My thoughts on Heroes of Olympus!

Hi. I had my evening all planned out for tonight and I was really looking forward to it but then the game I was going to waste my night playing decided not to work, I’ve spent two hours trying to fix it and I’m close to losing my mind.

So instead let’s talk about: The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan.

This is, of course, the sequel series to the forever iconic Percy Jackson series which I re-read during lockdown to bring some happiness into my life and decided “hey, why don’t I re-read every single book in the series”. It was a stupid idea that I didn’t think I’d follow through on and yet here we are.

I have mixed feelings about this series and that’s what we’re gonna discuss today 😊

Something I think is important to note about this series is that it was the first boxset of books I ever got and definitely one of my first ever book-ish purchases so this series and these characters will always have a special place in my heart.

Another reason I feel a connection to these characters is because I read fanfiction about them before ever reading the books. I don’t know why I did this I was just so obsessed with Percy Jackson and couldn’t stop myself. (Keep in mind that I was 12).

*possible/probably spoilers ahead*

The Lost Hero

Buying the boxset was a big deal for thirteen year old me so imagine the stress and anxiety when I’m reading and reading and multiple chapters are behind me and I still don’t know any of the characters. Despite having read the fanfic, I was so sure I’d bought the wrong books. Thankfully Annabeth shows up and all is ok.

Full disclosure: I did not re-read this book. I read this only a couple of years ago and I didn’t think skipping it this time around was a big deal which it wasn’t. This first book is fun but not a favourite and I really didn’t have the motivation to read it so I didn’t.

Some thoughts:

  • Piper get’s a lot of hate and I don’t understand it.
  • Someone on Tumblr pointed out that Jason has such an interesting backstory that never really gets explored which is a shame. Jason is kind of a bland character. The cornflakes to Percy’s frosted-flakes. This all could have been saved by simply expanding on his experiences.
  • I wish we’d had more development with Jason and Piper’s romance since it was initially built on a lie. I wish we’d seen more of that being a problem.
  • I have nothing bad to say about Leo. I want to give him a big fat hug. I do have a problem with his love life though.

The Son of Neptune

I think this might be my favourite of the Heroes of Olympus series. I was super surprised by this since before re-reading I didn’t think I cared about this one all that much. I was so wrong. I read this 500 page book in one day and loved every second.

Nico di Angelo makes an unexpected appearance and a point could be made that he was the reason I loved the book so much, despite him only showing up for a handful of pages.

Some thoughts on Percy:

  • Percy remembering Annabeth and only Annabeth is everything. This is why they’re my favourite ship ever.
  • I’m really sad that Percy lost the Achilles Curse but I’m glad even with the divine dementia he’s still ready to throw hands with a God.
  • An important question: WHERE IS GROVER!!! He’s barely in this whole series and I take that as a personal offence.

Some thoughts on Frank & Hazel:

  • Frank is an anxious sweetheart, Hazel is a badass sweetheart. I love them both.
  • I totally forgot all about Franks magic firestick thing, maybe because in the end it doesn’t amount to much when it comes to the plot.
  • The age gap between Frank and Hazel is weird. Three years isn’t a big deal normally but there’s something about Frank being 16 and Hazel being 13 that doesn’t sit right with me. I personally would have preferred if Frank was a year or two younger which would have been cool since the rest of the characters are in thier later teen years.

The Mark of Athena

This book is …. boring. I’m sorry but it really is. Twice I’ve read this book now and both times it was a drag to get through it.

I don’t understand it. Science shows that this book should be amazing: two worlds meeting, the drama of the romans and the Greeks having to work together, the clash for power but no. It seems like everyone was friends instantly and that’s not what I wanted.

It does still have one of the best ending of all time though.

Some thoughts but mostly some questions:

  • I did like Percy and Jason having that tiny show of rivalry at one point meanwhile everyone just follows Annabeth.
  • If I’m correct only a few days have passed between this book and Son of Neptune and so tell me:
    • How did Frank master his animal shifting ability so fast?
    • Why are him and Hazel suddenly so serious after just a couple of days admitting they like each other. (Also the Hazel/Frank/Leo love triangle was odd).
  • How did the Romans even know where Camp Half-Bloods exact location was? I don’t remember Percy drawing them a map or going in detail on it’s whereabouts.
  • Why does Percy want to meet Hercules so badly? We established in the first series that he was a bad dude and Percy doesn’t like him. My personal headcannon which I choose to believe as fact is that Percy was just bumbed he didn’t get to punch him.
  • Ma boi Nico was literally tortured throughout this book. He doesn’t need the extra trauma!!

The House of Hades

Was anybody else emotionally destroyed by this book? Shall we start an emotional support group to get through it together? This fourth book is definitely up there with Son of Neptune for best book in the series.

Some thoughts:

  • There was no reason Frank needed to get ripped. What was that all about? I appreciated how badass he was in this particular scene but there was literally no reason he needed to magically bulk up and get abs. None.
  • Turns out I forgot 99% of what happened in this book. I remember Hell and that’s about it.
  • The scenes set in Hell were *chefs kisses* but in a heart-breaking way.
  • Second time reading. Still not a fan of Calypso or her relationship with Leo but I did find their scenes on the island kind of cute this time around.
  • My streak of Nico being my favourite part of books he’s barely in continued stronger then ever although, once again, didn’t appreciate him being traumatised for the millionth time.

The Blood of Olympus

Was anybody left pretty disappointed by the final novel? Nico and Reyna carried books, as if they didn’t have enough stuff to accomplish.

Some (but not many) thoughts:

  • The friendships in this book was on point. Jason and Nico. Nico and Reyna. Piper and Annabeth.
  • I understand why we didn’t get a Annabeth and Percy POV and I would probably be a broken mess if that was a thing that existed but it doesn’t mean I’m not gonna complain about it.
  • Leo 🖤 He definitely isn’t a “mates over dates” kind of guy since he let his friends believe he was dead to go get a girlfriend but I respect him.
  • Pipers character development.
  • I really don’t have much to say about this finale which is part of the problem.

And there we have my thoughts and feelings for Heroes of Olympus.

One quick thing before I go: Did anybody else read HoO fanfiction on Wattpad? Like the “demigods meet mortals” and “Percy Jackson/Nico di Angelo goes to Hogwarts” type stories or the ones where the Olympians reveal themselves to the mortals. Because I did, I even wrote some and I’d like to see who else out there experienced these very niche

Anyways. I’d love to know you’re thoughts and feelings on this series. I recently re-read the first book to The Trials of Apollo series so maybe I’ll do another post similar to this in the future. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

Elli xx

6 thoughts on “My thoughts on Heroes of Olympus!”

  1. I’m currently reading “The Heroes of Olympus” series and up next is “The House of Hades” so I only read your thoughts until “The Mark of Athena”. *lol* I agree: I really would have liked Jason and Piper to address the elephant in the room too. And yes, so far I’m not happy with poor Leo’s love life either. XD I want him to be happy and not to be the third wheel. Also I was pretty surprised at how fast Hazel and Frank were suddenly a couple too. *lol* I can’t wait to read the next book! I love Nico and I hope he’ll be a bigger part of the next book. My poor boy though. He suffered so much. *sniff* T_T

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