Reading The Bromance Bookclub was good for my anxiety :)

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I am happy to announce I have finished one of my many reading and overall life goals that I set myself for 2021: reading the entire Bromance Book Club series by Lyssa Kay Adams!

Let’s not dwell too much on the fact that this is one of the only goals I’ve completed and instead celebrate!!

I saw this series all over the interwebs back when it was first released and had the thought of “I need to read this series” every time any of the books were mentioned. Finally I’ve done that. Reading romance novels has been the perfect thing for me recently as they’ve balanced out how much academic and the fact that I’ve been reading companion romances has been even better.

I can now cross this series off the TBR and talk about my thoughts and feelings with you today :))

The Bromance Book Club

I feel like these books got better with each newer release so this first book is my least favourite of the four. That’s not to say it’s not still really good though! I thought it did a really great job of introducing what this series was going to be all about. If I hadn’t enjoyed this, I probably wouldn’t have carried on.

The first book follows baseball player Gavin who is heading towards divorce. When his friends catch wind of this they let him in on their secrete: they’re part of a secrete romance book club that helps them be better boyfriends and husbands. Gavin is reluctant to say the least but still willing to do anything to save his marriage.

I loved reading about an already established couple, a married couple at that, going through a rocky path, but I just couldn’t connect with their initial conflict, and also the conflict that keeps them apart near the end.

Like I said, this was a good first book to the series evident in the fact that I kept reading!

Undercover Bromance

Really all I have to say about this book is: Braden Mack 🥰 … and the chicken who went berserk when he was anywhere near a man (sorry I can’t remember your name).

The second book in this series follows rich night club mogul and one of the founders of the Bromance Book Club, Braden Mack, and Liv, sister to the wife (Thea) from the first book. These two’s relationship begins when Liv walks in on her boss sexually harassing her coworker. From then on she vows to bring him down and Mack pledges his help … whether Liv wants it or not.

While tackling some very important and sensitive subjects, I felt this book handled it with respect. It was treat with the same level of importance as the romance, and wasn’t necessarily used just to drive these two together. Does that make sense?

Mack and Braden have a dislike-to-like dynamic going on and I really enjoyed that. They felt like a really fun couple, with a strong back and forth and banter.

Crazy Stupid Bromance

I loved how this third instalment took two characters who met in the second book and turned them into bffs. I don’t know why I like this so much, but I do. I’m a sucker for a good friends to lovers romance, and this felt different because it was quite recent friendship, as opposed to the usual “childhood friends to lovers” I’ve seen.

Other factors made this book very enjoyable such as Noah having a man bun (again, idk why this is such a big deal to me) and Alexis being the owner of a cat cafe called The Toe Bean Cafe 😍. I’ve moved to a city with a cat-cafe and this book has made me want to go all the more.

There was one thing I wasn’t a huge fan of, that being the conflict. In my notes I wrote “why does there always have to be a conflict?” and never mind, I know why there has to be a conflict. But in this case, it felt like they’d only just actually gotten together and then they were apart again. I’d have liked more time to enjoy them in love before seeing their hearts break.

Isn’t it Bromantic

Sure every one of these books follows a side character from the book before it, but throughout all four books The Russian, has been the most consistent and elusive so I was thrilled that he got his own book!

This one follows hockey player Vlad who’s marriage isn’t real. Six years ago he married his best friend from Russia, Elena, to help get her away to safety after her journalist father disappeared. Vlads heart is broken though, when he tells Elena he want’s their marriage to be real but she isn’t on the same page.

There was so much mutual pinning and miscommunication within this book. Don’t get me wrong, the mis-communication irked me and I was internally screaming “just tell each other how you feel!!” a whole lot, but it was understandable. When reading Elena’s point of view we see how much anxiety she has surrounding the situation and feeling like she’s a burden. I’d say this was definitely more emotional then the other three and I really enjoyed it. Also more action packed with a character literally being kidnapped 😂

So those were my thoughts and feelings on The Bromance Book Club series. I’m so happy to have read these books.

Overall I’d say my favourite aspects of these was the friendship and interesting dynamic between all of the guys. They were just so supportive and wholesome of each other and I really enjoyed reading that. If I was to put this series in order of favourite to least favourite it’d definitely be:

  1. Isn’t It Bromantic
  2. Undercover Bromance
  3. Crazy Stupid Bromance
  4. The Bromance Book Club

If you’ve read even just one of these books, I’d love to know what your thoughts and feelings were. Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

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