I just want to read & take a nap 🥴

I am FREEEEEEE!!!!! After three hours with three exams yesterday morning I am officially done with exams for at least two weeks. Is my anxiety still reaching for the sky? Yes, 100% but there’s literally nothing more I can do right now.

And so today I thought I’d chit-chat a bit about what I plan to do with these couple of weeks to refresh and also to keep my stimulated enough to ignore the anxiety lol.

Obviously my main priority is reading all the books! The past couple of weeks my reading has been stunted because of school and I’ve missed it.

My problem now though is there’s just so many books and not enough time. Where do I start? I can’t even choose between the books on my March TBR.

At the minute I’m thinking the three books I’m going to be able to complete are:

Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare which I am so scared for and yet so hyped. I’ve had the tags filtered and backlisted since the books release in a feeble attempt to avoid spoilers. Besides from just reading this and getting my heart ripped out, there’s also a bunch of reading vlogs of people reading this that I want to watch too.

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert is for when I need something fun and easy. I really loved the first book so I can’t wait to dive into the sequel. I’m really hoping to get all three books in this trilogy read this year.

And finally not Siege & Storm but actually Ruin & Rising by Leigh Bardugo. One month until the Grisha series on Netflix and I want to be fully prepared. I’ve had a lot of fun reading this trilogy so far and I’m excited to complete it.

Help a girl out and Vote in my poll to force me to choose what to read first!!!

Then I want to watch a bunch of movies and TV shows. I always say this. I always make a list and say to myself that I’ll watch one movie a day or something like that but never follow through!!

This time around I have a list of about 35 things to watch 😂 No way am I going to watch even half of those but settle on about 5. First I need to finish the last 2 episodes of Ginny & Georgia but then I’m going to watch (maybe) …

Zack Snyder Justice League – Is this something like 4 hours long? Yep. But I don’t have a life so I’m still going to watch it. I don’t remember much from the 2017 verion other then that it was boring so hopefully this is better.

The Irregulars- This looks like a weird fusion of Sherlock Holmes and something more paranormal and I’m interested.

Love & Monsters – Watching a movie just because it’s got Dylan Brian in it is completely valid.

There’s still a pandemic going on so I can’t do much else to be honest. I’m gonna try baking tonight. It’s a box recipe but my only previous baking experience is 5 step brownies so I’m taking baby steps.

Someone send me ideas of how to keep myself busy. It’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading. I’m going to go nap now :))

Elli xx

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