Book Review: I Think I Love You by Auriane Desombre

Release Date: March 2nd 2021

Emma is a die-hard romantic. She loves a meet-cute Netflix movie, her pet, Lady Catulet, and dreaming up the Gay Rom Com of her heart for the film festival competition she and her friends are entering. If only they’d listen to her ideas. . .

Sophia is pragmatic. She’s big into boycotts, namely 1) relationships, 2) teen boys and their BO (reason #2347683 she’s a lesbian), and 3) Emma’s nauseating ideas. Forget starry-eyed romance, Sophia knows what will win: an artistic film with a message.

Cue the drama. The movie is doomed before they even start shooting . . . until a real-life plot twist unfolds behind the camera when Emma and Sophia start seeing each other through a different lens. Suddenly their rivalry is starting to feel like an actual rom-com.

My thoughts and feelings …

You ever start a book and think “hmm not sure I’m gonna like this” but then over the course of you reading it you slowly fall in love with it. That’s a really good feeling and exactly what happened with me and this book.

I suppose I should start with what made me go “hmm” to begin with. The characters where a lot younger then I was expecting. By “a lot younger” I mean this is set the summer between their sophomore and junior year which, to be fair, isn’t that young at all, I’m just getting old. *cries cause I’m almost 20*. I wrongly prejudged, thinking this would be a bit to immature for my tastes when actually their ages is what made this book work.

Teenagers are hormonal and all over the place. I feel like sometimes we forget this when reading YA cause yeah, these aspects in a character can be annoying. This is what I kept in mind while reading this which is what made me like the characters. They really do all read like chaotic kids, falling in love and figuring things out.

This especially worked when it came down to the romance. They go from bickering enemies constantly sniping at each other to the awkward stages of first love thanks to their friends meddling. This evolution in their relationship was really well done, it felt organic and real.

There’s also a coming out plot in this book. Despite Emma being confident in her sexuality, hence her wanting to make a gay rom-com, she’s having trouble coming out to her parents. I thought this brought up something really important in regards to parents not being homophobic but also not being fully with the times and how small comments can have a big impact.

Overall I highly recommend this book! If you’re looking for a lesbian romantic comedy with some classic tropes such as enemies-to-lovers done well, you should definitely check this one out!

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