My thoughts on … 💕 Romance Tropes ðŸ’•

February = all my content revolves around love and romance with an obnoxious amount of heart emoji and gifs despite Valentines day only being ONE day of twenty-eight.

Today’s round of me milking Valentines Day for all it’s worth is going to be me sharing my thoughts on popular Romance Tropes. I’ve done this before with YA Tropes and had a lot of fun.

There’s a slight chance that some of the Romance tropes overlap with YA tropes I’ve already talked about but that’s fine. I repeat myself on a daily basis anyways, may as well incorporate that to my blog too.

Enemies to Lovers

I really love this trope. The tension between the characters is always next level. However, I do think you can go wrong with it.

Sometimes in Fantasy books you read an enemies to lovers book where one of the characters has legit murdered the others entire family and yet they’re smooching. To me that’s a bit of a red flag 🚩. Me personally, I couldn’t overlook that.

This may sound hypocritical but I do like it when one or both of the characters have tried to kill the other at some point. That makes for a top-tier romance in my opinion.


My problem with slowburn is that I always get to the end and want more. Sure it’s fun to see them getting to that point in the relationship, but I want to see what comes after! So I prefer a slow-burn across multiple books where I can also see the payoff rather then in a standalone.

Age Gap

Age gap romances make me feel icky. I feel like there’s been one that I’ve liked and that was The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood which has like a 10 year gap, I feel. I liked that one, but usually I stay far away from age-gap romances.

Friends to Lovers

This is a staple romance trope. I’ve loved it ever since reading Percy Jackson. Percy and Annabeth set the bar for Friends-to-Lovers, and I argue that no other bookish couple have been able to beat them.

I love the angst that comes with this. The whole “I have feelings for them but I don’t wanna make a move because what if it messes up our friendship”. I really like seeing the platonic love turn into romantic love, it makes me very happy.

Mutual Pining

Definite top tier for me. The yearning and longing looks!!! Give me it all.

Hurt Comfort

The feelings and emotions that go through me when a character is injured and the other is patching them up or something along those lines!! Phenomenal.

As soon as I saw this, I immediately thought of Crooked Kingdom and the scene with Kaz stitching up Inej. I re-read that recently and kind of went feral while reading it.

Forbidden Love

Honestly, sometimes when I’m reading forbidden love I just ask the characters, who obviously don’t reply cause they don’t exist: “Is it with really worth it guys?”

Soul Mates

I’ve only read this trope in fanfiction. It’s not my go to but I do like the “whatever is on my skin appears on my soulmates skin” or the “first words my soulmate says to me are on my arm”. I don’t mind reading those. I would be interested in how a novel approaches it though. (Any recommendations would be appreciated).


Over the last two (maybe three) years of reading romance I’ve noticed a trend that around the 70% mark there’s always some sort of unnecessary angst which always serves to just annoy me.

Characters fall in love, get together, are inevitably torn apart only to get together again by the last chapter.

It annoys me. Please, have the angst in the build up to them getting together instead of giving me whiplash when they get to together but end up breaking up a couple chapters later. Just let them be happy!!

Sharing a Bed

I feel like I rarely come across this in books. In long-form fanfiction yes, but hardly ever in a novel. Which is a shame because this always fun. The awkwardness of the shy one being all “I’ll sleep on the couch” and the other being like “dude”. The way they inevitably end up snuggling through the night. Authors, please include more bed sharing scenes in your novels!!

(I wrote this and then re-read The Deal by Elle Kennedy where there is a bed sharing scene or two so I’m just coming back to say that yes I really like it)

Partners in Crime

Again my mind goes straight to Six of Crows where every couple double as partners in crime. Also Money Heist which I’ve finally gotten around to watching the last season.

Not only do these couples committing crimes together make them seem so bad-ass, there’s that extra element of one of them being caught which provides the best kind of angst and usually leads to a break-out scene.

