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The Liebster Award #2

Hi and happy Wednesday 🙂

notvalidMy eyeballs are trying to sleep and it’s only 9pm so I’m going to get straight into business and get crackingggg.

A couple of months(?) ago Sabrina @ Notes From a Paper Plane Nomad nominated me to do the Liebster Award. Thank you so much for the nomination Sabrina!!

I’ve done this tag once before which you can read here if you’d like 🙂


  • Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award
  • Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination
  • Give these blogs 11 questions to answer

Sabrina’s Questions:

🌸What’s the silliest book you’ve ever read? (Fun silly! Though of course you can answer with a problematically silly book if you so choose.)🌸

Every time I re-read The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater I’m blown away by how crazy it is. I remember the first time I read the series I had to go back and read whole paragraphs because “did that really happen or is my reading comprehension that bad?”.

The same goes for Call Down the Hawk too but that silliness and “wtf did I just read” factor is what makes me love the books so much.

 🌸What’s your favourite smell in the whole world?🌸

I love coming home to the smell of my mum cooking because there’s really nothing better then my mums cooking. The way my apartment is as well I can smell the food as I’m walking up the many stairs to my front door.

🌸If you could be any part of a book, what would it be and why? (E.g. the cover, the epigraph, the blurb, the paper of the pages, etc.!)🌸

This is a super cool question that really had me questioning things. God I don’t even know!!!

I have no aesthetic whatsoever. I literally wear the same four outfits but I’d like to be a super aesthetically pleasing cover.

🌸Pair your favourite character with a snack/beverage!🌸

My first thought was Neil Josten and IRN BRU. I feel like he’d drink it because it’s orange. I think Neil’s obsession with the colour orange is a total fan made headcannon but I’m rolling with it.

Side note: IRN BRU is one of the best drinks in the world. (not the sugar free kind. that’s gross. please don’t give me that).

🌸What song always reminds you of a character or book?🌸

Demons by Imagine Dragons reminds me of of Nico di Angelo because I used to read “Mortals meet Demigods” fanfics of Wattpad when I was like 12 and somebody linked this song to a Nico chapter one time and that has always stuck and now I’m such a big fan of the band that I went to their concert in Madrid a few years back.

🌸What book did you first discover through a screen/stage adaptation, that is now one of your favourite reads?🌸

I watched both of the Percy Jackson movies and The Mortal Instrument movies wayyy before ever even realising they were based off books and I loved them so even now I know how inaccurate they are to the original source material I still have a soft spot for them.

🌸Translate the title of your favourite book into emojis! Or even a gifset!🌸


(All For The Game)

🌸If you were to create your own bookish box, what book/merch/fandoms would you include?🌸

I’ve never had a bookish box so I’m going based off what I’ve seen from unboxings but I’d go with:

  • A bookmark. You can never have too many bookmarks.
  • A candle. IDK I’ve just always like the idea of a book related scented candle.
  • A facemask with a book related design because we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and ya need to wear a face mask!!!!!

🌸Do you prefer to read totally offline or do you like to have Goodreads etc. open so you can post updates while you read?🌸

Reading offline is nice in theory and something I always try but never accomplish because I like to update Goodreads but then I start scrolling and get distracted.

🌸Have you ever dressed up as a book character, and if so, which was your favourite to do?🌸

I don’t think I’ve ever dressed up as a book character. I’ve never really had any reason to. The last time I dressed up was Halloween a few years back and I went as a zombie pirate.

🌸Have you ever named your pet/toys/children/spouse after a book character?🌸

I named my Build-A-Bear after Hannah Montana but I’ve never actually named anything after a book character. I named my dogs and my cat after chocolate bars. (Fudge, Kit-Kat and Poppet)

Facts About Me:

  1. I don’t like the chocolate at the bottom of Cornetto’s. Its unnecessary. The ice-cream cone by itself is good enough there’s no need to get fancy.
  2. I’m lowkey obsessed with Pepsi/Coke. It’s kind of a problem.
  3. One of my first memories is losing my dummy at a Barney concert.
  4. Before said Barney concert I was in hospital for dehydration which made me miss the original concert but my dad bought me new tickets in another city. (The pros of having separated parents)
  5. I’m moving back to England next year and I am shitting myself.
  6. I was a Bratz over Barbie kind of girl.
  7. My greatest accomplishment is winning a gold medal for my school in primary school. I like to think that the only reason my school won was because a boy on my team couldn’t skip so his mum asked me to take his place.
  8. I have a scar on my leg from my dog standing on me. I didn’t even bleed so the fact that it scared is really weird.
  9. I have forgotten my first two years at Spanish primary school. Genuinely. I can barely remember anything from back then and tbh I think that’s for the best.
  10. I’ve never watched Friends. I’m never going to watch Friends.
  11. When we first moved to Spain my parents owned a bar which is why I’m now so good at playing pool.


Thank you again to Sabrina for nominating me!!

I’m not nominating anybody else this time around or giving any new questions because I get anxious over tagging people and I can’t deal with that tonight. (Also it’s late and I need to go start my next book for the Reading Rush).

Thank you so much for reading. Stay safe!!!

Elli xx

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