Series Review: The Field Party by Abbi Glines … (this was a rough one folks)

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Today I’m here to review The Field Party by Abbi Glines.


Reading this series was kind of painful. You may be asking yourself “Elli. If this series is so bad why did you read all five books?” and to that I say: because sometimes I like reading bad books and I like having something to complain about. Or maybe I just like my own pain or suffering.

Also I thought it might make good content and so here I am.

My thoughts on the whole series:

These five books all follow the exact same formula:

Gorgeous but innocent girl moves to Lawton, Alabama after surviving a tragedy. Good looking but arsehol-ish (yes that’s a word) football player falls in love with her. He’s the only one she opens up to as she helps him through his current struggles. They fight, break up and then they get back together in the final chapter. 

Rinse and repeat.

Besides the blatant repetition there were a few more things I couldn’t even pretend to enjoy:

(American)Football. First of all the sport they played in this series is not football. I’m English and am under the strong belief that football is a sport you play with your feet. But I digress. Needless to say I skipped over the paragraphs detailing the games.

The blatant misogyny, the constant slut shaming & the female side characters having 0 personality. I whole heartedly believe I would have enjoyed these books a lot more if not for these aspects. The female side characters are all portrayed as needy and while the male characters are having just as much sex with just as many, if not more, people the female characters are still called “slutty” at least once a chapter. It became infuriating!!!

For the first few books I thought, “is this how the author thinks teenage boys act and think?” but when all the guys in these books echoed these same thoughts and feelings and still the female side-characters only purpose was to lust over the guy and the books really played into the main girls “not being like other girls” I began wondering “is this what the author thinks about teenage girls?”

And now onto my in depth details on each and every book I read:

Until Friday Night



Plot: Maggie, who after witnessing her father murder her mother hasn’t spoken a single word, moves to Lawton to live with her aunt, uncle and cousin. There she meets the cocky (American) football god West whose father is dying of cancer. Understanding the pain of loosing a parent the two strike up a friendship which soon turns to much more.

Trigger Warnings: Selective mutism, death of a parent, Cancer,  

Thoughts: This first novel was my personal favourite out of the bunch. The tough subjects discussed in this book were emotional but pretty well handled and I enjoyed the characters, especially Maggie.

I think the romance between Maggie and West was also one of my favourites too (even though their first kiss was not it sis). Near the end of the novel West becomes extremely possessive over Maggie and my first reaction was “oh god, here we go” because I’ve read books like this before and usually this possessive “don’t look at my girlfriend” is twisted to be romantic instead of creepy and controlling. But instead(!) Maggie explained why this behaviour was unhealthy and broke things off so he would stop using her as a crutch and the two work things out form there.

Let me tell you this was a small victory and probably one of my favourite moments in any cheesy romance book ever.

Under the Lights



Plot: When Willa is released from juvie and finds her suitcases packed and left on the front porch she moves back to Lawton to live with her grandmother. Back in Lawton she reunites with her two childhood friends Gunner Lawton and Brady Higgins and old feelings resurface. While Brady is getting used to his cousin Maggie now living with them Gunner is struggling with huge family secretes.

Trigger Warnings: drug use, death of a minor, mentions of suicide, mentions of rape.

Thoughts: Out of the five this second novel had the most nitty gritty drama thanks to Gunner and his uber-rich family and all their secrets which I enjoyed even if I didn’t think the romance was quite as compelling, especially with the love-triangle aspects.

Once again I really liked the main female character Willa and I would have loved to see her strike up a friendship with Maggie since they ran in the same circles and did interact super briefly. I wanted this as well because the sexism, slut-shaming and overall treatment was becoming more apparent during this book which overshadowed everything no matter how much I liked the actual plot and main characters.

After the Game



Plot: Two years ago Riley and her family were driven out of Lawton after she accused town golden boy Rhett Lawton of raping her. With Rhett away at college and Riley’s grandmother needing around the clock care Riley and her family return with a new addition to the family, Riley’s daughter Bryony. When Riley and Bryony are caught in a rainstorm the star quarterback Brady Higgins offers them a ride home and from there a romance blooms.

