I’m still mourning the Vampire Academy movie.

The word around the internet the other day is that Vampire Academy is getting a new TV show, which “yay”, I’m always excited about book adaptations but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly bitter about the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter because it was a bad movie that was totally unrecognisable to the original novel. I’m bitter because there was no sequel!!!

In my opinion Vampire Academy (2014) was by far one of the top tier book to film adaptations. After watching for the first time I was hooked. I went on to watch it again and again, and even got the entire book series, (which I still haven’t read the last 2 books of).

They had the perfect cast in Zoey Deutch as Rose and Lucy Fry as Lissa. After the release of this movie I would search for any information about the sequel for a good year or so. I think I even set a google alert. The sequel, Frostbite, was my favourite book of what I’ve so far read and I was excited to see an adaptation of that but alas …

I suppose the downfall of this movie might have been the time of it’s release. I’m sure most of us were well and truly burnt-out by the time this was released. Which is a shame.

Speaking of vampire burnout, Julie Plec is apparently producing/writing/in charge of this new show for Peacock. Plec is best known for being the creator of the Vampire Diaries. She’s literally made a name for herself by making vampire shows and I can respect that.

Despite the fact that this show probably won’t even come out for another few years … I did pick up the first book and randomly started reading it when I heard this news. Like I said, I have read the first 4 books, still have 2 to go and this is a series I really would like to finish so maybe now is the time. And by “now” I mean over the course of the next couple of years.

I’d love to know your thoughts and feelings on this new announcment. Have you read any of the Vampire Acadmey books? Have you watched the movie? Will you be watching the show in like, 2023??

This post falls into the “this could have been a conversation but I have no book nerd friends” category but thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

14 thoughts on “I’m still mourning the Vampire Academy movie.”

  1. I love the Vampire Academy series and am glad to know you liked it too. At first, when I started the series, I was pretty sure I’ll be bored by the end of the fifth or sixth book. But it was so not the case. Although the fourth book is a wee bit solemn, I never even thought to DNF it. I was so hooked on the series, I checked out Richelle Meade’s other works (which is rare for me) but didn’t like the Glittering Court series much. Once you finish the Vampire Academy series, I would recommend reading the Bloodlines series which is based on Syndney’s POV but equally fantastic (although I miss Rose and her sass in it).
    Great post, Elli! I’m so happy another reader liked the series too.

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    1. I only got to the 4th book last time I read the series. I remember it not being my favourite. I also did read about 50 pages of the 5th which seemed to be a lot better but I hit a book slump and 3 years (or more tbh) later I still haven’t picked it up.
      I’ve heard a lot about Bloodlines and I’m tempted just because I remember Adrian is one of the main characters. I might be wrong but if he’s in them I’ll definitely give them a try.
      Thakn you :))


  2. I loved all the “Vampire Academy” books and even read the spin-off series! So I watched the movie as well when it came out. I really liked it but I agree. I think we already had too many vampires back then and no one was interested to commit to another long movie series. XD I didn’t know it’s going to be a TV show but I’ll definitely watch it once it comes out! I just hope they’ll make it good. *lol*

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