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💕Romance Recommendations™ but it’s just me rambling incoherently💕

Sup Buttercups 😊

It’s Saturday! No I’m not writing this from the future, I’m writing this nearly a week ago because I’m trying out this thing called “time management” and getting work done ahead of time 👏👏

I had a busy day at work today. The guy I work with was off ill so I basically ran the bar all by myself today for the first time and we were very busy. I enjoyed it though. I like the majority of our customers, there’s a pack of sweets that have been behind the bar for over a month that I’m making my way through and I stole some of the football-watchers picknick. Also the tips were good which is always a plus.

But still. I’m tired. And so I thought, with Valentines day having come and gone by this point, how about I just talk about some romance books for a while. Queue the incoherent rambling:

I have two words for you and those two words are: Mutual Pining. This is a trope I didn’t realise I loved so much until I read More Than Maybe by Erin Hahn. Yes I have talked about this book far too much since reading it last year and yes, I’m sure you’re tired of me talking about it non-stop, but no I’m not even sorry because this book deserves all the love.

If you like music and if you like romance then you should read this, (even if you don’t like either of these two things you should still read it because I want more books from this author).

In this we follow Vada, an aspiring music journalist, and Luke, the son of a punk-rock star who doesn’t understand why his son prefers to be behind the scenes writing and composing compared to front and centre on stage. These two have had crushes from afar on each other for a while, both thinking the other doesn’t know they exist, and then they’re paired up for a school project and thinks get interesting.

This was one of those romances that filled my heart and has me so excited to talk about it because I loved it that much. Their chemistry and the YEARNING 😭 I need to go re-read this asap. ALSO: TEEN WOLF REFERENCES!!!!

*I basically reviewed the book right here right now but if you’re interested here’s my slightly more detailed review :)*

I’m late to the train but wow does Kerri Maniscalco write a good romance. While everyone else was reading Stalking Jack the Ripper I was like ✨nope thanks✨ because I was scared of the hype and basically just being stubborn.

But then I read Kingdom of the Wicked last year and my stubbornness disappeared. Her newest release is set in Italy in a time period that is not modern day (idk what time period it is exactly. 1800s maybe?) and it follows a witch called Emilia with a love for cooking, whose twin sister was murdered and she teams up with a literal Prince of Hell called Wrath to solve it and get revenge.

The tension between Emilia and Wrath was everything I want and need from “enemies to lovers”. I am very excited to see how their relationship develops in the next installment.

After loving Kingdom of the Wicked so much, I caved and I read Stalking Jack the Ripper. While I don’t think I loved the actual book as much as KoW I did come away with a new fictional crush. 🖤Thomas Cresswell🖤

During lockdown last March I needed a classic comfort read and so of course I gravitated towards the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, one of the series that got me into reading all those years ago. Obviously I loved every second of my re-read, so much so that I decided “hey, wouldn’t it be funny if I re-read all the other series in this universe too”.

I have mentioned once or twice or maybe a million times that Nico di Angelo is my favourite character of all time and nothing has changed there, I love him and I love Solangelo, but today we’re giving some love and appreciation to The Best Fictional Couple of All Time: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.

If you’re ship don’t walk through literal Hell together are they even in love? That’s the question. These two have set the bar impossibly high.

I really enjoyed my re-read for numerous reasons and being able to go back and watch these characters grow together and go from childhood friends to falling in love was definitely one. (Chances are you’ve already read this series so this is me recommending you go and read it again just because).

I’m combining these next two recommendations because as well as both having very long titles, they’re both f/f romances that I loved and think everyone should read if they haven’t already. I’m also combining them because I don’t want to spoil how each of the romances play out and talking about two in one seems like a good way to prevent that. (don’t try and understand my logic, even i don’t try anymore)

Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel by Sarah Farizan was a book I had on my radar for ages before finally picking it up last year. It follows a girl called Leila who is proud of the fact she’s made it to junior year without having a crush with anyone but all that changes when a new girl turns up at school. In this book we really follow Leila as she finds herself and finds what she’s passionate for. I remember really liking the romance, especially since it’s takes twists and turns I wasn’t expecting from the synopsis.

And then, a very popular book from last year is The Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Smyth. This one follows a girl named Saoirse who has sworn off love after having to watch her mum become ill with early onset dementia. But then she meets Ruby, a true fan of a good ole romcom and she convinces Saoirse to try out a summer fling of the two of them recreating classic “love montage” movie moments. Totally fun, no strings attached. I thought this mixed the cute moments and the more serious moments really well. I loved the fact that it was set in Ireland and I especially loved how the romance panned out. It felt realistic and I was satisfied with how it ended. This is a book I want to read again in the future and I’m counting down the days for the authors next book.

I might not have enjoyed the recent book I read by Emma Lord but her debut novel Tweet Cute will probably always hold a special place in my heart. I had so much fun with this book to the point where I bought a physical copy when it was released (I initially received an ARC).

When I say I like “enemies to lovers” in a contemporary setting, this is what I’m referring too. Not “you’re an arsehole and one of the reasons I’m in therapy but I guess you’re cute and have daddy issues so how about we date”.

No. I like “you’re the annoying class clown and we’re now inadvertently roasting each other through our family’s grilled cheese business while also unknowingly growing closer online and in person”. This is everything I want in my life and I should probably re-read this book soon.

My favourite thing about this book was how there was little to no unnecessary drama. Despite the twitter war they’re both taking part in, there’s no moment where one gets offended by something the other tweeted and it’s a whole ordeal. Both characters where very mature and I enjoyed reading that. Also it was cute and funny and the constant talk of grilled cheeses and baked goods made me hungry.

Ok. I think I’m done rambling for now. There’s probably one or two more books I’ll think of as soon as this post goes live but oh well. I’ve been writing this post for multiple day. It’s not Saturday anymore, it’s Wednesday 😂😭 It’s been a long week.

I hope you all had a not too terrible Valentine’s day. If you’ve read any of these books I’d love to know all your thoughts and feelings. I’m also always in the need for more romance reccomendations so if you have any, I’m all ears. Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

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