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Books as First Dates Book Tag!

Hey, hey! Happy Monday.

It’s actually Friday for me. I’m coming off a busy week into a not very chill weekend and then going headfirst into an even busier week so I’m taking what little time I have to relax. Despite knowing that I need this time to re-charge I feel guilty about not studying so I’m being pro-active and getting ahead on this weeks posts.

Yesterday was Valentines day. I still think it’s a very commercial holiday but I’m here for the content opportunities it brings and so I’ll be doing the Books as First Dates Tag!

I don’t know how romance heavy this tag is going to be, the amazing Daria @ Bookaholic’s Therapy tagged me for this back in September but first dates = romance in my brain so I was saving it for this specific occasion.

Big thank you to Daria for the tag, sorry it took me so long to get around to it 🖤

First and last: a book // A Series you’ve read and enjoyed but can’t bring yourself to read again.

I am not a fan of Sci-fi in any way shape or form. Not books, not movies, not TV shows. Nothing. And yet in 2017 I read Starflight by Melissa Landers and loved it.

I barely even remember what it’s about but I liked that it had a childhood enemies to lovers romance element, it had space-pirates, I think (tbh I might totally be making that up).

Even though I have no idea what happened, I want to keep the happy “I loved a sci-fi book” vibes going so I doubt I’ll ever read this again. I should probably un-haul it but the covers really pretty.

With a friend of mine: a book // Series someone recommended to you that turned out to be different from what you had expected.

For some reason I thought Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Gaudin was going to about werewolves taking part in a motorbike race in order to kill Hitler. That’s kind of what it’s about but I was disappointed when I started reading and there was no werewolves in sight.

It actually follows a “shape-shifter”. I just took that, plus the “wolf” in the title and on the cover to mean werewolf. It did not.

Double date // A book whose sequel you ‘immediately’ had to read.

I feel like I’m terrible at reading sequels “immediately” so I’m going to go with Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo.

I remember finishing this in the very early days of last year and was hyped for the sequel, could have happily read it there and then … only to find out the sequel had no release date.

I feel like the same could be said for Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater. Sidenote: Mister Impossible (the second book) comes out in a couple of month. How are we feeling? What’s you thoughts on that title and that cover😭?

Let’s go to the movies // A book series that should be adapted to screen.

There’s a gap in the market for some new teen fantasy shows.

Classics from my childhood such as The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf have been gone for a while now and I’m running out of shows to watch and so I’d love to see an adaptation of Legendborn by Tracy Deonn or maybe The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden.

Both of these follow a girl who discovers a whole new fantastical world as is usually the case. One of them features Arthurian Legend elements, and the other one has vampires!

Dreamy Stargazing // A book that made you go ‘ahhhh’ and ‘ohhhh’.

The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. The “ahh” sounds I made were more along the lines of “aghhghghgh!!!” but I’m saying it counts.

This duology (which should be a trilogy, I’m still holding out hope) was incredibly entertaining and constantly kept me guessing. So many twists and turns that got a lot of reactions out of me.

Fun at the Fair // A book full of colours.

This one is harddd!!! I’ve scoured my Goodreads shelf and I’m going with With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo. I don’t know why my brain associates this book with colour but it does.

Amusement park adventure // A book that was a rollercoaster.

This is Not the Jess Show by Anne Carey was like a rollercoaster in that it made me anxious, but I loved every second of it, exactly like how I feel when I ride a rollercoaster.

Sidenote 1: The author for this book liked my Goodreads review of it the other day 😂😭

Sidenote 2: I miss amusement parks. Me and a friend went to Tivoli World two years ago. It’s literally a ten minute walk from my house and we spent our entire time there going from the bumper cars to the incredibly old cat and mouse rollercoaster. Over and over for like three hours. It was amazing.

Picnic with cherries // A book whose food descriptions made you feel all *heart eyes*.

I’ve already used With the Fire on High once in this tag so my only other option is Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco.

The main character is big into cooking and while I had no idea what the dishes were I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t licking my lips while reading.

I guess another option is Tweet Cute by Emma Lord. I will always be a cheese toastie person but this book made me try a proper grilled cheese for the first time and it changed my life. I also wouldn’t say no to any of the baked good Pepper spent her time making.

Trip to the museum // A book that taught you valuable stuff.

This is a hard one for me for the simple fact that even if I do learn something from a book, I have such a bad memory that chances are I’ve forgotten it by now.

I think I’m going to go with Watch Us Rise by Renee Watson and Ellen Hagan. This book follows two teenage girls who are very outspoken feminists and activists who push for a feminst club at their progressive school.

Reading this made me more aware of the fact that I don’t know everything when it comes to feminism and activism. I’m 18 years old and have barely experienced life, of course I’m not going to know everything and that’s not a problem as long as I’m conscious of that and make an effort to learn.

I don’t know if what I’m trying to say makes sense but out of all the books I’ve read over the past couple of years, this one has stuck with me.

I Tag: April // Ali // Virginia

And there we go! I know I took a while to get around to do this, I procrastinate every aspect of my life and apparently tags are no exception.

Thank you again to Daria, I had a lot of fun :))

Elli xx

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