Mini Review: The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White

Publication Date: November 5th 2019

Series: Camelot Rising #1

There was nothing in the world as magical and terrifying as a girl.

Princess Guinevere has come to Camelot to wed a stranger: the charismatic King Arthur. With magic clawing at the kingdom’s borders, the great wizard Merlin conjured a solution–send in Guinevere to be Arthur’s wife . . . and his protector from those who want to see the young king’s idyllic city fail. The catch? Guinevere’s real name–and her true identity–is a secret. She is a changeling, a girl who has given up everything to protect Camelot.

To keep Arthur safe, Guinevere must navigate a court in which the old–including Arthur’s own family–demand things continue as they have been, and the new–those drawn by the dream of Camelot–fight for a better way to live. And always, in the green hearts of forests and the black depths of lakes, magic lies in wait to reclaim the land. Arthur’s knights believe they are strong enough to face any threat, but Guinevere knows it will take more than swords to keep Camelot free. Read More.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

This books downfall was my own excitement. I hyped it up way too much in my head and I was left kind of disappointed.

So I genuinely don’t have much to say about this book for the simple fact that not much happened. I have decided to write a review, albeit a short one, because I received an ARC of the sequel and since I will be doing a Blog Tour review of that, it only makes sense that I share my thoughts of the first book beforehand.

This book is a Arthurian Legend re-imagining, in which Guinevere is a changeling sent to Camelot to marry and protect Arthur from the magical forces that threaten his reign.

My favourite aspect of this book, without a doubt, was the characters. Guinevere was a very compelling main character and I loved reading from her perspective as she enters this new world. Her and Arthurs relationship was super cute and I am shipping them so hard, the two of them were literally royal rays of sunshine who I would die for.

And my least favourite aspect is the plot. Despite being a really quick read nothing happens. I got over half way and realised I’d just been reading about Guinevere creating knots and walking around Camelot for 200 pages. Sure things go cray-cray in the last few chapters but it was still pretty “bleh”.

Props to the author though for the fact that I was still having fun reading about these mundane things, but I couldn’t give it more then 3 maybe 3.25 stars because of that.

I am still looking forward to reading book 2, Camelot Rising. I’m hoping for more Guinevere/Arthur interactions, maybe more in the romance department (because like I said I ship), and I’m definitely hoping for more action and higher stakes. I’ve got all my fingers crossed.

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