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❄A Winter Themed Book Tag ❄

Hi 👋

I have a sore throat, snotty nose and an itchy cough. It was also so cold that I was physically in pain while walking home from Uni yesterday which can only mean one thing: it’s winter.

To celebrate … or commiserate (definitely to commiserate, I don’t enjoy any of the things I’ve mentioned above) so I thought we’d do a tag. I literally googled “winter book tag” and was rewarded with The Winter Themed Book Tag so that’s what we’re doing today. 

Falling Snow: The colours of winter are muted. Choose a book that has whites, light blues, and greys on the cover.

*immediately goes searching through goodreads because I don’t have any physical books with me anymore*

Ok it’s not got much white on it, but I get big winter vibes from Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw. Also it’s literally got the word “winter” in the title which I think evens out the lack of white in the cover.

Crackling Fire: Colder weather makes for the perfect time to sit by a crackling fire in the fireplace. What book is the best to curl up next to a warm fire with?

The Inheritance Games would be perfect to read besides the fire. They’re a fast read if you set your mind to it so you’ll be finished before the flames die/you get heat stroke from being sat near so much heat.

Also it’s just got such a homey and cosy vibe, reminiscent of the old Sherlock stories which would fit with sitting by the fire with a nice mug of tea or hot-chocolate. 

Ice Storm: Winter storms can be brutal. What book do you love that takes the characters through a brutal season?

Miserable season? I’m choosing to interpret this as a miserable year because it fits with the book I will use any excuse to talk about.

As Many Nows as I Can Get by Shana Youngdahl follows Scarlett and David (more Scarlett though) through a tumultuous year to say the least with them dealing with the ups and downs in their rivals to romance relationship, the expectations from their small town and Davids drug use, plus even more. I

was tempted for use this for the fireplace question too because I read this on a long train journey so I think this would also be perfect for snuggling up with. 

Winter Wishes: Spending more time indoors allows more time to dream and wish. What character is living a life that you dream about?

I don’t know about life, but she’s at least living the summer I have dreamed about and tried planning out on a google doc: Sydney from I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski who spends the summer backpacking around Europe with a cute boy who has raised my expectations in romance.

Hot Cocoa: There is nothing like a hot cup of cocoa during the winter, as adults we often underestimate it. What book do you think should be the next big thing?

I have a new obsession with hot-chocolate. I’ve scouted the places at Uni which has the best ones. One I am never going to again because they don’t do whipped cream which is the only thing to stop the chocolate from turning into molten lava. I burnt my tongue and it was ruined for days.  Anyways …

The next big thing should be Never Saw You Coming by Erin Hahn, or really any of her books but this is her most recent release. These books are popular enough but I just love them so much and Hahn seems like such a lovely women that I want these to blow up even more.

Lip Balm & Lotion: Soothing dry skin is part of the winter for many. What book is full of soothing and comforting words?

My hands have started to cut from being dry and so cold. Definitely need to add hand cream to my shopping list next time I’m in town. 

Books with soothing and comforting words though? Erm none? At least none that I’ve read this year.

 Peppermint Mocha: What is your go-to winter food or drink for those reading marathons of winter?

Well we’ve already established that my new obsession is hot chocolate, I’m also drinking a load of tea and feel like a traitor because I used to make fun of my mum for drinking so much.

As for food I’m loving apple slices at the minute, don’t ask why, and Mr Kipling French Fancies … the only thing stopping me from demolishing the whole box of these when I buy them is judgement. 

In the process of writing this post another indicator that winter has arrived has popped up: I wore one of my knitted bobble hats to the shops in an attempt to avoid an ear infection. Yep, the cold flu season is upon us lads and ladies.

I really enjoyed doing this tag. I wasn’t tagged so I’m not nominating anyone but if you do this I’d love to read it so leave it linked in the comments or something. As always I’d love to know your thoughts and feelings on any of these books. Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

2 thoughts on “❄A Winter Themed Book Tag ❄”

  1. Hello from the other side of a winter cold! It gets better I promise (but gods it’s really slow to this year). Does the girl on the cover of As Many Nows as I Can Get look like Dakota Johnson to you as well or am I going mad…?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dude!! Yess I’ve always thought she looks like Dakota Johnson, and the boy looks like Froy Gutierrez (Nolan from TeenWolf). Ngl, part of the reason it got my attention at first.


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