I’m trash so I re-read Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy☺

811x6VYf64LHi 🙂 A couple of months ago I read Chain of Gold which re-ignited my obsession with all things Shadowhunters. Because I do not have the time, or the patience to re-read the entire series I settled on re-reading the novella bind ups.

I started with the Ghosts of the Shadow Market because my love for Jem Carstairs trumps everything and then earlier this month I re-read Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy and I’m here to talk about that today.

This novella bind up follows Simon Lewis after the events of the Mortal Instruments series as he attends the newly re-opened Shadowhunter Academy.

1) Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy

This first novella is a re-introduction to Simon Lewis and a recap of what happened in TMI (which was muchly appreciated because I totally forgot a lot). We follow him leaving New York and arriving at the Academy where he is basically famous. Everyone knows his story. Except for him.

My thoughts, feelings & favourite moments:

  • Simons trauma over how his mother reacted to him being a vampire is so sad. His mother doesn’t even remember it.
  • Jace wanting to train Simon to be a Shadowhunter is proof that this is an under-appreciated bromance.
  • “I like to think of myself as the ex-undead”. 100% this is Simons instagram/twitter bio.
  • Jace was referred to as Jonathon Herondale and I kid you not I had to take a minute because “who dat?”
  • “I say my surname without shame, because I am secure in my masculinity” – George Lovelace 🖤🖤🖤
  • The other Shadowhunters at the Academy being creepy about Simon drinking his friends blood. Which lead to this amazing line: “Wow. I imagined the demon realms were fearsome and terrifying, but it seems like it was pretty much nonstop nom nom nom”
  • Badass Isabelle “teaching” a class all so she could threaten the other students away from Simon is so in character.
  • Catarina became one of my favourite characters with the sarcasm and the burying of soup.

2) The Lost Herondale

This novella just goes to show how much I DON’T PAY ATTENTION. The new students learn the story of Tobias Herondale who committed “the worst crime” by seemingly abandoning his fellow Shadowhunters.

When I read this back when these first came out I didn’t think much of this. It was a cautionary tale of how horrible the Shadowhunters are but OH MY GOD I was an idiot. This novella is a big deal and drops clues for a big plot line in the later books.

My thoughts, feelings & favourite moments:

  • Shadowhunters are legit like a cult. Five minutes after I wrote this in my notes Simon said the exact same thing. Legends only.
  • This novella has lead to me needing some Simon and Kit scenes in The Wicked Powers. Is Simon going to play a big roll in TWP? Why else would Catarina tell him the secrets??? Is this important or is this irrelevant??? I don’t know. I need answers!!!
  • Another underappreciated friendship: Clary and Izzy. Clary being worried about Izzy was so cute.

3) The Whitechapel Fiend

A Jack the Ripper related novella!! Tessa Gray giving a lecture to the students on how the Infernal Devices gang were new sleep deprived parents investigating the infamous murders and taking down the demon to blame.

My thoughts, feelings & favourite moments:

  • My notes just say “Jace!”. I don’t remember what promted this but apparently me from three weeks ago thought this was important soo…
  • “I am Tessa Gray and I believe in the importance of stories”
  • Simon having a crush on Tessa cause she knows graphic novels is lowkey relatable.
  • Simon calling Tessa a “foxy nerd” is something I’ll never get out of my head. Dude that’s your friends great-great grandma!
  • The scenes featuring Baby James Herondale were muchly appreciated.
  • Will giving a two year old a dagger is the most in character thing.
  • The fact that Will sings Welsh lullabies to his kids had me feeling some sort of way.
  • Jem having a tracking spell on James and Lucie sine they were born 🖤🖤🖤

4) Nothing But Shadows

When I first read this bind up I didn’t care about these chapters following James Herondale and his friends but ever since reading Chain of Gold I have a new love and appreciation for those characters!

In this novella we see the origins of the Merry Thieves during their first year at school and how they subsequently get kicked out during their first year.

My thoughts, feelings & favourite moments:

  • George Lovelace, a boy training to become a Shadowhunter, was freaked out over baseball.
  • “And I will explain how a demonic plague almost wiped out the Shadowhunters”. Demonic Plague. Plot of CoG. This came out 5 years ago. How does she think so far in advance good god!
  • “James Herondale was the son of angels and demons” … “he was always fated to walk a difficult path, to drink bitter water with sweet, to tread where there were thorns as well as flowers. Nobody could save him from that. People did try”. I am a new James Herndale stan and THIS LINE SCARES ME.
  • I adore Matthew Fairchild and his list of excuses to not participate in class that made big bad Shadowhunter teachers call in sick:
    • “Consider me on strike like the coal miners. Except far more stylish”
    • “I abstain on the grounds that beauty is sacred, and there is nothing beautiful about these exercises”
    • I object on aethstetic principles
  • Christopher wanting to run tests on James after discovering his powers.
  • A Mean Girls moment:
    • “Ah” Christopher said, “Do you look at all like your grandfather aside from that? The demonic one, I mean”. 

