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I’m not going to have time to read, but one can hope // May TBR

I’m dreading May. Literally the only good thing that’s going to come out of this month is that Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album drops towards the end of the month. That’s the thing that’s going to keep me going.

Despite the fact that I probably won’t have any time to read, I do have a mini TBR for May. Three books is still pushing it but we’ll see what happens.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo – In busy times of stress I think a re-read is always a good thing to go with. Given that I’m also still riding my Grisha world high from finishing the trilogy, starting my re-read of this duology and watching the show in one weekend, I do want to re-read this sooner rather then later!

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers – This wasn’t supposed to be on this TBR. I planned on Night Owls by Jenn Bennett being one of the books I tried to read in May but I picked it up a bit earlier and finished it before having time to write this post. I wasn’t expecting to replace it but then a couple of hours ago, while taking a brief break from studying I randomly read the first chapter and now it’s sitting on my bedside table calling my name. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF!!! I HAVE TO STUDY IMMANUEL KANT NOT THE DAUGHTER OF DEATH😭

The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis – Something about this book has been calling out to me recently. It’s like it’s been sat on my shelf whispering “read me” and who am I to deny that? I read, briefly the prologue and it was enough to have me very interested. I’ve mentioned it a few times now but, I’m on a quest to get my mum to read some YA novels and I think this is definitely going to be one I force upon her but maybe I’ll read it first.

So those are the three books I’m hoping to read but probably won’t get to, which is sad. During exam season I tend to sway more towards fanfiction before I go to sleep instead of actual novels because they require a lot less brain power lol

It’s really annoying because I’m really excited about these books but oh well.

I’d love to know your thoughts on these books + what you’re going to be reading. I know it’s finals time for a lot of people so good luck to everyone. Just think of all the books we can read when it’s over.

Elli xx

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