❄Top 5 Books I Read this Winter❄

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I got like 4 hours of sleep last night so I’m lagging but today we’re going back in time to have a look at what I’ve been reading over the last 3 months so I can chat a bit about my favourites. Collectively between December, January and February I read 27 books but it was actually super easy to assemble a list of my 5 favourites because a lot of what I read was either a re-read or just wasn’t anything special.

There’s a high chance I’ve talked about these books way too much already but I’m going to talk about them one more time for good measure.

Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Mansicalco.

This one I know for sure I’ve mentioned way too much and part of me is sorry, the other part really isn’t because it’s a good book that deserves the hype. I enjoyed this book so much that it prompted me to start reading the authors extremely popular series, Stalking Jack the Ripper, which I was 98% sure I wasn’t bothered about reading.

Kingdom of the Wicked takes place in a historical Italian setting and follows Emilia, a witch with a passion for cooking, who teams up with a literal Prince of Hell named Wrath to seek vengeance for her twin sisters murder.

I can’t speak to how accurate the setting is because I’ve never been to Italy (curse you Covid for cancelling my trip last year 😭) but I thought it was the perfect backdrop to the story which proved to be very atmospheric. My favourite aspect of this book was the budding relationship between Emilia and Wrath. The chemistry and the tension between these two was so enjoyable to read.

I’m really glad I received an ARC of this because I don’t know if it’s one I would have picked up otherwise and I’m really looking forward to the sequel, the cover of which has just been revealed and is *chefs kisses*.

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

This was the first Christmassy book I every read, at least the first that was over 20 pages and wasn’t full of illustrations, and yet it’s one of two Christmas books on this list.

I picked this up the night before a big history exam and had a a good system going: memorise a paragraph about the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, read a chapter of Christmas fluff.

In a Holidaze was everywhere in December but in case you missed it, this follows a young woman, Mae, whose traditional family Christmas trip does not go to plan, which hurts even more when it’s releaved it’s their last as the cabin is being sold. After a head on collision with a van transporting Christmas trees, Mae walks up back on the plane … a week before the trip. From their she soon realises she’s stuck in a Groundhog day style time-loop, living the same trip over and over.

I had a lot of fun with this one. I thought the time-loop elements were done really well. I was worried it would feel repetitive or get boring but that didn’t happen at all and those fist few chapters were really fun. There’s also a romance between Mae and a family friend she’s had a crush on since they were kids. I liked this childhood friends to lover aspect a lot, especially since their romance blossoms in a house full of their parents, siblings and other close family friends which made for some entertaining scenes.

I’m not saying I’m going to re-read this entire book this coming Christmas, but I’m also not saying that that’s not my plan.

10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston

And here we have the second Christmas themed book on this list, one that I’ve had my eye on since it’s release.

If you like reading about big, wholesome families then this book is for you as it follows Sophie whose big extended family get involved in her love life when she stays with them for Christmas right after breaking up with her boyfriend. Her various aunts, uncles and cousins take it upon themselves to set Sophie up on 10 blind dates throughout the holiday season.

10 Blind Dates was a whole lot of fun and I enjoyed it a whole lot. My favourite aspect was the family dynamics from the two uncles fighting over who got to choose the final date slot, to the whole family running bets, all of these little things added so much personality. Another plot point is how Sophie lives in a different town when and over time, with school and responsibilities, grew distant from her two favourite cousins and their neighbour and felt like the odd one out. I really related to Sophie with this and enjoyed seeing everything work out.

There’s a sequel/companion novel being released for this following Sophie’s cousin whose featured and I definitely think I’m going to try and check it out, if only to be able to revisit this fictional family.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

When it comes to my “series I want to start/finish in 2021” list I am not messing around because I read the first book of the Brown Sisters in January and am planning on reading the second, hopefully this month.

After hearing a whole lot of buzz I caved and picked up Get a Life, Chloe Brown and I’m so glad I did because the hype wasn’t lying. This book follows Chloe, a woman with chronic pain who after a near death experience writes herself a list of things she wants to do in order to get a life. When she moves into her new apartment building (another thing on her list) she meets the handyman Redford Morgan and in exchange for her creating him a website, her agrees to help her accomplish her list but of course this is a romance book so way more happens/

These two have a total “dislike to love” romance going on and I thought they had great chemistry. Chloe has chronic pain and Red was in a previous abusive relationship so we see how these things affect their relationship.

One thing I wasn’t expecting from this was that it was going to be set in England. I started reading and the overall vibes of the book and the dialogue proper caught me off guard. I don’t know why I assumed this was set in America but I did and it threw me for a second. Either way though this book get’s a thumbs up from me and I’m looking forward to the two sequels following her sisters.

Yesterday is History by Kosoko Johnson

Hi 👋 I’m here to tell you to stop what you’re doing and go add this book to your TBR because I’ve heard barely anyone talk about it and I think that’s a crime!!!

Yesterday is History follows Andre who get’s more then he bargained for after his liver transplant when he inherits the donors time-travelling ability. One minute he’s dramatically flinging himself down onto his bed, the next he’s outside his house in1969 staring at a cute boy. When he’s pulled back to his own time Andre must work with the donors younger brother, Blake, to master this newfound ability. Throughout the story he’s growing closer to mystery 1969 boy as well as Blake which proves for an interesting love-triangle sort of dynamic without it being a full on, eye-roll worthy, love triangle,

I thought this book did a really good job at managing every element of this book from the time travel, the consequences of the time travel, making you connect and feel for the characters, the romance, everything. If I’m being really nit-picky then there was a minor case of insta-love with Andre and the boy from the past but it’s written and plotted in such a way that I can look past it.

I couldn’t put this down and I cannot recommend this book enough!!!

And there we have my top 5 favourite books from the past couple of months. As always I’d love to know what you’ve been reading as well as what you thought about any of the books mentioned above. Thanks so much for reading and stay safe!

Elli xx

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