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January Wrap Up + Reading Challenge Update

Howdy and hello!

We have officially completed the first month of 2021. Let’s give ourselves a round of applause. I think we need it. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I started the year off with a reading slump but you wouldn’t think so considering the fact that I read eleven books this month. Eleven! That means I’m over 25% of the way through my reading goal for the year and I’ve just started.

The thing that ended up helping me get over the slump I was in at the start of the year was the New Years Reading Resolution Challenge created by Laura @ The Corner of Laura. Writing out my TBR to fit the prompts was a motivator or sorts so thank you to Laura for tagging me in the challenge!

A weird thing about my book slump? I was still reading, and wanting to read, but the only thing my brain allowed me to read was the Heroes of Olympus series. Why!? I have no answers. I have no explanation. In the end I ended up reading the entire series except from The Lost Hero which I skipped over because I re-read a year or two ago and didn’t want to do it again. I literally read The Son of Neptune, a 500+ page book, in one day. It was wild.

If you’re, for some reason, interested in my thoughts on every book in this series, I did a whole post about it the other day:) This also completed the challenge of: Screw Resolutions, I Quit! // Re-read an old favourite, specifically the bonus question: Β Re-read an entire series.

Back in late December/early January I made a list of series I want to start and also some series I want to continue on with and I got started on that list straight away by reading:

Get a Lift, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert has been on my radar for a while now as I try to dip my toes in some more adult romance and I can now officially say that it deserves the hype!

I was initially taken aback by the fact that sit is set in England and the vibes just weren’t what I expected but I got over that pretty quick and came to love everything about this book from the various types of representation to the romance which I couldn’t help but ship (RedπŸ–€). Apparently the sequel is even better. How that could even be possible, I don’t know but I’m excited to find out.

This completed the challenge of Learn a New Skill // Read a book from a genre you never usually read.

I didn’t read The Casquette Girls this month I actually read it’s sequel The Romeo Catchers by Alys Arden, I was just too lazy to find the accurate cover. This is a paranormal series set in New Orleans after the floods which I started last year and had a great time with. I’m happy to report that I enjoyed the sequel even more.

No spoilers for either of the books but I liked how certain relationships progressed as well as the overarching plot of the book which revolves around more murders and ghosts. I will admit that I’m scared to read the third book as it’s apparently 700 pages long. Pray for me.

This completed the challenge of: Exercise More // Read a 500+ page book.

And then I read Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch. This is the first book in a travel companion series that follows a girl who moves to Italy to say with the dad she’s only just found out about after the death of her mother.

I was meant to read this last year as I myself was going on a school trip to Italy but then a worldwide pandemic happened and that was cancelled. I couldn’t bring myself to read this before now because it was like rubbing salt in the wound. Ultimately I did like this book but it would have been so much better if just a couple of specific things hadn’t had happened which is kind of frustrating.

This completed the challenge of: Travel More // Read a book set in a foreign country.

And the final two books I read that fit a specific challenge prompt are:

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow. After having this on my TBR for a longgg time, this was not what I expected it to be at all.

I don’t really know how to describe the plot of this book. It’s a very character driven story following a girl who self harms and we read about her incredibly sad reality. It was an experience. I didn’t like it but I didn’t not like it. I do think it’s a book that’s going to stick with me but I’m not sure on my actual feelings so I don’t think I even rated this on Goodreads.

This completed the challenge for: Focus on Self- Care // Read a book focusing on mental health.

And then after reading Girl in Pieces, I I needed a more light hearted, fun book so I read The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan, the first book in the Trials of Apollo series. My ridiculous goal to re-read the entire Riordan-Universe series continues. What more is there to say about this, besides that I loved it?

This completed the challenge for: Reduce Stress // Read a Happy Book

And then last but not least I read a couple of ARCs which I’m very happy about. The ARCs in question were:

Roman & Jewel by Dana L. Lewis which asks the question of what if Romeo & Juliet got a modern day Broadway adaptation as it follows a girl called Jerzie who is cast as the understudy for the lead actress but her life is turned upside down when a video of her rehearsing goes viral. I liked this book but I did wish it focused more on the Broadway and theatre aspects instead of the drama.

And Yesterday is History by Kosoko Jackson took me by total surprise! I loved this book! It follows a boy who gets a liver transplant and with this transplant comes the ability to time travel. He is forced to team with the donors younger brother, Blake, to learn his new powers while also travelling back and forth to 1969 to see a boy called Michael who he has a connection with. I liked the time travel, I liked the romance, all of it was really good!.

I am shocked by how much I read this month but obviously very happy. I’m glad I made a lot of progress in my Rick Riordan re-read even if it was because that’s all my brain allowed me to read, and I’m also glad I have made a start on some of my year-long-TBR goals such as starting/continuing with various sequels.

I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions on any of these books aswell as what you’ve been reading this month.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!!

Elli xx

6 thoughts on “January Wrap Up + Reading Challenge Update”

    1. I’m super hit or miss with challenges and TBRs in general.
      Half the fun this month though was crossing them off the post it I have taped near my desk lol. Super satisfying seeing a bunch of titles crossed off the list.


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