I’m at uni and I’m still alive :))

Hey and howdy 🤠

I feel like I’ve been so distant recently! Most of my posts have been pre-written and I feel like I’ve had no time at all to interact besides that!

You probably already know by the title of this post, and because I’ve really milked it for all the content I can get out of it, but I’m at uni! I’ve been here for about a month now and I’m still going. Whether or not I’m still going strong is another thing entirely but I’ll take what I can get.

Anyways, I figured I’d talk a little about how the last month has been for me, and hopefully this is the start of me diving back into the blog-sphere :))

Saying goodbye to my pets was honestly the hardest bit lol

I was mentally prepared to say goodbye to my family and friends. Obviously the day I left was an emotional one, especially for my mum who I kept busy and distracted making me a roast dinner while I went out and saw my friend.

What I was not prepared for, was saying goodbye to my pets. The first and only time I let a few tears slip was when I went in hunt for my cat to say goodbye. I found him sprawled in my brothers room, not giving a shit as I smothered him in kisses😂

After my emotional goodbye to the ones that matter most … my pets, my parents and brother took me to the airport. My mum was terrified I’d be late because of extra security measures so I was at the airport early. Really early. Four hours early!! But it was good, I chilled with a pint and some pizza and then had an entire row of seats to myself on the plane!

Staying in my home town for a week.

her cuteness is only rivalled by that of my new cousin/godson

Obviously I couldn’t move back to England without stopping to see my family first. For the first couple of days I stayed with my very pregnant aunt and her adorable kitten with the incredibly imaginative name of Kitty. We essentially spent three days watching movies, besides from one small walk around a forest which she barely managed because, like I said, she was very pregnant.

My aunt has since had a ridiculously cute and totally healthy baby boy. I might be biased, as his Godmother, but he’s genuinely the most adorable baby ever.

Then I was off to my dads house for the rest of the week. I loved seeing them all, especially my two little siblings but my god did they suck the energy out of me. I’m actually babysitting them on Friday and I know I’m gonna need an energy drink or two to get through it.

Also I have a word of advice for everyone: DON’T GO SHOPPING WITH YOUR GRANDPARENTS!! I really appreciated it and love them so much but my gosh is it stressful! I legit had a mini internal panic attack in Tescos :))

Moving to York

My dad was teasing me for how much stuff I have when he picked me up from the airport and then for the fact the backseats of his cars were full to the brink when he drove me to uni. Turns out I don’t have enough stuff! I brought the main essentials like a bunch of books, a tiny blowup penguin called Oswald Jr, etc. But I forgot important things like knives and a lamp lol.

It’s still kind of wild to think that I’m living alone and being independent. The hardest part of it all is actually having to think of what to eat, three times a day every day!! I’m essentially living off pasta and microwave meals at the minute but I am getting a bit more adventurous. At the minute my meals are decided on what’s going out of date and needs to be eaten asap lol. If you have any easy and cheap meal ideas let me know in the comments, I need all the help I can get.

The fact that my three housemates are all so nice is probably a big reason why this transition has been so easy. We’re all getting along really well. The only bummer is that my housemates are second years who are doing study abroad in America next year so when I come back after Christmas I’ll be living with completely new people :l


We’re really starting to get into the swing of things with my lectures and seminars now. My first deadline is literally November 3rd. That’s like not very far away and I’m freaking out.

I’ll admit, the impostor syndrome has been trying to rear it’s ugly head. I don’t feel smart enough in the slightest to be here. The fact I have such a different educational background from most of my peers doesn’t help but I’m working on talking myself through these anxious thoughts and realising we’re all in a new enviroment and just doing our best.

I’m also trying to put myself out there and make friends but it’s so awkward 😂 For now I’m just proud of myself for every small conversation I have with someone. Baby steps people, baby steps!!

Doing my best when it comes to reading!

Since this is a book blog, I should probably talk a bit about how my reading’s been going recently. So far in October when I’ve not been reading for uni then I’ve been reading romance novels.

I feel like sweet romances that are easy to read, is a good way to go while I’m going through these growing pains and better figuring out my schedule. It’s also a good way to balance things out against the more acadmic reading I’ve been doing. Believe me, I need the Bromance Book Club books after struggling through a Medieval text that leaves me looking like: 🤯

Also I have explored more or less all the bookshops in town. I found the Waterstones on my first day of classes when I had a couple hours free between appointments. There’s also a really cool vintage bookshop with some really old books. While not my cup of tea, it was so cool to see so many old books, and I did spoil myself with a more modern collection of Mary Shelly’s horror stories.

So that was my idea of a mini life update. I’m hoping this is the start of me being more “present” I guess you could say, and actually being able to keep up with other people’s post.

Thanks so much for reading :))

Elli xx

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