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Black Covers – #5OnMyTBR

It’s Monday ūüė≠ I just want to nap for another couple of days, is that too much to ask?

#5OnMyTBR is a bookish meme hosted by E. @Local Bee Hunter’s Nook (me!) and you can learn more about it here or in the post announcing it. It occurs every Monday when we post about 5 books on our TBR.

A Universe of Wishes Anthology – I’ve been super into paranormal anthologies recently and this is another that features a short story by V.E Schwab and Libba Bray so I am hoping to get to this one once it comes out in December.

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin – Some serious hate to love between a witch and witch hunter. People seem to either really enjoy this or really hate it so I’m intrigued to see where I land.

The Ravens by Kass Morgan & Danielle Paige – Again with the witches, this time the witches are part of a sorority.

Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar – A fantasy novel with a gorgeous cover with mythological aspects.

Deadly Education by Naomi Novik – I’ve literally been talking about this book all year. If I don’t read it before 2021 I’ll be very disappointed in myself.

So those are five books with black covers that I’ve already talked about quite a lot this year, hence the brief overview instead of an indepth look at each one.

Thanks so much for reading. If you’ve read any of these I’d love to know what you thought!

Elli xx

2 thoughts on “Black Covers – #5OnMyTBR”

  1. literally ALL of these books are on my tbr as well!! i’m currently in the middle of reading serpent & dove, omg, it’s AMAZING!! i’m loving it so far!! there’s also a copy of star daughter in the online library subscription service my school has signed up for, but all the copies are borrowed, and i have it on hold, so hopefully, i can get to that soon as well!! but i NEED these books in my life, and all the covers are stunning!!

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