I’m physically incapable of reading everything and I’m sad // August TBR

Hi and hello, happy Friday.

I’m in a “I want to read everything right this instant” mood this month it seems which you would think would be a good thing but it’s not because I am physically incapable of reading everything at once which leads to me being like “well what do I want to read first?”. This is a hard question to answer which makes deciding my August TBR challenging too.

I’ve decided to give it a try though. I’m going to talk about my three current reads. Yes, three! And then from there I’ll narrow the books down at bit more. Don’t hold me to sticking to this TBR though.

My current reads:

Mark of the Wicked by Georgia Bowers – The Blog Tour for this book is fast approaching and I’m only 20% of the way through this book. Me leaving the ARCs I most need to read until the very last minute is becoming a habit that I need to get out of.

I’m unsure on this one so far. The thing I’m liking most is the main character and how she’s coming off as a bit of an anti-hero. She has magic and actually uses it for her own gain and to (minorly) hurt other people which is a really interesting take that I’m enjoying.

The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead – I’m now onto the third book of the Bloodlines series and it’s a weird one. I really don’t think this spin-off is anywhere near as strong as the original Vampire Acadmey series in terms of plot. For me it’s the characters that are keeping me reading.

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell – I didn’t expect to pick this up this month, it was a bit of an impromptu decision but I’m happy with it. I’m not very far in due to the fact that this is the third book that I’m reading, but I think when I start getting into it I’ll fly through.

ARCs I really need to get to or I’ll be upset:

The fact that I’m only sharing 2 ARCs is a serious show of self-restraint but these two really are the ones I’m most excited about of them all.

Fools in Love by Ashley Herring Black & Rebecca Podos – Over the last year or so I’ve started reading and reviewing more anthologies and this looks very promising. I only recognise a few of the contributing authors and I’ve only actually read anything by two but this book just looks so sweet and I love the idea of reading a bunch of love stories.

Never Saw You Coming by Erin Hahn – I’ve had an ARC of my favourite authors newest release for a while now and I still haven’t read it. This is unacceptable and needs fixing soon.

Romance books from Tik-Tok:

I had the sudden urge to re-read Off Campus last month which can’t happen because I only read the series for the first time a couple of months ago. When this happened I turn to Tik-Tok for some similar recommendations and I’m making a whole post about it.

I’ve got two reviewed and written so I think the third is going to be Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez. If I remember from the Tik-Tok video this has friends-to-lovers and disability rep. I’m not 100% sure this will be the next romance I read, out of all the books on my TBR this will be the most likely to change but we’ll see.

Just a couple other I’m considering reading next:

This is where my frustration over not being able to read everything at once comes into play. I’m leaving in like 6 weeks so I feel like there’s a ticking clock on the books I most want to read on my physical shelf

I’ve talked a lot about As Many Nows as I Can Get by Shana Youngdahl, Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson and The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis so I’m not going to go too into detail.

I’m now realising that all three of these books deal with some pretty heavy subjects so I guess those are the vibes we’re going for this summer 😂

If anyone can recommend ways to stop this intense need to read absolutely everything that I’m currently feeling so I can get back to my regularly scheduled reading, I’d really appreciate it 😊

I’d love to know your thoughts and feelings on any and all books mentioned, as well as what you’re planning on reading this month. Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

3 thoughts on “I’m physically incapable of reading everything and I’m sad // August TBR”

  1. Fools in Love looks adorable! One of my all-time favorite anthologies is called Meet Cute and it has some of the best short love stories ever! Highly recommend if you haven’t picked it up yet 😊 Great post!

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