ARC Review: Never Saw You Coming by Erin Hahn

Publication Date: September 7th

Raised by conservative parents, 18-year-old Meg Hennessey just found out her entire childhood was a lie. Instead of taking a gap year before college to find herself, she ends up traveling north to meet what’s left of the family she never knew existed.

While there, she meets Micah Allen, a former pastor’s kid whose dad ended up in prison, leaving Micah with his own complicated relationship about the church. The clock is ticking on Pastor Allen’s probation hearing and Micah, now 19, feels the pressure to forgive – even when he can’t possibly forget.

As Meg and Micah grow closer, they are confronted with the heavy flutterings of first love and all the complications it brings. Together, they must navigate the sometimes-painful process of cutting ties with childhood beliefs as they build toward something truer and straight from the heart.

My Rating: ALL THE ⭐’S

It’s that time of year again: I’ve read another Erin Hahn book … and I’m not going to shut up about for a long, loonnggg time. I’m sorry in advance but with a book this good it has to be done.

If you’ve been around a while on my blog you may know that I’m lowkey obsessed with both Erin Hahn’s books, her debut novel You’d Be Mine and her sophomore novel More Than Maybe. If you’re new to this blog then don’t worry, you’ll hear about them soon enough because I take any and all opportunities to talk to them.

What I loved about these previous works was the focus on music whether it be American Sweet-Heart Annie Mathers and bad boy country star Clay or aspiring music journalist Vada and sweet song-writer Luke. Music wasn’t anywhere near as present in this book so I was worried at first, especially when the focus instead was on religion.

But no. I’ve come to realise I had nothing to worry about and would legitimately read a full length novel about Hahn’s favourite flavour of crisps is she was passionate enough about it because her passion is so prevalent in her writing and it really shines through as you read.

Never Saw You Coming follows Meg Hennessy who was raised uber-conservative and religious but runs away to find her biological family after finding out her dad is not actually her dad. Up North she meets Micah, the son of a disgraced pastor who’s been ostracised by the church for his fathers actions. Together they work to overcome their religious trauma and figure out what their faith means to them.

I am not religious in the slightest but I thought this was such an important read. It delved into topics like the hypocrisy of people as well as modesty and how it’s always young girls made to feel shameful and sinful simply for having a body and existing. I actually think it’s kind of sad that, had I not loved Hahn’s previous novels, I know I wouldn’t have picked this up because reading about religion isn’t necessarily my go-to which is a shame because this was so good.

Speaking of Meg and Micah: the romance was impeccable, as always. There’s one quote that I’m so annoyed I didn’t highlight but I was so caught up in the story that I didn’t have time to stop reading. Basically both Meg and Micah are working through a bunch of things personally and spiritually and see them become a solid team. I think the quote was something along the lines of “they’re not trying to change each other, they’re just nudging each other along towards the people they were meant to be“.

Erin Hahn’s writing is like crack to me. I’m genuinely sad to have finished the book because I feel like I could keep reading forever. I know for a fact I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks fighting the urge to re-read probably More Than Maybe.

Three things are quickly becoming tradition with me and these books: 1) I am lucky enough to receive an ARC, 2) I love the book and can’t get enough (obviously), and 3) I end up writing my review in the middle of the night. It’s currently 2:45am😂.

Erin Hahn has featured on my “favourites of the year” list since 2019 and 2021 will be no different. I’m so excited to read whatever she comes out with next. Part of me is hoping we get another spin-off of a side character, this time with Duke because I feel like there’s so much more to his story. Either way I’ve added her fourth book to my Goodreads TBR … despite the fact there’s no cover or synopsis. Oops?

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