Yes I’m as obsessed with books as I thought :)

Hey, happy Friday 😊

I had my first Covid jab yesterday. Yay!! With that though, it means my arm hurts. Besides from feeling like someone’s recently punched me in the arm, I’m all good but I’m still taking advantage and doing a more chill, and easy post.

Today I’m going to be taking a book-ish quiz to find out once and for all, just how obsessed with books I really am.

I can’t take any credit for this. I saw April Lee @ Booked Till Midnight take this quiz last month over on her blog. I love a good quiz. During those months last year when it was literally illegal to leave your house (god it’s still crazy to say that lol) I fell into a dark hole of UQuiz and other ridiculous Buzzfeed quizzes … while I was supposed to be paying attention to my online classes lol.

If you don’t follow April already you definitely should, her blog posts are all so much fun to read and in general her blog is one of the prettiest and most aesthetically pleasing!!

If you want to take this quiz too, you can check it out here 🙂

I had trouble choosing an answer to this question. In my opinion, we’re at a point where book-to-movie-adaptations are better then they’ve ever been in terms of sticking to the original source material and also getting main-stream love and attention. When I say this I’m thinking of: To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before // Love, Simon // Shadow & Bone.

I wouldn’t count this as “there are some good one’s but it’s the exception to the rule” because I think this is going to be the new rule.

But then I remember the book-to-movie adaptations of old. 😬😬 If the Percy Jackson movie’s and The Mortal Instruments were the first movie’s to come to your mind then SAME!!

I’d be lying if I sat here and said I didn’t enjoy those movies though. In both cases I watched the movie before ever realising they were even based on books. 11 year old me loved these movies so now, even after reading the books, 18 year old me still loves them.

Still using Percy Jackson and The Mortal Instruments as an example, both of these movies take … extreme creative liberties with the plot to say the least, and yet I love them for what they are and I stand by the fact that “don’t walk on my roof” is one of the funniest scenes even if it’s not from the books.

So yeah I feel like, for the most party, they’re just as good, even if they’re not the same.

Hmm, ok so this answer is technically true. In my bedroom I have two Ikea shelves on either side of my bed which are filled with books, but I also have a wall of built in shelfs that house my books, some of my mums books, and also double as my desk.

It’s a weird set up but I feel like, if you were to put these shelves together they would make “a very big book case” so that’s what I’m going with. If I hadn’t cut down my (physical) book buying then I’d probably be at the “stacking on the floor” stage.

Two books is always my go to. The only place I usually travel to is England and so I’ve got to make sure I’ve got sufficient reading material for the plane. Technically, I never even finish the first book but I continue to take two books to make sure. Also, a trip to England means a trip to Waterstones so I always come home with wayyy more then I went with.

Pft wayyyy over 20. I mean I’ve read over 60 books this year already.

Define the term “a good book”. I hate read books sometimes, it’s weird but it bring me joy. A lot of the time when I stay up past 3am to finish a book, it’s because I’m hating it so much that I need to finish it ASAP.

me in the morning though

Good book or bad book though, I’ve definitely stayed up reading in general until past 3am whether that’s because I keep telling myself “one last chapter” or, because I’m anxious and the only thing that can take my mind off the anxiety is staying up all night reading fanfiction.

I do have a library card right now, and I have borrowed books from the library in the past, but it’s just a lot more hassle then it’s worth. The books are all in Spanish and yeah I can read them but it takes me a whole lot longer and I don’t connect to the book in the same way. Typically when I did borrow from the library, I read graphic novels.

However, when I go back to the UK I plan on using the library way more. I’m gonna be living out my Belle from Beauty and the Beast dreams.

Actually, when I got the address for my Uni accommodation , one of the first things I did was find the closest library and stalk their website to see what books they have. I am very pleased with their selection so keep an eye for some library hauls 😂

Nah. While I like the idea of reading a book with a group of people and being able to discuss it, I think it would just stress me out. I’d constantly be worrying about meeting the deadline and things like that.

I’ve been deprived of actual bookshops for years so the few time’s I’ve been able to go to one I genuinely could spend hours in there. I usually don’t because I get my dad to take me (and buy me the books) and he’s not the most patient while I’m scouring the shelves.

But yeah, I think if I was left to my own devices and the shop was big enough I could totally spend a couple of hours there without being bored.

I’d only do this for my most favourite books and even then only if it’s a really pretty special edition.

The only “special editions” I own are the first four Illustrated Harry Potter‘s but I think other books I’d consider are the really pretty Six of Crows editions, and if they ever released like, an anniversary special or something for All For the Game (actually, I’d buy any cover re-design of this series tbh).


I don’t go to book shops, so I’m choosing to interpret this question as “how frequent do you buy books?” Same thing give or take.

I feel like once a month or so sounds about right. It’s not always a big haul, maybe one or two, it’s not even always physical books as I’ve recently discovered the absolute wonders of e-books.

I cannot multi-task to save my life so no. I’m also the clumsiest person so I am scared of getting food on my book.

The results are in and I am … 74% book obsessed!!

You’re pretty obsessed with books. Very little will keep you away from a good book, and a perfect night in usually involves some reading. While there might be other passions in your life, none of them compare to books.

I had a lot of fun with this one. Took my mind of my aching arm for a bit lol. If you’re looking to kill a bit of time I highly recommend taking this quiz, and commenting down below just how obsessed with books you are!! Again, all credit goes to April!! Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

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