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Happy New Year!! // 2021 Year in Review

I know there’s a couple of hours left of 2021 but I think we’re all over this year so let me start now by saying, Happy New Year!!

Ahhh 2021, slightly better then it’s predecessor but that’s a very low bar. We didn’t live through quite as many “historical moments that are gonna feature in our grandkids history books” which was a relief, but it’s still be eventful to say the least.

For me personally I’d say it’s been a pretty good year in terms of my personal life and my reading life which is what we’re gonna look over today :))

My Year in Reading …

This year I set my Goodreads goal to 40 books, hoping for more but anticipating a busy year and not wanting to put too much preassure on myself. I soon surpassed that, and finished the year having read 100 books.

If you actually take the time to analyse this graph, you might note the numbers don’t add up to 100. That’s because I was going off the spreadsheet I used this year to keep track of my reading. I missed off like 2 books I read for Uni and couldn’t be arsed to track them down.

  • Pages read: 36,790
  • Average book length: 367
  • My average rating: 3.9 ⭐’s

These stats are all more or less the same as 2020. Of course I did end up reading less pages simply because I read less books. But, not by much. In 2020 I read 38,681 pages over the course of 108 books so it all works out that I kept the same momentum.

I’m a big fan of re-reading books. If you love a book so much I see no harm in going back and experiencing it all over again. If it makes me happy, I’m going to do it. With that being said, I feel like I did try not to go too overboard with the re-reads this year and focus on new things, unless I re-read books in order to complete a series.

  • Heroes of Olympus series + The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan
  • Shadow & Bone + Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • First 4 books in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead
  • Hearstopper Vol 1-3 by Alice Oseman
  • The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater

In total that’s 16 re-reads. 5 of which were me starting over on series, 3 were so I could refresh my memory and continue on with series. The mini Riordan re-readathon I was apparently doing by myself at the year was just me being in the

I don’t remember making any concrete reading resolutions for this year. That being said, there are some things I’m happy about accomplishing.

I finished a bunch of series I’ve wanted to read for a while now such as Vampire Acadamy, Shadow & Bone. I also read a bunch more romance reads, finally getting over my “ew romance” years.

My Year in General …

When I look back at 2021 and think about what happened, I barely remember. The only two standouts are the things that would be impossible to forget: I graduated and started university.

I’m honestly really proud of myself for both of these things. When I moved to Spain I was only 10 and school was hard! I went from being top of my class in the UK to struggling to ask to go to the bathroom because of the language barrier. Fast forward nine years and despite the ups and downs I went on to graduate not only Spanish highschool but also Spanish college.

I’ve got this post from last year open in another tab and in the “what’s to come in 2021” section, I touch on me possibly going to Uni and past me was freaking out. I genuinley never pictured it actually happening, and yet here I am after (almost) finishing my first semester.

There was also a trip to Barcelona which was eventful to say the least. It was an impromptu trip because of an exam I had to do. I also had my 2nd covid jab the day before and was feeling the side-effects on the 6 hour train ride. Despite the stress … and the fact that I got lost for two hours, it was quite fun being in a new city on my own and being able to explore.

Oooo, I also got my drivers license! That’s a big grown up thing that happened this year. I actually only recently received my physical license, despite passing in the summer. Funny story about that: my licence got delivered to my friends house who lives in the block across the street. Very glad it didn’t go to weird Dave who lives in that same apartment building. Would have been a nightmare.

What’s to come in 2022?

It really hard to make any sort of predictions or plans for life at the minute. Who knows what the universe is going to through at us next so I’m just going with the flow.

I’m meant to be going to my second ever concert next year. I’d known this girl from Uni for like three or four weeks when we decided to get tickets to see Conan Grey. The goal before then is to learn more of his songs. 😂

Reading wise I think I’m going to set my Goodreads Reading Goal to 30 books. I want to aim for at least 3 books a month (not including Uni books) which would make it to 36 but I like a nice rounded number so I’m rounding down.

I’m going to be focusing on getting my Kindle TBR down a bit. My new obsession with e-books for cheap means I’ve got a lot to read. I also want to focus on reading 2021 releases I missed. Thankfully most of my e-books are 2021 releases so those two things go hand in hand.

I think I’m going to do a “new years reading resolutions” post so I’ll go into more detail on all of that there, but the final thing I want to do is read more classics. I’m an studying for an English degree, I feel like I should read more then I have.

So there we have it. 2021 all summed up and recapped. I’d love to hear how your year went.

I’m wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I hope you have a great night tonight. I’m actually working a shift at my old job tonight, its basically just an excuse to get drunk but be paid for it. Stay safe everyone!

Elli xx

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