Book Review: The Lost Book of the White by Cassandra Clare & Wesley Chu

Publication Date: September 1st 2020

Series: The Eldest Curses #2

Life is good for Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood. They’re living together in a fabulous loft, their warlock son, Max, has started learning to walk, and the streets of New York are peaceful and quiet—as peaceful and quiet as they ever are, anyway.

Until the night that two old acquaintances break into Magnus’s apartment and steal the powerful Book of the White. Now Magnus and Alec will have to drop everything to get it back. They need to follow the thieves to Shanghai, they need to call some backup to accompany them, and they need a babysitter.

Also, someone has stabbed Magnus with a strange magical weapon and the wound is glowing, so they have that to worry about too.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐.25

Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood are back in The Lost Book of the White, the second book in the Eldest Curses trilogy, this time with baby Max in tow.

Yes the blue warlock baby was one of the main reasons I wanted to read this book but all the Shadowhunter stuff was a close-ish second.

Timeline wise this book is set just a couple of months after the events of Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, and obviously before The Dark Artifices takes place. We follow new parents Magnus and Alec after their home is broken into and The Book of the White is stolen sending them and their friends to Shanghai to find it and also to stop a demonic catastrophe.

I read The Red Scrolls of Magic last year and thought it was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it and I believe I gave it 4 stars(?). Sadly while this sequel was still good, I personally don’t think it was one of Cassandra Clare’s best.

After the amount of books I’ve read in this series now I’ve come to expect a certain level of writing from Cassandra Clare and that just wasn’t present in this book. I get that this Eldest Curse trilogy is essentially just extra-long novellas and so the same tone of urgency won’t be there but even the dialogue and banter, which are usually my favourite aspects of Shadowhunter books, wasn’t as natural or as funny/witty as I’ve come to expect.

On a totally related note: do NOT take a shot for every time the words “also” or “boyfriend” show up throughout this novel because you will die from alcohol poisoning.

Plot-wise I again think this book suffered from the lack of urgency. Like I said this book is set before The Dark Artifices and if, like me, you’ve read even just the first book to that series you’ll know all of these characters turn out hunky-dory. And so while the characters were facing life threatening situations, I didn’t really care because I knew they’d be fine which made the middle of the book drag considerably.

I will say I was pleasantly surprised by the character cameos we got throughout. For me this series has became like the MCU where my fangirl heart gets all happy over seeing a certain character for five minutes.

I was also surprised by the fact that Clary, Jace, Isabelle and Simon are in this book so much. It’s been a couple of days since I read this and I still can’t decide whether this was a help or a hindrance. I loved seeing Simon the most especially because it really takes a look at how he’s doing and I appreciated that. Also him and Izzy are The Cutest™.

So yeah. This book wasn’t bad it just wasn’t great when compared to other Cassandra Clare books. I mean I read Chain of Gold earlier this year and I get that these two books are different things but they’re nowhere near on the same level.

I read it during a stressful week of exams though so it was a nice book to escape into and ignore my anxiety for a little while, but I was also able to get a decent night of sleep because there was nothing forcing me to keep reading. Although if I was rating it purely for Max and Simon content it’d be a 10/10.

(wow this is a long one. i didn’t even think i had much to say about this book lol)

3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Lost Book of the White by Cassandra Clare & Wesley Chu”

  1. I enjoyed reading your review! I read this book not too long ago… I have to say this trilogy hasn’t been my favourite. Even the first book I felt meh about and this one was just okay for me. There was nothing really pulling me into the story to keep me reading, I just felt like I didn’t care, you know?
    I agree with you, I enjoyed seeing Simon in this book too!

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