yes i’m 19. no idk how to twitter

Hi and howdy. Soo …. I made a twitter. (Technically this is the twitter I made a few years ago but never use but that’s not important.)

Recently I remembered I even had this account and became a twitter lurker but now I’m officially giving it a try. I’ve tried Twitter before but just didn’t mesh, I legit didn’t really know how to use it. Yes I’m 19 but I’m not technologically capable and I’m even worse with social media.

I never used to understand how to work Tumblr though and now I have over 2000 followers and use it constantly.

So yeah. Here’s me letting you guys know I have a Twitter now. It’s mainly gonna be dedicated to books/writing stuff with me plugging my own posts etc. but I also only mainly follow wrestlers so wrestling content is probably gonna sneak onto my feed.

I have no idea how to run a book-ish twitter so any tips and tricks would be much appreciated. Here’s the link if you want to give me a follow πŸ˜‚ Also if you have a twitter leave it linked and I’ll give you a follow. Teach me your ways, please I beg

(i had a proper post planned for today but spent the day cleaning my room and working instead so here’s me re-branding my Twitter at 2:30 am)

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