My Favourite Quotes & Moments: Call Down the Hawk!

Hello and howdy. Welcome to my blog. 

I’m supposed to be sleeping right now. Or at the very least trying to. I’ve got to get up to take my dogs to the vet tomorrow. I’ve also got a cold so sleep is probably exactly what my body needs. 

Am I going to give my body what it needs? No. Of course not. That would make life too easy. To be fair, my body isn’t making it easy. As soon as I got in bed I became wide awake and also started coughing. 

Instead of trying to sleep I’m here to say that I’m re-reading Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater. It feels like a life-time ago when this was my most anticipated release of the year. It came out in 2019, pre-pandmeic so I suppose in some ways it was a life-time ago. With the recent release of the sequel, Mister Impossible, I decided to revisit and also share my favourite quotes & moments:


“Were there other Lynches? It seems unlikely. Lynches appeared to be very good at dying”

This line, on the very first page, scares me. It sounds like a threat. 

*when the dilema of which Lynch brother is going to drive comes up*

“Declan had a letter from the insurance company offering him better rates for his exceptional driving record. Ronan had a letter from the state advising him to change his driving habits lest he lose his licence. Matthew had no interest in driving; he said if he didn’t have enough friends to drive him anywhere he wanted to go, he was living his life wrong. In any case, he’d failed his drivers test three times”.

I feel like this sums up the three Lynch brothers perfectly. Also, as someone who got their licence a couple of months ago, Matthew has the right idea. Driving is terrifying.

“Adam. Ronan missed him like a lung”

 Ronan you dramatic son of a bitch … I mean I feel the same. 

*throwback to Ronan seeing Adam for the first time. Not even meeting him. Just seeing him as they drove past*

“Ronan hadn’t known anything about who Adam was then and, if possible, he’d known even less about who he himself was, but as they drove away from the boy with the bicycle, this was how it had begun: Ronan leaning back against his seat and closing his eyes and sending up a simple, inexplicable, desperate prayer to God: Please

Who would have expected Ronan Lynch to be the most romantic back when we started reading The Raven Cycle?

“He was staring at Ronan in an unfamiliar way, and after a moment, Ronan realized Adam was staring at him exactly the same way Ronan was staring at Adam. 

‘This is fucking weird’, Ronan said, and Adam laughed in a haggard, relieved way. They hugged, had. This was as Ronan remembered it. Adam’s ribs fit against his ribs just as they had before […].

 You bet your ass I’m including every interaction where Ronan and Adam are cute and disgustingly in love. 

“ ‘Tell me to go to school closer to you and I will’, Adam said in a rush, the words piled together. ‘Just say it’. 

Ronan pressed the heel of his hand against his eye, checking for nightwash but it wasn’t bad yet. ‘I’m not that big of an asshole’. 

‘Oh. You are.’ Adam said, trying for humour. Failing. ‘Just not about that’.”

 I’m also going to include every time Adam and Ronan make my heart hurt.

“After he had failed to answer any texts or calls for four days post-Cambridge, Declan had paid a surprise visit and found the middle Lynch brother in bed eating expired baked beans in the same jeans he’d been wearing on the road trip.”

While a sad and suffering Ronan is not funny, this mental image definitley is.

*special shout-out to the Ronans everyday mid-crisis To Do List*

7:07AM: Wake up, asshole. YOU’RE ALIVE

7:15AM: Get dressed and shave that beautiful bald head. 

12:00PM: Lunch @ that weird gas station.

1:30PM: Ronan Lynch’s marvelous dream emporium. 

6:00PM: Drive around. 

7:15PM: Nuke dinner, yo. 

“Gansey texted back: don’t make me get on a plane I’m currently chained to one of the largest black walnut trees in Oregon”.

Making Blue proud. 

“A  dreamer, a dream, and Declan: that was the brothers Lynch”

Poor Declan.

‘He wouldn’t have been happy I was bringing you to do this’, Declan said, glancing in the dark rearview mirror. For what, who knew. ‘He wouldn’t have wanted anything bad to happen to you’.

He did not quite emphasize the to you, but it was understood. Nothing bad to happen to you, something bad could happen to me.”

Poor Declan part 2. 

“Ronan knew Declan was made of secretes, but he still managed to be shocked by the reveal of a new one”

 I’m the oldest child and this line reminded me that I know the family secretes and my brother doesn’t. 

*following their fathers death and mothers sleeping beuaty phase*

“ He was going to be alone, he thought, he was going to be alone and it was going to be just him and that new terrifying Ronan, and Matthwe whose life depended on him, and somewhere out there was something that killed Lynches”

Poor Declan part 3.

