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🍂Top 6 Books I Read This Autumn🍂


It’s officially winter and let me tell you I am feeling it. My hands are like icicles, I’m basically living in my dressing gown and I’ve been wrapping my cat up because I’m scared he’s going to freeze, as you can see in this adorable cute photo of him:

This means though, that it’s time to talk about my favourite books from the last three months. In total during September, October and November I read 21 books and I really did try to narrow it down to 5 but I couldn’t manage it and so here are the 6 of my favourite books that I read in autumn.

(BTW these are in order of date read. I don’t think I could possibly order them from favourite to least favourite or anything like that. I loved them all.)

Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell.

I’m so proud of myself for finally starting this series and for reading the sequel within a decent amount of time. I’m mentally patting myself on the back for this right now. Well done me. 👏👏👏

Before reading this sequel I was nervous because of the reactions I’d seen to this upon it’s release. Some people were disappointed after waiting so long for a second book, but I low-key liked it even more then Carry On.

I really enjoyed the fact that it’s set in America. Simon, Baz and Penelope’s reactions to the country and their way of life was hilarious to me, a fellow Brit. I also liked the fact that Simon and Baz’s relationship wasn’t all happiness and romance. There was conflict and things they have to work through and their love didn’t erase their trauma which I appreciated a whole lot.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E Schwab

I absolutely freaked out when I was accepted for an ARC of this book. Like full on gasped in the middle of a conversation with my mum when I saw the e-mail.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue was a very character driven story as we follow Addie through history from when she makes a deal with the devil to avoid an arranged marriage, her travels through France and to modern day 2014, all the while being forgotten by everybody she meets and being cursed to not evens say her own name … until she meets a boy called Henry and everything changes.

This book was beautifully written and intricately put together. I can see why it took Shwab 7 years to write it! I do think you have to be in the right mood and mindset to read it though because if you’re looking for a quick and easy read this is not it.

You Know I’m No Good by Jessie Ann Foley

Another beautifully written book I was lucky enough to recieve an ARC of! This one following Mia who is sent to a boarding school for troubled teen girls after an altercation with her step-mother.

I nearly cried multiple times while reading this. It really explores how trauma and past experiences change us and effect us. This also has a lot of female friendships which I enjoyed reading about.

The only thing I felt kind of “meh” about was a weird plot point towards the end but that all worked out eventually.

This is Not the Jess Show by

The publication date for this has been pushed back to early January 2021 so I haven’t shared my review yet but this book was so good.

Essentially it’s a YA version of The Truman Show where a girl called Jess starts noticing weird things going around in her town and soon realises nothing is as it seems; not her friends, not her family, not her sisters sickness, not even the decade she thought she was living in.

I would have read this book in one sitting but I had to go to work, that’s how hooked I was on this book. It was fast paced and action packed and it personally made me think a whole lot about how we treat celebrities and public figures. It also creeped me out quite a bit because I could easily see this dystopian like society becoming a reality and that scares me.

The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden

For years now I’ve been yearning for a paranormal book set in New Orleans that really captures the city’s spirit and I finally found that!

The Casquette Girls is the first book in a four book series about witches and vampires. I feel like I’m back in the earlier 2010s or something and I loved every second. Like I said this book is set in New Orleans as the main character Adele returns to the city after the flood. Once home she starts noticing strange things: birds following her, people being murdered all over the city, magical powers.

I could not put this book down and I’m really excited to continue on with this series.

The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

And another Jennifer Lynn Barnes book beats the dust. I’m running out of books from her to read and that low-key breaks my heart. What also breaks my heart is the fact that this crazy and amazing book never got the sequel it so badly deserves.

This series follows a girl who gets caught up in DC scandal and White House conspiracies while also dealing with elite high school drama. It was a whole lot of fun, I was kinda stressed while reading but it was a very, very good time.

Every single book on this list made me smile … and cry a little bit too for various reasons. I’ve read some really great books this year and I have no clue how I’m going to wither it down at the end of the year.

If you’ve read any of these books I’d love to know what you thought. I’d also love to know what books you enjoyed recently. Thanks so much for reading, and stay safe.

Elli xx

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