Cancelling The Fixer series was a crime and I’m mad about it.

Hi. It’s exam season. This post was meant to be up last week but I’m already falling apart. I’m functioning more or less exclusively on cups of tea and anxiety but today I’m here to complain. (I’ll always have the time and energy to complain).

If you’re a regular on this blog you may or may not know that Jennifer Lynn Barnes is one of, if not my most, favourite author. I’ve read all of her books baring the super old Cheerleading series and the werewolf(?) series.

The last series I read of hers was The Fixer duology which is essentially Shonda Rimes’ Scandal but if Olivia Pope had her teenage sister all up in her business. It follows Tess who goes to live in DC with her big sister who is a fixer for DCs elite and she gets mixed up in a whole lot of drama.

I absolutely could not get enough of these books, I loved them that much. But there’s one teeny-tiny problem … THE THIRD BOOK WAS NEVER RELEASED!!

I would like to sit down and have a nice conversation with the publisher who read The Long Game, read all those twists and turns, and thought “nah we’re not gonna publish a third book”.

πŸ‘IπŸ‘ Just πŸ‘WantπŸ‘ To πŸ‘TalkπŸ‘

This series was so entertaining. From page one I was hooked on the plot, the characters, the relationship dynamics. Everything!! I am a sucker for all things political intrigue and conspiracy so those aspects were really enjoyable for me too.

I do think you need a certain level of suspension of disbelief. Not necessarily because the political plot lines are that out there, I totally believe what happened in these books could happen in real life (especially with the 2020 we’re having) but because I don’t think teenagers would be as involved if this was real.

Before I even started reading The Fixer, I told myself not to get attached to the characters because I already knew beforehand that there was no third book. That plan went out the window so fast. These characters are now my children.

I really liked Tess, the main character. She didn’t want to get mixed up in high school drama but was totally onboard with committing crimes to get to the bottom of a White House conspiracy which has lead to peoples literal murder and I love that about her. I think my second favourite character was Asher. He was so cute and funny. Him and Tess had a realy great frenemies to best friends relationship. Not gonna lie, I do ship them, but even if we did get a third book I don’t think it would have happened.

And finally The Long Game. God that book! I was not expecting it to go that hard. I saw nothing coming. Whiplash every couple of chapters!! I can’t say anymore than that because *spoilers* but this book went from 100 to 10.000 real quick. (Maybe it’s a good thing the series ends here, I don’t know if my heart could handle anymore)

So I’ve been having some sort of Sixth Sense when it comes to books and movies this year: I started re-reading the Percy Jackson series … and a week later the Disney+ series was announced. I read the leaked version of Midnight Sun … and then that big ass book was released.

I have all my fingers crossed that history repeats itself with this series. I’m hoping with all my heart that now that I’ve read this that the third book will be announced for early 2021.

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