*special shout out to Gansey and Ronan’s texts*

“ Gansey: ‘Blue wants you to know Boudicca is // Sorry sent too soon ‘Boudica is the original goth. Ronan Lynch wishes he was that badass’ // ‘Is badass one word or two’ 

Ronan: ‘If you have to ask you aren’t one. Thanks old man. I’ll wiki it.”

When I say I’d happily read an entire book of Ronan and Gansey’s texts I’m not joking.

“Fucking with free will felt distinctly uncatholic to him – one of those slippery slopes one is warned about”

I don’t know why it slips my mind that Ronan is catholic but it does.

Adam sounded irritable. ‘I saved your life because i love you and I was scared and I didn’t know what else to do. That doesn’t sound like Bryde.’

This statement simultaneously pleased and aggravated Ronan. His mind stored away the first half for safekeeping, to take out and look at again on a rotten day, and decided to discard the second half because it felt deflating”.

Yes. This quote is featured purely because I get a lot of serotonin from Adam saying he loves Ronan. 

“He [Declan] was not as dull-looking as the photos and her memory suggested. Already she had forgotten that he was handsome. It seemed a strange thing to forget. He was scented with something subtly mannish, mild and unfamiliar, an oil rather than a fragrance.”

I honestly felt like Declan’s wingman during the date scene. Get it Declan!!

“When I first went looking for Sargent in a museum, I didn’t know which wing to look for his stuff in. Born in America, American wing? Lived in England, British wing? You’d think belonging in both worlds would make it easier to find the chap, but really, it was just as when he was alive. Belonging in more than one world means that you end up belonging in none of them”

I don’t know, as someone born in England, raised in Spain, now living in the UK for uni, i felt this quote. 

“They hugged again, merrily, waltzing messily in the kitchen, and kissed, merrily, waltzing more. 

What do you want to do with your three hours?’ Ronan asked. Adam peered around the kitchen. He always looked at home in it; it was all the same colours as him, washed out and faded and comfortable. ‘I’m starving. I need to eat. I need to take off your clothes. But first, I want to look at Bryde”.

Domestic Pynch. I repeat, Domestic Pynch!!

“Last year, Ronan had given himself the gift of dropping out of high school for his birthday, throwing away all of Declan’s studious efforts to drag him through to a degree. He hoped Ronan wasn’t intending on doing anything as stupid for this birthday. Declan had gotten him a membership for the zoo; what did you get for the man who could make himself anything?”

I really like the idea of Ronan Lynch having a day out at the zoo. 

“Every version of Jordan Hennessy was probably born to die”

Jordan Hennessy is one of the most complex and intriguing characters I’ve read about in a while and I love her. Just wanted to mention that here. 

“Through a hiccup of shaky tears, Hennessy managed to say, ‘I’m having his baby. Can I have an orange juice?’.

Wendy shot Ronan a look that was less maternal before vanishing”

I was excited to re-read this book, just for this interaction. I also like how as soon as Hennessy says about being pregnant with Ronan’s baby, he brings up the fact that he has a boyfriend as soon as he can. 

*Declan trying to help Matthew work through the fact that he’s a dream*

 “‘[…] Nothing really has to change. You just know now that Dad bought your social security number on the black market’

‘He did what?’

Declan went on, ‘And now we can be open with you about why you’ve never had a real school physical or anything.’

‘Wait, why?’

Declan regretted saying anything. ‘In case you didn’t have internal organs’”

This is one of the best scenes in any book ever. Sorry I don’t take criticism.

 Adams contact name in Ronan’s phone being: MANAGEMENT.

“He was absurdly pleased to be here with her. He was absurdly pleased. This entire day, this entire week, what a disaster … but her was absurdly pleased.”

When I was reading The Raven Cycle, I never expected to be so happy about Declan Lynch being “absurldy pleased”.

*Ronan reminiscing about wrecking Ganseys car*

“Ronan had loved Richard C. Gansey III far more than he loved himself at that point, and he hadn’t known how he was going to ever face him when he returned from out of town”

Yes this is noteworthy because Ronan is expressing his love for his best friend. ALso, unrelated but … What does the C. in Richard C. Gansey III stand for and why do I think it stands for Campbell or something equally white and southern??

I had a lot of fun with this post, reading and picking out the quotes. I did this type of post before but with Six of Crows, but just shared the quotes. This time I made sure to choose quotes I could interact with which was extra fun (and stopped this post from being a million words long). Thanks for reading 🙂

Elli xx

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