A book-ish Christmas gift guide.

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I started and finished my Christmas shopping yesterday and it was so stressful! What do I get people? What do they like? What’s their size? Why is everything so expensive?

I am fully aware that we are a week out from Christmas and that most people aren’t procrastinators like me and probably already have their Christmas shopping all done and dusted but it’s been a crazy year so maybe you haven’t and need something quick and easy. And so here are some kind of specific book recommendations.

For New Readers …

This first group of books is for friends or family members who aren’t big reading nerds like you and me. I think these are some fun and easy books, perfect for the casual reader.

Young Adult Romance

Any of these three books would make the perfect gift for YA romance lovers. They’re cute and fluffy. The romances were sweet, easily shippable and had a level of banter that made me smile and laugh.

The Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Smyth is set in Ireland(!) and follows a girl called Saoirse who has sworn off love after her mothers early on set Alzheimer diagnosis (I think it was Alzheimer), until she meets Ruby and agrees to a summer romance of only the best love montage moments.

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord has an awesome premise. It’s all about grilled cheese and twitter wars with rivals to lovers elements.

I’d happily recommend any and all of Jenn Bennetts contemporary romance novels but my personal favourites are: Alex, Approximately which follows a movie buff who’s been talking with a guy online. When she moves to the same small town as him she decides not to tell him before she figures out who he is to avoid any awkwardness. And also Night Owls which follows a girl who is super into anatomical art when she meets infamous and anonymous street artist Jack.

New Adult Romance

I haven’t read much New Adult, it’s a genre I’ve been dipping my toes into this year and plan to explore even more in the new year, so I’m picking from a very small pool but my reccomendations are:

Kind of Cursed by Stephanie Fournet. This book is about Millie who comes from a family where for the women in her family birth control doesn’t work, they always end up pregnant. After her parents death, she is left raising her three younger siblings the last thing she needs is a baby and so she swears off romance for the foreseeable future … and then she meets the handsome contractor and those plans go out the window.

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston is a book I’m sure you’ve probably heard about many times but I’m here to recommend it again. It follows a romance between Alex, the first son of the United States, and Henry, the Prince of England. There’s enemies to lovers, and also Alex is the most accurate representation of a disaster bisexual I’ve ever read about.

Young Adult Fantasy

Two out of three of these books were not my favourites when I read them, however I definitely think that if I’d read them when I first started out with fantasy I would have enjoyed them a lot more. They’re really great gateway books to start out wiht.

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. You should gift somebody this book just for the ridiculously pretty cover. Also because it’s a fantasy about books.

The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White is a reimagining/retelling of the King Arthur legends with Queen Guinevere being a main characters. This was a very easy to follow and read fantasy full of magic with a very likeable cast of characters.

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn has been compared a lot to The Mortal Instruments series: girls mother dies, she witnesses a demon attack and subsequently discovers a secrete, pretty racist demon hunting society. It definitely has those “classic YA” vibes but in a more modern context and I highly reccomend it. And this also has King Arthur elements!

Some more specific recommendations …

Here are some books catered to some very specific hobbies and interests 🙂

Music Lovers

Me by Elton John. This is perfect for anyone interested in Elton Johns life, obviously as it is his autobiography, from his childhood, the early years of his career, the craziness of the rock scene at the height of his career, his struggles with addiction and his recovery.

More Than Maybe and also You’d Be Mine by Erin Hahn. I loved these books so much. One follows an aspiring music journalist the other follows an up and coming country star who agrees to go on tour with the famous but troubled rock star. You can really tell how much the author loves music from the way she writes and I really enjoyed these aspects.


I can cook three things: toasties, frozen pizza and pasta, but these two books genuinely made me consider taking cooking classes or something because the characters love for food and cooking was such a big part of their character and the story.

I haven’t finished Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco yet. I actually plan to finish it after writing this post and talking my dogs for a walk. This book follows a young witch, Emilia, whose twin sister is murdered and so she teams up with a prince of Hell to track down the killer. Emilia is a big lover of a food and cooking this love is very present throughout the novel. I don’t know how accurate the descriptions of Italian cuisine is but it made me hungry just reading.

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo follows a teen mother whose trying to juggle school, her daughter and relationship with the baby’s father, a possible new romance and what that means, and following her dreams of becoming a chef by taking a cooking class at school.

And so those are some recommendations for anyone struggling to think of Christmas gifts this year. This list could also come in handy for the new year when it comes to spending gift cards or Kindle credit.

If you have any other recommendations not mentioned in this post I’d love to heard them. I’d aso love to know if you’re gifting books to anyone this year? Thanks so much for reading and I suppose it’s ok to say … Happy Holidays!

Elli xx

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