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🎞Everything I’ve Been Watching Recently … #2🎞

Hi, and howdy!

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post. It hasn’t. It’s been like a week, maybe two at the most, I’m just being dramatic.

Right now I’m in the home stretch of school. I’ve got two weeks left and hopefully that’s me done (although realistically I’m probably going to have to do at least one resit the week after but it’s fine). I had a bit of an anxious/depressive episode end of last term and start of this term so the fact that I’m actually feeling motivated to do my school work and study again is a welcome sensation.

Because of this though, it means I haven’t had time to post, and probably won’t for another couple of weeks but I thought I’d wrap up everything I watched while I was basically procrastinating my life, so that when I’m free from the shackles of school I can get started on my “to-be-watched” list!


Back when this was first announced I wasn’t convinced. Even when the first episode was released I knew I was going to watch it because I’m a nerd but I wasn’t expecting to like it anywhere near as much as I did.

This series was so much fun and also made me cry a whole lot. I loved the sit-com elements at the start and I how the story progressed from there. Not gonna lie, I was bummed this was being released one episode a week but now I’m so glad because it was so much fun to see people speculating and theorising before and after each episode. I came away from watching this with a new love for Wanda Maximoff and 2 songs that get stuck in my head ALL THE TIME!!! The amount of times my mum has walked in one me singing and doing a little dance to “It was Agatha All Along” is ridiculous.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Wanda’s story progresses from here. What’s going to happen in the next Doctor Strange movie which I’m pretty sure this leads into. *SPOILERS* Will we be seeing Billy and Tommy again? (🤞) What’s going on with Evan Peters?? If the whole “Ralph Bohner” thing wasn’t an alias because he’s the witness Jimmy Woo was looking for then I don’t want it. ALSO!!! Am I ever gonna get the image of baby Vision out of my head?

Set It Up

I’ve wanted to watch this movies for over two years, ever since it was released and it did not disappoint. This follows two assistants who are highly overworked by their workaholic bosses and decide to set them up and make them fall in love to give themselves a break. There’s every possibility that this is my favourite rom-com movie ever. The chemistry between the main characters was off the charts. Harper denying the fact that she’s an adult at every opportunity was the most relatable thing ever. I loved this!!!

Ginny & Georgia

I don’t know how to express my feelings for this TV show. It was one of those you watch and think “this is kinda bad” but you continue to devour the entire season in one day anyways. It follows a single mother, George, who is the epitome of “Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss”, and her daughter Ginny, hence the title.

This was 8 episodes of cringe. A whole lot of cringe, most of it coming from the younger, teenage characters. Don’t get me started on Hunter’s tap dance and dog ear filtered Friday snapchat (🤢).

Georgia was by far my favourite aspect of the show. I have watched her impromptu slam poetry scene on repeat multiple times. I’m close to nailing it down word for word. Ginny, I found to be kind of annoying but I recognise that she is a literal teenage girl and we make dumb decisions sometimes. Also Austin has my whole heart.

A Week Away

The only way I can think to sum up this movie is: Camp Rock but make it religious.

Definitely did not realise this was the plot of the movie before putting it on. I thought this was about a summer camp for troubled teens and that’s kind of what I got: there was one troubled teen (if you count putting your high school on Craigslist … I mean what the hell!) and a lot of singing about God. I mean it kept me entertained while I played Sims but it was an odd one.

The Irregulars

This bitch got cancelled and I am not okay.

The Irregulars reminded me a lot of The Diviners by Libba Bray. It’s a sort of Sherlock retelling but with paranormal elements.

It had great visual effects, the right amount of horror elements and a found family that I wanted to hug. I’m gonna stop now or I’ll be here forever but please give it a chance, I really want another season!!! NETFLIX WHY DO YOU CRUSH MY HEART AND SOUL!!

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour

As if I wasn’t desperate to go to a concert before watching this. That yearning has multiplied by a billion after watching this!!!

I’ve always liked Taylor Swift’s songs in passing but since the release of Folklore/Evermore/Fearless (Taylors Version) I’ve become a big fan. I’m at the part of my new obsession where I consume as much as I can, hence why I watched her stadium tour.

If she goes ahead and does some sort of Lover-Folklore-Evermore mashup tour I will literally sell my soul to go because this was insane!!!

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

I have been waiting for this show since last year! Out of all the Marvel Disney+ shows that were announced, this is the one I was most looking forward to because I’m trash for Bucky Barnes.

I really enjoyed this show however, while I think the weekly released episodes benefited Wandavision, I don’t know if it worked as well with this show. I found myself forgetting what had happened the previous week a lot. Maybe that’s a my brain problem, when school is over I think I’m going to re-watch it all together.

I loved the relationship between Sam and Bucky. I think Bucky’s therapist deserves a raise and I would totally watch an entire show about her and her superpowered clients. And I didn’t really care about Zuko at first, despite having watched it twice I still barely remember anything from Captain America: Civil War but my gosh, Dancing Sugar Daddy Zuko was exactly what I needed in my life.

Oh and that scene with John Walked and the shield and the blood … chills!

In conclusion: I need more Joaquin Torres, I need more superheroes in therapy, I need more Sam and more Bucky and more Sam and Bucky being friends. I also would have liked the Winter Solider name change to the White Wolf like Sam’s name changed towards the end but, it’s fine. Really hope there is a 4th Captain America movie!!

Shadow & Bone

Is this the most perfect book adaptaition? That was a rhetorical question because the answer is so obvious: yes.

I don’t know how to order my thoughts coherently so we’re doing it bullet point style:

  • Milo ❤
  • I nearly cried during Leigh Bardugo’s cameo.
  • Jesper stole every scene that he was in.
  • The characterization of Kaz wasn’t exactly as I thought it would be but it worked within the show. I think book!Kaz and show!Kaz are something I can keep separately in my brain.
  • The Nina and Matthias scenes were so well done. Because they weren’t directly involved in the main plot meaning things didn’t have to be changed so much from the books, most of the quotes and moments were word for word and I loved it.
  • So happy to see more of Mals personality. I liked him in the books way more then everyone else seemed to, I liked him even more in the show.
  • Ben Barnes really was the perfect casting (tbh the entire cast was perfect). I don’t know what they put in his hair thought. It was always on point!
  • I was not expecting to come out of this shipping Ivan and Fyodor. They were so darn cute.
  • Alina was perfect in every way. Jessie Mei Li was the perfect casting for a literal ray of sunshine. Her basically kidnapping herself was iconic.
  • I loved Inej’s character ARC!!

So those are a bunch of things I’ve been watching over the past couple of months. I’ve got an ever expanding list of shows/movies/documentaries to watch when I’m done with school.

Speaking of school. I have to go study literature, finish making a video for history and start collecting information for my 3 art history analysis essays. Pray for me. If you’re suffering through the end of the semester then I’m thinking of you too ❤😊

Thanks for reading. If you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them!!

Elli xx

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  1. I loved “Shadow and Bone” and I agree “Ginny & Georgia” was really quite a weird show. *lol* Just like you I devoured it but there were so many moments I cringed. I mean they are all teens and cringy scenes are to be expected, but urgh I kinda suffered from second-hand embarrassment at some moments. XD

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