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My book buying habits!!

Hi, hey, hello and howdy 🀠😊

I have been trying to start my analyses of the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba and my brain is not cooperating. It’s seeing the words but it’s not processing the words. And I swear the energy drink I was hoping would be my life-line is making me more tired.

So I figured that some time away from one of the most annoying subjects in the world to talk about books instead might kickstart something in my head.

As it is my last week of school (hopefully) I’ve got a list of books I want to buy to celebrate but before I got on a shopping spree, I figured I’d talk a bit about my book buying habits.

Where do I buy my books?

Right now I get my books through Amazon. I live in Spain so book buying is hard for me. There’s not an overabundance of bookstores in my town or surrounding areas, and even if there was I wouldn’t be able to afford them.

While I am capable of reading books in Spanish, it takes me a while. I also can’t afford books in Spanish because they’re goddamn expensive. I could get 3 books in English for the price of 1 in Spanish and my broke student ass can’t afford that.

When I move back to England and have more resources and also more cash, I do want to support more independent businesses instead of the giant corporations, and I’m really looking forward to in person book buying!!

My self-imposed rules when it comes to price:

I’m a high school/almost uni student who’s currently working a weekend job. I’m not exactly swimming in cash and also, if I could buy all the books, I probably would, so because of those two reasons I’ve set myself some rules.

I don’t pay over 15€ for Hardbacks, over 12-ish€ for Paperbacks and over 5€ for e-books.

I also always try and go for paperbacks, again because of the price and I’m not afraid of waiting a year for the paperback release. This method widdles out the books I genuinely want from the one’s I’m only mildly interested.

Of course some exceptions apply, because don’t they always. And then if there’s a book I really, really want but can’t afford then I stick it on my birthday/Christmas list for someone else to buy me. I might be pulling this card with The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J Klune sooner rather then later.

E-books or physical books?

For the longest time I wasn’t a huge fan of E-books. There’s not always much difference in price between the two formats so I always went with the mindset of “I get the physical thing for just a couple euros more”.

I used to go with e-books for romance novels because the covers are cringe more often then not and I don’t want people to know what I’m reading, and for books I have a mild interest in that I can get on sale that sometimes end up being sneaky favourites.

Now with me probably moving next year, I’m trying to buy as few physical books as possible because I can’t take them all with me so e-books have become my new best friends.

Do I buy multiple copies of books?

I own two copies of The Lightning Thief, The Raven Boys and The Philosophers Stone, one in English, one in Spanish. I also have the Illustrated editions of the 4 Harry Potter books.

Besides from those, there’s only a few other books I’d consider getting multiple copies of, for example I really want the special editions of Six of Crows and if there was a cover re-design for All For the Game I would snatch those up in a heartbeat, but at the same time

Book buying mistakes I’ve made

Pro-tip: Don’t buy multiple books in a series before reading the first one. Also don’t buy the most popular books you see when you’re first getting into collecting. I did this when I first got into YA and I still haven’t read some of those books I got back then *cough* ACOTAR *cough*.

Books as presents to myself.

I take the phrase “treat yo self” as words to live by. At the end of term/year I like to buy myself a couple of books to celebrate making it through another year. It’s also fun to create my Wishlist when I should be studying (this is exactly what I’ve been doing recently so expect a haul soon).

So that’s my rules and process and all that when it comes to buying books. I’d love to know if anyone else has to impose rules on themselves or anything like that.

I’m gonna go try to cross more things off my to-do-list now so thanks for reading 😊.

Elli xx

6 thoughts on “My book buying habits!!”

  1. Money is always a problem in book buying. I wish I could spend all my money on books but that just isn’t possible. There’s a bookstore near my house that I’m extremely grateful for. 75% cashback for 15 days book return and 50% cashback for 30 days return. I simply keep the book when I love it. I’m a fast reader so this works for me. Although it’s great for my wallet, not so much for my bookshelf Also, the school library is a life-saver. Our librarian is extremely sweet and asks for our book recommendations before sending for the fiction books.
    One of the things I hate about the pandemic is that I can’t just stroll in bookstores and libraries for hours. I’m sure all readers do too.
    Lovely post, Elli!

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