Trigger Warnings: rape.

Thoughts: And I’m three for three on loving the main female characters in this series. I loved reading the chapters from Rileys perspective and I also loved the fact that this book features and adorable two year old and who doesn’t love reading about toddlers.

While some parts of the romance was cute I wasn’t a huge fan. I feel like this is mainly because I didn’t really like Brady. I felt like the author wanted us to believe he was this “nice guy”, even having the character describe himself as this as if it was his only defining quality, but I didn’t buy into it. He treated Riley horribly when she first accused his friends character and I felt like he wanted to make things right with her more to clear his conscience then anything else.

And finally I didn’t much like how the topic of rape was handled in this novel. How other people in town treated her (although yes I know this is sadly something that happens often irl). How it felt Brady wanted to clear his own conscience, like I said. And other things as well left a bad taste in my mouth.

Once saving grace, besides the baby adorableness, was that we finally had female friendships!!! Maggie, Willa and Riley all interacted together in this novel and struck up a friendship and I loved it!

Losing the Field


This book makes me so mad so a quick over view of the plot: After overhearing, Nash, someone she considering a friend, laugh at a joke about her weight Tallulah is fuelled by revenge to spend the summer loosing weight. What she wasn’t expecting was to find Nash bitter and angry after an accident changed his whole life. Things happen, romance blooms, I got very mad :)))

Trigger Warnings: fatphobia, car accident, death, sexual assault, slut shaming, inappropriate/creepy-teacher (I’m sorry idk how else to word this)

Thoughts: I swear to god this book was written just to piss me off. There’s so many things wrong with this novel that I don’t know where to start!

1- The plot revolves around a girl getting skinny and then because of that she is hit on by guys she’s known all her life who previously mocked her and ultimately falls in love. Sure Nash, the love interest, was friendly with her before the weight loss but he admitted it himself that he found her more attractive afterwards.

How is that a good message to send to any type of readers let alone when the demographic is mainly teenage girls!!! 

2- After going out for a little while Nash witnesses Tallulah being kissed by their male teacher. Does he barge in or go and get another adult? No. He doesn’t. Despite having noticed and commented on the teachers inappropriate behaviour towards Tallulah throughout the novel Nash storms off, blames and then ignores Tallulah for days, calls her derogatory names! Only after learning she’s dropped out of school does he think he may be wrong and goes to apologise. The guy legit broke into her house when she said she doesn’t want to see him.

Ughhhh I hated thisssssss.

Making a Play



Plot (I’ve forgotten a lot): Aurora moves back to Lawton to live with her father and twin brother, attending a hearing school for the first time in her life. There she meets Ryker who is finally enjoying his senior year. Their romance is whirlwind to say the least and not lacking in drama.

Trigger Warnings: Racism 

Thoughts: This was the last one and by this point I was exhausted and kind of over these books but I pushed through. It’s not the worst of the lot by certainly wasn’t one of the better ones.

I really enjoyed how there was more diversity in this novel. Ryker is a character of colour and Aurora was deaf.

The sexism was still very present in this book and at one point I had to question if I’d accidently started reading a Sarah J. Maas book because suddenly people were referring to girls as “females”.

This novel takes place over a week, I think and so it’s very heavy on the insta-love. Shout out to Ryker’s dad who upon hearing his son was so madly in love said: “you met her on Monday”.

I did not like the ending. Yes it was different to the previous novels, thank god, but I didn’t like how a Aurora’s deafness was handled. I am not deaf or hard of hearing so I can’t truly say whether what happened was right or wrong but it didn’t sit right to me.

Overall this one didn’t have much substance compared to the others, meaning I don’t have many opinions and I actually don’t remember

Wow this was long 😂 I had a lot of thoughts, feelings and opinions about this series. Can you tell? There’s actually a 6th book coming out this month and if I’m in the mood to get angry I might just read it (if I can get it for cheap)

If you’ve made it this far then wowww, thank you.

I’m very interested to see if there’s anybody else who has read this series or any of the books. What did you think? Come chat in the comments!!! Thanks so much for reading and stay safe. I’m going to sleep now cause I’ve been typing forever.

Elli xx

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