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The Mystery Blogger Award #3

Hello and hi.

I’ve forgotten how to do intros. That happens sometimes. I sit down to write and my mind goes ✨blank✨ so that’s fun. Let’s pretend I was capable and qualified and just get straight down to business.

Recently I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Tag not once, but twice by both Virginia @ The Sassy Library Fox and also, Jan @ The Doodle Crafter. Thank you both so much 🖤🖤

This award was originally created by Okoto @ Okoto Enigma’s Blog.

Three Facts About Me:

  • I used to write fanfiction on Wattpad when I was 12/13. I actually checked on my account the other day, and people are still commenting (and correcting my terrible spelling and grammar 😭). One of my fics has 111K views lol
  • I dyed my hair mermaid red for about a year and loved it but the upkeep was too much.
  • When I was a kid I wanted to be a tiger/lion. Like that was my answer to “hey Elli, what do you want to be when you grow up”. I have photographic proof.
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Virginia’s Questions

🏵If you could only take three things to a deserted island, what would you take with you?🏵

  • My cat. I feel like he’d be ok with the isolation but I’d need someone to talk to.
  • The entire Throne of Glass series. No way am I surviving on a deserted island but I’ve always said I will finish this series before I die so I’ll read them on the island, and then use the books to keep my fire alight.
  • A knife? I feel like that’s logical.

🏵What is your favourite flower?🏵


Sunflowers and daisies.

🏵What was your favourite tv show as a kid? (And can you still sing the opening song? *lol*)🏵

The show I’m most well known for being totally obsessed with as a small child (like, can still sucks on a dummy and can barely string words together young) was Barney. I had DVD’s and also VHS tapes. I went to the Barney concert and even had two Barney teddys, a small, huggable size one, and another which was the same size as toddler me lol.

And yes. I can still sing the main song 😂

 🏵If you’d have to play a role in a movie what would you rather like to be: The superhero that saves the day or the villain that tries to cause destruction? And why?! XD 🏵

Villains get the cooler outfits and personality. In reality though I’d be the awkward and sarcastic sidekick or random bystander that dies straight away.

🏵How many languages do you speak and which ones? =)🏵

I speak English and Spanish. Despite one being my native language and the other one being the language I’ve lived and grown up around for the last 9 years, I wouldn’t say I’m fluent in either.

My brain just doesn’t function in either langauge. Spanish verbs will be the death of me, and I forget words in English and how to spell things way too often to ever critise someone else’s English lol.

Jan’s Questions

🏵Would you rather explore the ocean depths or explore space?🏵

Space! I like swimming in pools and even the ocean. We go snorkelling at the beach every year and even getting stung by a jelly fish twice in once day didn’t stop me but I still get really anxious in big open water.

I literally get neck deep and start hyperventilating. I always have to talk myself through it like “dude, you’re fine”. I can’t even watch thriller shark movies because they make me too anxious.

🏵If you could talk with an author for a day, who would you choose?🏵

Nora Sakavic, simply to convince her we need All For the Game graphic novels and a re-design of the actual book covers … and maybe hardback versions. I’m not asking for much.

🏵What’s a food you never get tired of eating?🏵

Toffee cheescake from Iceland. Nobody else in my house really likes it so I get the whole cake to myself. The box says it’s feeds 12 servings but that is a big fat lie! The cake is tiny!

Also, tuna and tomato pasta. I’m not looking forward to moving because they don’t have tomato Frito in the UK, and if they do then it definitely won’t be as good as the Spanish one from Mercadonna and I don’t know how I’m going to cope. This is literally my favourite meal.

🏵If you were a book character archetype, what would you be?🏵

As previously stated, I would 100% be the socially awkward side character who dies straight away. Or maybe I’m boring enough to be the main character in a YA fantasy that makes stupid decisions. That also sounds about right.

🏵Are you scared of bugs?🏵

Nope. I swear this isn’t as gross as it’s going to sound, but when we moved into our apartment we had a hole in the roof. Because it was summer we were getting cockroaches and my mum used to literally wake a then 11 year old me up to sort it out. So nope, I’m totally okay with bugs.

I Tag:

Ahaana // Meg // Ashmita

And I ask:

  • Why do you like your favourite book as much as you do?
  • Go to pizza toppings?
  • What’s your zombie apocalypse plan?
  • Do you hate any tropes in books?
  • Do you ever feel preassured into reading certain books because of the hype?
  • Have you had any weird dreams lately?

Thank you again to Virginia and Jan, I really loved your questions 🖤🖤🖤

Elli xx

17 thoughts on “The Mystery Blogger Award #3”

  1. Socially awkward side character who dies straight away – probably me too lol. I’m not scared of cockroaches too haha but I’m terrified of leeches and centipedes😂😂 thanks for doing the tag, I loved reading your answers!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Aah omg I love this post! Your hilarious 😂. Also we need to start a “don’t know how to do intros” club because I need help.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohh the mermaid red hair must have looked so awesome on you!! =) But you’re right, to dye your hair like that takes a lot of effort. Love that you’d be the awkward side-character that dies straight away. *lol* Thanks for doing the tag and all the interesting answers!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations Elli! And someone really needs to start a “how to” guide for intros or getting down to business should be a trend. It’s exhausting coming up with new introductions to post so as to not sound as a broken record. 🙄
    As much as I’d love to be badass, have supernatural powers, be destined to do something great, solve a murder yadda yadda yadda, I too probably would be the sidekick of the sidekick in the book. ( There’s a reason I read others’ voyages and not write my own😂). Loved the post Elli!
    P.S. You totally look cute in the pic.

    Liked by 1 person

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