I wanted to do: informed me on the new Last Hours characters and got me incredibly excited for the final series The Wicked Powers.

What did you think about this batch of novellas? I’d love to know. Thank you for reading:)

Elli xx

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