“You cannot simply ask whether people look like their demon grandfather!” Thomas wailed.


(yes i made this myself. don’t judge me 😂)

5) The Evil We Love

We get a Robert and Isabelle Lightwood cameo in this novella with Robert giving a lecture to the students about The Circle. TW: homophobia.

My thoughts, feelings & favourite moments:

  • Izzy writing “return to sender” in lipstick on the letter Simon sent her is the reason I love her.
  • George providing the soundtrack to Simon and Jon trading insults and snide comments by humming “Can you feel the love tonight” was a favourite moment of mine.
  • Izzy quoting Spiderman to her dad. Character growth.
  • There are many reasons to love George Lovelace and the fact that he talks in his sleep about sheep shearing techniques is one of them

6) Pale Kings and Princes

Lowkey don’t remember much about this one. I think this is the novella where Helen Blackthorn is forced to talk about her faerie mother and Shadowhunter father and Isabelle and Simon go on a date. Adorable.

My thoughts, feelings & favourite moments:

  • The fact that Jace planned Izzy and Simons date. You had sex for the first time in Hell. You’re not one to give out romance advice.
  • Shadowhunters are arseholes.
  • The last paragraph broke my heart.

7) Bitter of Tongue

Simon get’s kidnaped. Again. Mark Blackthorn shows up and I try not to cry because I love Mark Blackthorn so much.

My thoughts, feelings & favourite moments:

  • Simon and George, future Shadowhunters, arguing over a dead rat.
  • Do you know what the words ‘Word of Warcraft” mean?” asked Marisol menacingly.
  • Jace + a snazzy suit = James Blond. I can’t 😂
  • I know how his story ends but my god I got emotional over Mark Blackthorn.
  • Also Kieran is in this. I do not remember this at all.
  • Jace and Simon are huggers now and I can sleep easy at night.

8) The Fiery Trial

Before Julian Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs Parabatai ritual Clary and Simon are drugged by their teachers and mentors to see if they can become Parabatai too.

  • This was a cute nod to their original friendship.
  • Simon thinks Jem and Tessa are hot and that is Valid™.

9) Born to Endless Night

A good bind up needs good Magnus + Alec content and this novella is especially good because it shows them adopting baby Max!!!

Is this the best of the bunch? Maybe. Probably. How could it not be when it features the King Magnus Bane, my fave Alec Lightwood and an adorable baby. Its a recipe for amazingness.

My thoughts, feelings & favourite moments:

  • Just like with George Lovelace there are many reasons I love Magnus Bane. The fact that he found a dead rat in his room so he sent it to Chairman Meow and hoped that Maia who was cat-sitting(!!) thought she was a skilled hunter, makes me very happy.
  • George being a not-so-secret-sweetie that I know he is.
  • The Shadowhunters reaction to a baby being left on their doorstep:
    • “Seems like someone left a baby instead of the milk bottles” – Catarina Loss
    • “He’s much too young to be taught”
    • GEORGE OFFERING TO RAISE THE BABY WITH SIMON IN THIER SOCK DRAWEER!!! (I want an AU of this happening. Can you imagine😂)
  • Lily Chen @ the Inquisitor: who even are you.
  • I am so curious about Elliot the vampire. He is becoming a legend with every novella I read.
  • George Lovelace is a One Direction fan. This is cannon.
  • George asking if the baby could change colours.
  • George having a mini crush on Clary and calling her “a pocket sized vixen”.
  • Alec sending a text to Jace that says Y R U THE WAY U R. The most accurate thing and the most 2010s thing.
  • Robert seems smart. I mean he’s the Inquisitor. And yet he asked Magnus if he magicked up the baby because the baby was blue and Alecs eyes are blue. Oh my god my dude!

10) Angels Twice Descending

And the final novella shows the mundane students drinking from the mortal cup and ascending to Shadowhunters.

I was too emotional to take notes. Just know that George Lovelace deserved better. I will stand by this and will forever be mad about how this ended.


And so there we go. My thoughts and feelings all about Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy.

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as GOTSM. I didn’t find it as funny or as witty however there were certain things that I loved such as:

  • Simon finding himself after his memory loss.
  • How Simon and Izzy’s relationship progressed.
  • The Simon & Jace bromance with Jace messing with Simon the entire time but the love is still there.
  • George Lovelace. He’s my fave

I’d love to know what you thought about this novella bind up if you’ve read it. Which is you’re favourite of the collection? Thanks so much for reading and stay safe!!

Elli xx

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