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❄ Baby It’s Cold Outside // Book Tag ❄

Hi and hello, happy Friday and happy start of the winter holidays!! Woop woop.

Sure I’m technically meant to be at school today and then also half of next week but I got my grades about an hour ago and so I’m “nope-ing” out of education until January. The class group chats are muted and I am free!

To celebrate this two week freedom I am going to be doing the Baby It’s Cold Outside book tag which I was tagged to do by the amazing Lori @ The Reading Fairy. Go check out her blog if you haven’t already!


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Snow Day – What’s your “comfort” book?

I have been a lot more anxious then normal in the past couple of weeks and so I have actually fallen back on my go to “comfort” series/fandom recently, when I’ve needed to get out of my own head for a little while.

The comfort series I’m talking about is All For the Game by Nora Sakovic. I admit this series being my metaphorical comfort blanket is a weird one because there’s a lot of murder and torture and overall dark topics in this series but I love the characters so much and so I’ve been scouring the tumblr tags for any and all content.

Snow Angels – What’s a book that you love so much you would want to be buried with it(a little morbid, but…)?

Probably any of the books from either the Percy Jackson series of Magnus Chase trilogy. I wouldn’t mind dying with one of these in my arms. (Just please not Heroes of Olympus, I beg of you).

Warm Socks – What’s a book that makes you feel warm inside?(The fluffiest, cutest romance you’ve ever read?) 

For this one I’m going with the Hearstopper graphic novels by Alice Oseman.

After going through the contemporary romances I’ve read in the last 2 years, I’m realising I only read romances that also deal with harder subjects.

Hearstopper is an adorable first love romance between two boys, Nick and Charlie. It’s adorable, I read these when I’m sad and anxious but they also deal with: homophobia, coming out, assault and the newer ones also talk a lot about eating distorders.

Hot Cocoa – What winter-themed novels have you previously read? 

The only answer I’m coming up with is In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren.

I read this at the start of the month and devoured it in just a couple hours despite having a big exam the next day.

This book is a Christmassy groundhog day romance novel which has been everywhere recently and for good reason as this was really cute and a lot of fun. It was also the first Christmas themed book I’d ever read and the only “winter-themed” book that’s coming to mind.

Sledding – What’s a book with the best plot twists? Who’s an author that always keeps you on your toes? 

Jennifer Lynn Barnes definitely keeps me on my toes with every single release. Her books are overflowing with murder, drama and secretes meaning there’s a lot of twists and turns along the way. I would say I full on gasp at her books more then any other author I’ve read from.

Ugly Sweaters – What’s a book with the ugliest cover? 

There are a lot of ugly covers out there and I’d be sat here forever just trying to widdle down the ugliest so instead I’m narrowing my selection to “ugliest book on my shelf” which has to go to: The Love Hypothesis by Laura Steven.

I’m sorry but it’s really bright and I don’t think the design is all that good. I may be being a bit harsh on this for the simple fact that Laura Stevens debut novel had on the pretties, aesthetically pleasing covers ever!

Movie Marathon – What’s the last book you binge read?

Last night I read the entirety of Together, Apart which is an anthology collection of “lockdown love stories”. Basically little novellas from popular authors like Brittney Morris and Erin Hahn, among others, about meet cutes set during this current pandemic we’re all living in.

This was hilarious because of it’s very existence but the inside content was actually very relatable and I had a huge smile on my face for every story I read. I do have a review, of sorts, coming on Monday.

Letter to Santa – What’s a book that’s on your wishlist this year? 

My mum starts asking me and my brother what we want for Christmas straight after my birthday … which is in August! I eventually relent around October time but that means that come December I’ve completely forgotten what I’ve asked for.

I’m pretty sure this year I asked for Verona Comics by Jennifer Dugan and also A Deadly Education by Naomi Novic as those are two of my most anticipated books of the year.

I don’t know whose done this yet and who hasn’t so no pressure but I tag …

Ahaana // Sanskriti 

Thank you again to Lori for the tag, this was fun and festive. Thanks so much for reading and happy holidays!!

Elli xx

6 thoughts on “❄ Baby It’s Cold Outside // Book Tag ❄”

  1. I loved the first “All For the Game” book and I can’t wait to dive into book two and three next year. 😀 Also yes, to “Heartstopper” being a series that makes you feel all warm inside. ❤ It's such a great webcomic/book series! "In a Holidaze" is all over my feed. Maybe I should read it too. It sounds nice. The only Christmas themed book I ever read was "One Day in December" and it was really good. I can totally recommend it.

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