2022 Releases already on my radar.

Hey and howdy, happy Wednesday.

I have a busy week. I move to England, literally a week today which is terrifying. Also terrifying is the amount of plans I have for the next seven days. Yes I’m excited for them all, but also I’m an introvert. I’m probably going to be relieved when I’m on that plane and can chill for three hours.

Anyways, to take my mind off things I figured I’d talk a bit about some 2022 releases I’m already interested in (not including . Please pay no attention to the fact that I’ve read barely any of my 2021 releases. We’re not talk about that today 😭

I started using Twitter recently (follow me :p I don’t contribute much but I’m there in spirit lol) and authors have been revealing covers and talking about their books coming out in 2022 so my TBR has expanded quite a bit recently.

So This is Ever After by F.T Lukens – The tagline of “Carry On meets Arthurian legend” paired with this ridiculously pretty cover was enough for me to add it to my TBR. I don’t know anything else about this book other than this comparison.

When You Get the Chance by Emma Lord – Emma Lord is back with another book and I am excited. I loved her debut but was disappointed by her sophomore novel so I’m curios to see how I feel towards her third release. I’m loving the cover, that girl is giving me badass vibes already. 

And They Lived by Steven Salvatore -I’ll hold my hands up and admit what first drew me to this book wasn’t the cover, title or synopsis, it was in fact … the author’s name. My first reaction was “Stefan Salvatore??”. No it’s not the vampire from Vampire Diaries, I realise that now, but still it’s on my TBR.

I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston – I haven’t read One Last Stop yet, my order got cancelled and I got a refund of my money and I’ve been too lazy to order it again, but that won’t stop me from reading McQuistons YA debut as soon as I can.

She Gets the Girl by Rachel Lippincott & Alyson Derrick – I absolutely love the cover and enjoyed Five Feet Apart. I know nothing else about this besides the fact that there’s a f/f main romance. That’s more then enough for me.

This May End Badly by Samantha Makrum – I actually thought this was a 2021 release. Makes sense why it’s still up for pre-order whenever I check my wishlist 😂. I feel like this book will make me really happy. I have no specific reason to believe this, I just feel it in my bones. I think this has something to do with a prank war at a boarding school.

Always Jane by Jenn Bennett – If I haven’t made it clear enough on this blog already, I’ll say it again: I will read any and every Jenn Benett contemporary romance novel. I have so much trust in her that I haven’t even looked at the synopsis yet.

The Wicked Powers by Cassandra Clare – These books may be a cash grab, I’m fully aware of that, but there’s nothing lil old me can do to take down our capitalist society so I’m gonna take what I can get and read the stuff that makes me happy. I say “happy” but we all know this series is going to make me cry. I’m excited for the focus of this trilogy being on Ty and Kit and hopefully seeing more of Tessa, Jem and baby Mina as well as the Blackthorns and hopefully the Lightwood-Bane family.

So there we go. Books I’m excited about that don’t come out for another year. I’d love to hear if there’s any 2022 releases you’ve already got your eye on and any you think need adding to my TBR. Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

7 thoughts on “2022 Releases already on my radar.”

  1. ahh all the best in the move! and omg 2022 releases list already? i haven’t heard of any of these but many are going to my tbr haha, i’m looking forward to daughter of the moon goddess, the red palace and the sequels to six crimson cranes and the keeper of night! ❤

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