Little White Lies + Deadly Little Scandals // Series Recommendation

I don’t know about you but I love reading a good mystery or thriller in the summer and if that mystery novel is overflowing with drama then even better.

Two books that are perfect for summer are Little White Lies & Deadly Little Scandals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

Little White Lies follows Sawyer, a girl from “the wrong side of the tracks”, who is approached by her estranged grandmother with an offer of a whole lot of money and all Sawyer has to do in exchange is agree to become a debutant.

While the money is a sweet enough incentive its the possibility of discovering the identity of her father that pushes her to agree. And just like that Sawyer is thrown into the crazy world of Southern Belles and their secretes.

Without spoiling anything that happens in the first book Deadly Little Scandals follows Sawyer several weeks after the events of book one as she’s dealing with several newly uncovered secretes and the fact that her cousin has roped her into pledging for an elite and all-female secret society called the White Gloves.

Throughout the two books we have flashforwards; one or two paged chapters following the characters in the midst of the final big event which the story is leading up too which I personally loved. It made the story that much more interesting and entertaining seeing these little snippets of the future.

I’m from East Yorkshire. I know nothing about high society and yet I got so wrapped up in this world to the point where I was reading these books in a southern like accent.

This series is wild. There’s so many secretes and I had so many theories throughout both books which made it an addictive read I couldn’t put down.  I kid you not I gasped. Full on “oh my god” gasped while reading Deadly Little Scandals because just when you think you have things sussed out the author flips everything on it’s head again.

The characters as well are all well developed with interesting personalities and I really loved the dynamics between them. I think Sadie-Grace is my favourite side character just because she’s so sweet and socially unaware and she always made me smile no what.

Also the names of these characters are amazing and just what I imagine southern belles and whatever their male counterparts are called: Greer, Campbell, Boone, Audubon.

Overall I highly, highly recommend these books not only because I think they’re criminally underrated but because they’re genuinely a really good time and read that I couldn’t put down and kept a smile on my face!

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