🧁The Bookish Baking Book Tag🧁

Hello and welcome to my blog 🙂

I did exercise today. Round of applause please and thank you. 👏👏👏

Like most people I ate a lot and didn’t move very much during quarantine and my jeans are getting a little snug so it’s time to put my mums rowing machine to use.

And so I figured today, as celebration for me exercising for the first time in months, I’d do The Bookish Baking Book Tag. A book tag all about my favourite things: cookies and cakes and everything else that tastes amazing and brings meaning to life.

I was tagged for this by Daria @ Bookaholics Therapy . Thank you so much Daria! If you haven’t already then go check out her blog ASAP!


  • Thank whoever tagged you
  • Link back to them and the original creator (Kay @ Hammock of Books)
  •  Answer the 12 prompts, and feel free to use these graphics
  • Tag 5+ friends to share the sweetness

The Secrete History by Donna Tart starts off with a murder. Literally. And I loved every second of that opening chapter … unfortunately I didn’t feel the same way about the rest of the book.

I’m guessing by a holiday book this means a “Winter/Christmastime” read and not the perfect book for 2 weeks on a sunny beach somewhere.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually read a book set around Christmas or that gives off those Vibes™ but this year I’m hoping to read 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston, a book about a girl whose family sets her up on 10 blind dates over the holiday period.

This came out … last year(?) and I’ve heard nothing but great things so I’m hoping to love it.

I 100% agree with Daria that Nico di Angelo needs protecting at all costs.

Nico di Angelo Protection Squad rise!!

But in an attempt not to be a total copy-cat I’m also going to say that Sheppard from Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell must be protected. I read this book earlier this month and I loved the introduction of this new character. Hoping to see much more of him in the sequel.

I’m completely aware that I talk about this book, and this author, wayyyy too much but Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett has lots of summer vibes.

It’s set in a coastal surfing town, during the summer and the main character, Bailey, even has a summer job working at a touritst trap museum so it’s really got the good and the bad that comes with summer.

(As someone who also lives in a beach tourist town I know how annoying the summer months can be. Just 3 months of screaming kids and the smell of suncream everywhere!!!)

Twilight. 100%.

Should I have been reading these books when I was 8 years old? No. Especially not Breaking Dawn but ya know …

I was obsessed with these books as a kid: I still have my original copy which I bought from Asda out of my pocket money, I made my aunts take me to the cinema to watch Breaking Dawn P1 (they’re only 10 years older then me so they were big fans too) and I also still own the special edition box-set of all the movies.

Big fan and I’m still a big fan of the recent bout of Twilight Renaissance memes that flood my timeline.

Ok so despite taking a Universal Literature class last year I’ve only ever read two and a half classics (even though we were assigned and tested on 6)😂.

I’ve read Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare (I laughed when everyone dies at the end), The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith (this was incredibly boring and i regretted leaving it til the last minute meaning I had to read it in one day) and then I read just over half of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (still got the bookmark in place because I’m lying to myself).

I really can’t say any of them were “amazing”.

For this I’m going with Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan which I read earlier this year. This is an f/f romance following a girl called Leila who has never had a crush until she meets the newgirl and while this is great there’s also so many other layers and turns to the story which I wasn’t expecting.

I don’t see people talking about this enough. It deserves all the love!

The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Claire & Wesley Chu while yes being an action packed novel with fantasy elements with the main characters in a hurry to save the day, it’s also jam packed with tooth rottingly sweet fluff.

Literally 300+ pages of Magnus and Alec being ridiculously in love (and being cockblocked the whole turn)

I’m going to say that The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven has a good message and that good message is: Revenge Porn = bad. Slut shaming = bad.

(You’d think these things being bad would be obvious and people wouldn’t share or shame but sadly that’s not the world we live in)

I’m intimidated by the majority of my TBR but I’ve widdled it down to The Romanovs by Simon Sebag Montefiore. This is a ginormous non-fiction book about the Romanov family, a family of royal Russian tsars and tsarinas who ruled for centuries.

I watched a couple documentaries about this dynasty and was so interested. When I saw PeruseProject talk about this in one of her videos I knew I had to have it.

I’m excited to have this but I’m very intimidated because the book is BIG and the writing is SMALL!!

I read The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E Schwab over the weekend (it was amazing, go read it then go read my review!) and that book had a lot of LGBT+ characters, a lot more then I was expecting.

The main characters, Addie and Henry, both mention having relationships and being attracted to both men and women. Plus Henry’s best friends are both gay.

It’s been years, literally yearssss, but A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas still has a ridiculous amount of hype around it and I still haven’t read it despite it sitting a couple feet away from me on my shelf.

Every year I say “I’m gonna read this” and then I never do. Someone needs to kidnap me and force me to read it. It’s for my own good. Even if I hate it at least I’ll have finally read it. Ughhh.😭😂

I Tag:

This was a super fun tag, thanks so much again to Daria for tagging me! I’m really regretting not buying donuts earlier when I was at the shop though cause I’m really fancying one now.

Thanks for reading and stay safe people!

Elli xx

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  1. Thank you so much for the tag! This looks like a lot of fun! I love to bake so this sounds like a great combination of food and books. *lol* And YES, Nico di Angelo needs to be protected at all costs!!! Totally agree there. ❤

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