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I moved to another country and still acquired new books!

Hi 🙂

It’s been ages since I’ve sat and written a post. It’s been ages since I’ve had time to even think of writing a post. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of moving to England, seeing my family, getting organised for Uni and then moving into my accommodation and getting ready for student life.

I have, somehow, found time to buy some books though #priorities. I don’t know what my posting schedule is going to be like from now on. I don’t have a clue what to expect so we’ll see how it goes. I figured a book-haul is a good way to get me back in the swing of things for now though!!

E-books I’ve added to my (extensive) collection

Rent a Boyfriend by Gloria Chao – With me moving back to England, I’m really worried about losing my Spanish. The last thing I want to do is go home for Christmas speaking like a tourist. My plan to counteract this by watching a lot of Casa de Papel and reading some books in Spanish. This book has been on my radar for a while anyways so when I saw the e-book for a reasonable price I bought it!

The Bromance Bookclub + Isn’t It Bromantic by Lyssa Kay Adams – Since getting into romance books over the last two-ish years, this series has been everywhere and I finally bit the bullet and purchased the first book. I read that first book in no time and of course had to get the second book too. I feel like romance is what’s going to be easier for me to read at the minute so I’m glad to be continuing on with this series which I’d hoped to start this year anyways.

Not Here to be Liked by Michelle Quach – I went to buy this weeks ago only to find it wasn’t out yet. I don’t know why I had it in my brain that it was out 4 weeks before it’s actual publication but I was dissapointed so as soon as I could I purchased it. I don’t know much about this book (I did at one point, I’ve got a terrible memory) but I’m really looking forward to this one.

Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan – When I saw this on sale I bought it instantly. I said a couple of weeks/months (?) ago “if I enjoy Verona Comics, I’ll check out Dugan’s new release”. Well I really liked Verona Comics and I’m excited to read this!! I don’t remember much about the plot but I do know that it’s about a f/f romance and has a pretty cover (not pictured above because I forgot I purchased this until I was nearly done)

UK Netgalley is a goldmine!!

The Coldest Touch by Isabel Sterling – I really enjoyed Sterling’s These Witches Don’t Burn duology and I’ve been looking forward to her next release ever since. I’m especially excited because this has vampires!! Don’t know more about it then that but I don’t need to. I do know that I’m happy for the cover change.

City Shattered Light by Claire Winn – Does this not look like the most bad-ass cover ever! Once again, I did know what this book was about when I requested it, but that information has since left my brain entirely.

The Monarchs by Danielle Paige & Kas Morgan – This is the sequel to The Ravens … a book I haven’t read yet but plan to really soon!! This series is about a college sorority of witches and I just have such a good feeling about this series that I want to binge them together.

Little Thieves by Margaret Owen – I want to give Margaret Owen’s books another shot after not really liking Sorcery of Thorns and so I’m hoping to enjoy this beautiful new release more. My main problem with the previous book I read was that it was very simple but this is 500 pages according to Goodreads so fingers crossed.

Under the Whispering Door by T.J Klune – I screamed when I saw that I’d been approved for this. I haven’t read House on the Cerulean Sea yet because I’m a poor uni student who can’t afford it (although I did see it in Waterstones the other day so .. maybe??)

The Mistleto Pact by Jo Lovett – I refuse to go through the Holiday season without a cute Christmas romance (especially because there’s always some sort of question about Christmas books in tags) so I’m hoping this one does the trick.

My grandma forced me into Waterstones and how could I say no?

When my parents taught me about “peer pressure” I thought they meant people my age pressure me to drink and do drug … I was not expecting my grandmother to pressure me into her buying me books. I mean I’m not mad about it because I got my hands on some anticipated sequels but still.

Mister Impossible by Maggie Stiefvater – *sigh* this cover and title is … ugh. The first book in this series was so pretty. I don’t want to be mean but … Anyways, I am looking forward to reading this, I probably will have to go back and not re-read because the first book is in Spain, but I’m sure I can find a recap online. I am ready for more Ronan and Henessy, and hopefully more Adam.

Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell – I am so proud of myself for managing to avoid any and all spoilers for this third book. (watch it, I’ll log into Tumblr tomorrow to the most spoilery spoiler ever). Possibly unpopular opinion but I really enjoyed Wayward Son and the complexities of the relationships so I’m curious to see how this story ends. I am kind of bumbed I can’t go back and binge the series together. Maybe I’ll hold off reading this til after Christmas when I can bring the other two books over … or maybe I’ll read this and then binge re-read the whole series early next year. Who knows.

The Wolf Den by Elodie Harper – So we were at the till and my grandma pointed to a random book and asked “have you read that?”, I said “no” but before I could say “I’ve actually never heard of it” the guy in front raved about it and my grandma bought it for me. I don’t know if this is my sort of thing. The guy did say it was similar to Circe though which I’ve heard good things about. I don’t know, I’ll try it.

So there we go, the books I’ve acquired despite literally moving to another country and city. I had a walk round Waterstones the other day when I had like four hours to kill between doing things for uni and had to stop myself from adding to this haul … although I’m really tempted to go back for The House on the Cerulean Sea😬

As always I’d love to know your thoughts and feelings on any of these books! Thanks so much for reading!!

Elli xx

5 thoughts on “I moved to another country and still acquired new books!”

    1. Since this post went live I was also accepted for an ARC of The House on the Cerulean Sea so I think a binge of both these books is necessary!! So glad to hear even more great things about it!!


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