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Anthologies: multiple stories for the price of one // TBR & Reccomendations

Hi, hey, hello 👋

I’m a bit drunk and merry. I’m flying home in two and a half weeks and I need to get my alcohol tolerance levels up or else I’m going to die when I get back. (Peer pressure doesn’t come from people your age, but people twice you’re age).

Despite the fact that I went out for a couple with my friend tonight, I still am here to talk to you about Anthologies!!

Over the last year and a bit I’ve found a new love for anthologies and I’ve fallen in love with them. Because of that, I thought today I’d talk a bit about the one’s I’ve enjoyed, and the one’s I really want to read.

Anothologies I’ve read and enjoyed

Together, Apart

Listen, I know none of us really want to re-live last year, we’re all doing our best to forget 2020 even existed but … I still think you should read this anthology.

This is a collection of romance stories set in Covid times, with characters meeting in unique ways during lockdown.

Does it romanticise a period that was rough for most people? Sure, but I feel like this is a good way to relive the not-so-bad bits.

Toil & Trouble

Halloween has come and gone alread but keep this in mind for next year, or for just when you’re in the mood for some witchy reads.

I’d wanted to read this one for a long while and finally got to it last year.

Despite this being an overall three star read for me, there were definitely a couple in there that I loved and made it worthwhile.

(also this has a pretty cover. irrelevant but also super relevant)

Vampires Never Get Old

Reasons to read this anthology: there’s an entire story about vampire cowboys. VAMPIRE COWBOYS!!!!

Again this one was a bit hit or miss but the stories I did enjoy, I really enjoyed! I think I also just enjoyed the idea of a book all about vampires.

Also, Victoria Shwab wrote a short story for this collection which is actually being adapted into a TV show which is pretty cool!

Fools in Love

I received an ARC of this anthology earlier on in the year and really enjoyed it!

You really can’t go wrong with a collection of cute romance stories, especially when the overall majority of these stories feature f/f romances and couples.

Me and this book actually went through a lot together. And by a lot I mean a hangover and an impromptu cross country trip to Barcelona that had me very stressed

Anthologies I Want to Read

Meet Cute

I keep eyeing the e-book of this one and I’m probably going to end up caving sooner or later, especially in spring/summer season.

I love a good fictional meet cute, emphasis on cute which I have a feeling this collection is going to have an abundance of, especially if the cover is anything to go off.

I haven’t read anything by the contributing authors, but another great thing about anthologies is that they introduce you to new authors too!

All Out

When I planned out this blog post (a while ago) I had this featured in the “anthologie’s I’ve read an enjoyed” section. I was under the impression I’d have read this by now but … that obviously didn’t happen.

On one hand though, that just goes to show how much faith I have that I’ll like this collection.

From what I’m aware, this is an anthology featuring LGBTQ+ characters in a bunch of different time periods and genres which I definitely like the sound of.


I keep seeing this one in my local Waterstones and I am so tempted. The only problem is I already have too many books and too little time.

This is the newest release out of them all so I haven’t heard overmuch about it but with the authors involved I can’t see how it won’t be great.

I’m pretty sure each story is set during the same night, at the very least during the same black out which is something different from the other anthologies I’ve read.

So those are my thoughts and feelings on some pretty popular anthologies I’ve read and want to read. As always I’d love to hear what you think and any other recommendations you may have. Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

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