🎞Everything I’ve Been Watching Recently … #4🎞

Hi. I’m bored.

I’m currently suffering through health and safety training videos for work and they’re the most mind numbing things in the world. The essence of it is “have some goddamn common sense”.

To keep me from falling asleep at my desk, I figured I’d talk about some shows and movies (mostly movies) I’ve been watching recently. I’ve never watched so many movies in such a short space of time before so let’s just jump in.


Gonna be honest with you, out of the three Marvel series I’ve watched, I think I understood the actual plot of this the least. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed it, just don’t ask me to explain the ending.

Mobius is now one of my faves and I loved seeing Loki again. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Loki + Sylvie relationship, they’re literally just the alternate universe version of each other and it weirds me out but I digress. I am excited for Season 2, whenever that may be, and although I know it’s not going to happen, I wouldn’t mind seeing Loki rock up in the Doctor Strange movie.

The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story

I can’t sit and play Sims in silence or with the games sound on. I need a TV show or movie or even music sometimes playing in the background and so that’s how I ended up watching this documentary.

I thought this was a really interesting look into how the band and Adam Lambert came together and how Lambert approaches his role as the front man, wanting to to pay homage but also not impersonate. If you’re even mildly interested in stuff like this and have a free hour and a half, I highly recommend this.

The Suicide Squad

I was so sceptical about this movie when it was first announced and wasn’t planning on watching it … but then I wanted an early night and decided to sprawl and stick it on and it was actually quite good.

While I’m bumbed that some of my favourites from the first movie, like the fire guy, wasn’t in this movie … or died in the first 5 minutes, I really liked the new characters, Harley Quinn was amazing as always.

HSMTMTS Season 2

I am not writing out that title. No thank you.

I like to binge series instead of watching weekly because I forget what happened on the previous episode. I though this series was done when I started watching but nope, there was like 3 episodes left.

This was fun though, I feel bad for ever hating on this show before I watched it last year. The songs are good, the plots fun and I really like the cast. It is wild to see world-famous Olivia Rodrigo playing a fork though after all the success she’s had recently … and the drama 👀

Black Widow

I made my family watch this and I’m so glad I did. I am now even more in love with Florence Pugh then I already was.

On it’s own this movie is fab, the plot with the Red Room and Natasha’s dysfunctional family, but it’s hard to get too invested because you know Natasha’s fate. And I get that the after credit ending is setting up for the Hawkeye show which I’m gonna watch because of Florence Pugh and Hailey Stienfeld but it’s still hard and annoying.

Black Widow should have had a movie years ago!! (and Natasha shouldn’t have died in Endgame ffs)

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Me and my brother went to see this as our last sibling bonding activity before I left for Uni and we had a great time.

I absolutely love Shawn and Kate as best friends, they were a comedic duo who had me cracking up, I also loved the fantastical elements and CGI. This movie had dragons!! DRAGONS!!!

I’m really hoping Shang-Chi makes and appearance in more films in the future, I’d love to see him interact with Doctor Strange. Also Wong!! Love him.

El Hoyo

My friend from work kept telling me to watch this because it’s fucked up so I thought “hey, that’ll be the perfect movie to watch on the plane”.

Yeahhh it was fucked up 😂 Thank god I wasn’t sitting next to anybody because they would have been distrubed.

It’s a Spanish movie but apparently my aunts watched it in English. Whether or not it’s the same version I’m not sure, but it’s about this prison with hundreds of levels and a platform with food goes down once a year and the prisoners have a small amount of time to eat as much as they can. Each month they wake up on a different level so the people on top have their pick of food, while the people on the bottom get nothing.

The Old Guard

I loved this movie but oh my god did I feel like I was watching it forever!! First off I started this on the plane but only got a bout 40 minutes in before landing.

The next day me and my aunt had a movie day where we started this again but kept being interrupted by family coming to see me cause I’m so popular (jokes, literally only my nan came and that was for like … 30 minutes).

Eventually I did finish this movie and really loved it. Can’t wait for the sequel!

Crazy Rich Asians

Can’t believe I’ve only just watched this movie. It’s a crime honestly but here we go. This movie was a lot of fun. I’m totally team #EatTheRich but it’s still fun to watch fictional billionaires living it up.

I was so caught up in the luxury lifestyle of it all that I forgot this was actually meant to be a RomCom haha. This was the second movie I watched starring Awkwafina. I now love her and need to watch all her movies.

Palm Springs

I made sure to make good use of my aunt’s Amazon Prime account by watching some movies I’ve had my eye on for a while like Palm Springs.

“Groundhog Day” style movies are pretty overdone at this point and can get boring, but this one was so much fun! To be honest, how can it not be when it stars Andy Samberg.

This one had such great humour and romance and I would happily watch it again. I’m really sad Brooklyn 99 is over, but if Samberg is gonna make more fun movies like this, I can deal.

Chalet Girl

Ok so apparently not everybody get’s second hand embarrassment because I mentioned that, as much as I do like this movie, it makes me cringe and my aunt was like “what the hell is second hand embarrassment?”.

They really don’t make movies like this anymore which is sad. I really like the snowboarding element of this but the romance is so unnecessary and where my cringe comes from.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

And here we have the second “Groundhog Day” style movie but this one didn’t hold a candle to “Palm Springs”.

I liked the idea of it, two people finding each other in a time loop and going on a mission to find all the small perfect things in their town but … it was quite boring.


This is a Christmas movie. The opening scene is set at Christmas. The final scene is set at Christmas. I tried telling my aunt this but she was like “no it’s not, it’s about all the holidays”. This. Is . A Christmas. Movie.

As weird as I feel about watching a Christmas movie in September, this was a really great movie and I had a whole lot of fun. I definitely will be watching this again in a couple of months when it’s actually the season for it!

The Lego Batman Movie

Once upon a time I said “I’m done with Batman movies” but then Robert Pattinson was cast and I was like “well fuck” and then I randomly decided to watch this … alone, in my room at midnight.

This was so funny and I’m obsessed. Whoever is writing these Lego movies is a comedic genius and needs to make more!

We Can Be Heroes

After staying with my aunt for a couple of days, I then moved onto my dads house. When he and my stepmum had to go to an open evening for my brother, I stayed and babysat my 6 year old sister.

Pro tip: never watch a movie with a 6 year old. They spoil everything!! I knew the entire plot and it’s twists 10 minutes into the movie!!

Mamma Mia + Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

During Freshers Week my uni were running an outdoor cinema of Mamma Mia and me and my housemates were planning on going but then it was cold and rainy so we said “no thanks” and instead watched it on Netflix from the comfort of our couch.

When my housemates learnt I’d never seen the sequel we watched that too. Yes this was a lot of fun and yes we had Abba songs stuck in our head for the rest of the night!

I watched a lot of stuff, and most of it was in the space of a week. I’ve never watched that many movies in one go before but it was nice and chill.

Not got a clue how often I’ll be watching movies from now on but it was nice while it lasted.

I’d love to know your thoughts and feelings on any of these movies, as well as what you’ve been watching and enjoying recently! Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

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