Juggling School, Reading + Blogging (hypothetically speaking)

Hi, hey, helloooo and welcome to my blog. 😊

It’s official. Gone are the days of reading for hours on end without a care in the world because I am back at college and it’s weird!!!

Today I am going to be talking about how I plan on juggling school, reading and blogging this year. Hypothetically speaking.

Something to know about me is that I am not good at juggling. At all. I mean this in both the literal and physical sense, so the likelihood of me actually following through on these plans is slim to none but it’s the thought that counts.

I’m trying to establish some order in my life. Be productive. Yayyy!


Like many people I haven’t physically been to school in six months due to the ongoing pandemic. I get anxious going back after two weeks off at Christmas let alone nearly half a year so it’s taken some adjusting these past couple of days.

I’m doing part-time classes at the minute so it’s really not that bad. I’m there three hours each day: one week in the morning, afternoons the next week and I’m liking my classes so far.

My friend texted me today saying he started his first day back with equations and chemistry, and then there’s me who was like “yeah I had an art-history class where we talked about poop in a can”. I’ve never been more thrilled to be a humanities student.

Despite only having been there 6 hours in total a lot of things have happened already:

  • None of my “wake up” alarms went off on Monday morning but OF COURSE one went off in the middle of my first class. 😭 Thankfully my teacher just straight up ignored me as I fumbled to turn the damn thing off.
  • I got told off for yawning because my mask rode up a little bit and my teacher saw me before I could pull it back down.
  • French teacher hasn’t shown up at all yet so me and my friends just sat testing out new Snapchat filters and posting them on Facebook.
  • Two days in and there’s already been a fight in the group chat.

This year is actually my final year of school meaning it’s also my final year living in Spain before hopefully moving back to England for Uni so I am Terrified™. Another reason I’m terrified is because I’ve got big exams at the end of this year so the stress is setting in already.

I plan on getting ahead of the curve on this stress and the anxiety I know is coming by:

  • Doing my homework the day it’s given. You’d think this’d be obvious but my brain likes to rationalise with itself by saying “dudeee it’s not due for another week, go watch Netflix”. Not gonna do that this year. (Hopefully)
  • Study. Again you’d think this was obvious and I do always try to study more than a week in advance but I end up starting like 3 days before, if that.
  • Ask questions. I am an anxious human. I feel like my very existence is a burden to people sometimes so I don’t ask for help from teachers but I got exams coming, I don’t even know how the damn grading system works in this country so I’m going to need to ask some things sooner or later.
  • Chill out a bit. Like I said I get anxious, but I’ve been doing a good job at recognising when I’m starting to “feel funny” so I’m gonna keep up with that and not push myself. Grades are important but they’re not worth crying on the bathroom floor over. My new life philosophy is: “it eez what it eez” and I wanna stick with that.


My current number of books read is: 84 and I don’t wanna get my hopes up but I think I can reach 100 books by the end of the year.

While reading is going to have to take a back burner for the time being I am still 100% going to prioritise reading over other things like mindless TikTok scrolling and Netflix binge-watching.

I plan on doing this by:

  • Reading more on my phone! I like physical books. I like the feel and the smell, but I’m willing to compromise those things if it means I can reach that goal of 100 books.
  • More light-hearted books. I’ve become more interested in romance books recently and since they’re super easy and quick to read I think I’ll be adding a few more to my TBRs.
  • DNF-ing. Not interested? Not gonna read it. Hopefully this will keep me interested and stop me from slipping into slumps.


Just like with reading I slip in and out of blogging slumps but I’ve been feeling very motivated about my blog recently.

I have lots of fun stuff planned such as specific TBRs, recommendations based off popular tropes, book tags, book reviews, etc. I’ve actually wanted to do more series reviews recently so hopefully that’s a thing I can achieve (I just have to actually read the books first lol)

I do my best work at night. I don’t know why. Prepare for some wierd ass posts written at 1am. (Apologies in advance).

(I also need to figure out how to use this new updated version because I keep accidently scheduling my posts for the wrong time. It’s happened more times then I’m proud to admit).

If anyone has any actual useful tips and tricks on how to be productive and keep up with reading I’d be very grateful because I highly doubt any of the things I mentioned in this post will work :))

Thanks so much for reading and stay safe!! And if like me you’ve gone back to school recently then good luck, you can do it!!

Elli xx

2 thoughts on “Juggling School, Reading + Blogging (hypothetically speaking)”

  1. I have also gone back to college and am trying to find my way around balancing reading, schoolwork, and blogging. It’d definitely not easy, but I know we both can do it! Also, being an anxious student is the absolute worse. I totally resonate with feeling like a burden and not asking questions. My professor told my class the other day that participation is worth 25% of our grade and I about had an aneurism lol. Good luck in your final year, I’m sure you’ll do great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dude I totally relate with the participation thing. I got told today we’re doing 2 presentations a term and I died inside a little lol. Ahhh the joys of learning lol.
      Good luck to you too!! We can definitely do it:)

      Liked by 1 person

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