I took some❤‍🔥Love❤‍🔥related quizzes cause I was bored.

Hello 👋

I have just submitted my last assignment which means I’ve officially survived my first semester of University. Wow. A milestone moment. It also means that I now have two weeks of doing nothing which is great, I plan to read a lot, but I’m also bored already 😶

To pass the time a bit tonight, I thought I’d get into the Valentine’s day spirit early (it’s not even February for me right now as I’m writing this) and take some love and romance related quiz’s.

I sent this to my friend the other day. I find it hilarious.

I feel like the way I’m going to do this is share the question and my answer. I’m not going to bother with sharing the other answer questions unless I’m humming-and-ahhing over a choice. I’m also gonna leave links to all these quizzes just in case you’re bored too :))

(Please beware: not a lot of thought or effort has gone into this post)

Who’s You’re YA Boyfriend?


What’s your ideal date? I went for the first option. I feel like it’s the only acceptable option of an avid reader who’s whole personality is that she reads: A trip to an enchanted library. Would I ditch my date and forget they’re there cause I’m so caught up in exploring this enchanted library? Probably. But that’s their problem not mine.

Pick a romantic song – I obviously have to go with the Taylor Swift of the five options: Delicate by Taylor Swift. Reputation is one of the best albums eve. And the moment this song opens with “This ain’t for the best, my reputation’s never been worse, so you must like me for me”. *screams*.

It’s your birthday and your s/o gives you the perfect gift! What is it? – So I literally just talked about going with the obvious choice for a reader so I should choose a new book that you’ve been wanting to read. But … I also really love cake and I can buy myself a book whenever I want. I can also make myself a cake whenever I want but that’s a lot more effort which is why I’m going with a homemade cake filled with love.

What’s the most important thing to you in a relationship? A good sense of humour 100%.

Everyone has their flaws. Your boyfriend has which of the following flaws– The options for this really made me laugh: sarcastic, manipulative, overprotective, unconfident, murderous. Why am I really tempted to choose Murderous 😂 I think I’m gonna go with sarcastic even though I question if that’s even a flaw. I just think a Murderous boyfriend would get messy.

In what romantic way did you meet your dashing babe? – This was a tough one. I feel like the most realistic is he saved my life just because I’m dangerously clumsy/stupid.

More about you, how do you enjoy spending your free time? – This one was not tough in the slightest. If I’m not sleeping, watching TV or wasting my time being unproductive I’m reading!

Chose one word your friends would use to describe you – My friends say I’m a “sarcastic little shit” but the specific choice of word on this quiz is “witty” which just carries different vibes which I don’t think I fit. Maybe crazy. I’ve definitely been called that once or twice by my friends.

*drum roll* my YA boyrfriend is … Will Herondale!!

Wow. I’m starting off these quizzes STRONG! I have no clue what the other results were but I’m counting this as a big fat win. I love Will Herndale. Once he get’s over his whole “need to stop anyone from loving me ever” phase, he’s a sweetheart and I would happily be his girlfriend.

If Your Life Was A Movie, What Kind Of Love Interest Would You Be?


What’s your birth month? – Don’t really have much wiggle room on this one. My birth month is August. I’m a Leo 🦁

Pick a word that best describes what love is for you – I’m gonna go with happiness. Obviously you’re not going to be happy 100% of the time you’re in a relationship, but preferably you’re happy more often then not.

Pick a TV series – Not many great options for me, gonna admit. Supernatural was an option but that show just makes me laugh now, the whole Spanish dub thing. Hilarious and tragic. I think I’m gonna go with Community … even though I’ve only watched one episode but I started watching it the other night and it was really funny.

Describe yourself – One of the options is “You don’t dwell on the past or future”. HA. Definitely not that one! Gonna go with not sure just because … I’m not sure.

Which photo catches your attention? – I went with the cute one: a cat and a dog cuddling.

*drum roll* If my life was a movie I would be … The Insecure Love Interest.

Owch 😂 The entire explanation of why I’m the insecure love interest is pretty accurate, but I can’t help but think I got this just cause I responded with “not sure” when I was asked to describe myself.

Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Romantic Book Trope You’re Into


What’s your ideal partner’s personality? – I need someone who can put up with my shitty jokes and the fact that I burst into song and quote vines at the most ranom time to charming and playful it is.

Which outfit are you most likely to wear? – Realistically non of them because I haven’t worn anything except joggies and the same two hoodies over the last week and a half as I struggle through essays. I chose the cute purple graphic tea, jeans and … I can’t tell if it was a coat or a hoodie but that one. I don’t have the energy to share the picture.

What’s your ideal date – I feel like going to a carnival would be a good one. High chance for puking on the date, but I think roller-coasters are worth that risk.

What do you enjoy doing? – I know I’m repeating myself, it’s not my fault these quiz makers are unimaginative, but obviously I’m going with reading.

Which house do you see yourself living in? – Again there’s photos which I can’t be arsed to share, so you have to make do with my description. It was a toss up between the cute beach house with a porch and everything, or the Mediterranean style house with a pool. I went with the Mediterranean style because 1) I’d rather have my own pool then the beach, 2) I’m hoping to maybe be able to move back to Spain where my parents live when I’ve established a career and this is the style of houses there.

What’s your go-to hairstyle? – AGHHH stop with the photos. I went with the straight kinda below the shoulder length hair because that’s mine, the only difference is that this girls is a kinda maroon-purple colour. If I was ready to dye my hair again I’d go with this colour. (still got trauma from having 2 allergic reactions after dying it mermaid red, even when I got it What’s your go-to hairstyle? dyed).

Lastly, which genre do you read? – Let’s ignore the fact that fan-fiction is one of the options and I’ve been weirdly into “peter parker goes on a field trip to Start Industries” fics lately and say fantasy cause that’s what I want to read a lot of this year.

*drum roll* the romantic book trope i’m into is … Enemies to Lovers!

Yes. Big fat yes. Love a good enemies-to-lovers romance. One of the first books I read this year was enemies-to-lovers.

I was going to do another one, a “which Gilmore Girls boyfriend are you most compatible with” quiz but I’m hungry, my computer is lagging for some reason, and with my current emotional state I think I’d cry if I didn’t get Jesse so we’re gonna skip that one today.

I had a lot of fun with this. It kept me entertained through two episodes of Law & Order: SVU which is all I can ask for really. Food is going to be my next source of entertainment.

I’d love to see you guys taking these quizzes and seeing what answers you get. Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

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  1. This is such a fun post and it honestly makes me want to do all these quizzes too right now so… I think I’m gonna go do that 😂 I wanna know what the quiz says about the romantic trope I’m into!

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