Incest Vibes

I’m looking at you, Mortal Instruments, and I’m also side-eyeing you, The Hawthorn Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Sure you don’t commit to it (Thank. God!) but even planting the seed is a big fat NO!!!

I know we’re not talking about fan-fic but I still want to share the horror that I feel when I’m casually scrolling AO3 for a quick fic before bed and see romantic pairing for fictional siblings, or characters that have a clear familial bond.

Like I’ve seen smutty fics about the Minyard Twins. I’ve been big into “Peter Parker goes on a field trip to Stark Industries” since watching the new spiderman movie and I legit let out an “agh!” when I saw tags for a Peter/Tony smut fic. I don’t wanna shame anyone, but WHY?!


If two romantic interests don’t have banter then what’s the point? Like, what are they gonna talk about if they’re not hiding their love in sarcastic but meaningful comments??

But for real, I’m way more likely to root for and get invested in a romance if they have the bantz.

Secret/Fake Relationship

I just lumped these two together because it’s a big fat yes for both. There’s an air of pretending in both instances which make for some great scenes. I feel like I’ve read a lot more fake dating then secret dating though which needs to change.

Unhappy Ending

What’s the point?

Bad Boy/Good Girl

I’m always a fan of the bad-boy trope. By that I mean dark haired fictional boys with tattoos, maybe a motorbike or leather jacket that are lowkey total softies. I don’t like it when the bad-boys are actual unlikeable jerks though.

The bad-boy/good-girl trope can get cringe at times. I feel like a lot of times, the good girl is super naive and there’s something about that I don’t like.

To summarise: this is a bit of a hit or miss trope.

One is Famous

I’ve been a big fan of this trope ever since watching the Disney Channel Original Movie Starstruck, staring Sterling Knight. (I now have “there’s something about the sunshine” song stuck in my head :I)

Someone Makes a Bet.

No!!! If it’s like Jake and Amy in B99 where they make a bet between themselves, then okay. But if the guy makes a bet with his friends, or asks a girl out on a date as dare then that’s a big fat no from me guys. This legit makes me paranoid 😂


#EatTheRich … but reading about rich people is fun as fuck, not gonna lie.

Drunken Hook-Up

Yeah okay I really this trope (obviously if both characters are drunk). This is really fun, then there’s the next morning angst and usually they hook up and are forced together by the universe. Fun.


If I go into the book knowing there’s going to be a pregnancy then yes I’m going to like it because I’ve purposefully picked it up, but if it’s just thrown in there with no warning or reason, then eh. *cough* Breaking Dawn *cough*.

And there we have my thoughts and feelings. I found all these prompts on a tier-list but I ignored a fair few because they were just straight out nope’s, for example, abduction-to-love is obviously going to be a bit fat no.

I had fun with this. I’d love to know your thoughts and feelings on any and all of these tropes. Also, if you have recommendations please leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading :))

Elli xx

7 thoughts on “My thoughts on … 💕 Romance Tropes ðŸ’•”

  1. Omg i agree so much about percabeth setting the bar for friends to lovers!
    And somehow i like the bad boy trope too but I’m not a fan of good girls, they’re pretty basic to read about idk y.
    And ikr about the is it even worth it, for forbidden love. Because that one is always weird, people fall in love with the main character who has no personality and then they go all- oh i love u so much I’ll throw myself off a cliff for u 😂
    Great post!!!!


  2. I absolutely love the enemies-to-lovers and friends-to-lovers trope! I still think we don’t have enough of these in our books. *lol* And I’d absolutely love to read more of the “One is famous” trope but it’s pretty rare in books. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome post! I’m with you about the age-gaps and pregnancy. Weirdly enough I grew up reading historical romances where age-gaps (like in history) were a thing…but now I feel different about it. I love enemies to lovers, banter, friends to lovers. And seriously, why is reading about billionaires so fun? lol

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I must admit that billionaires are becoming a guilty pleasure of mine. Probably because of Crazy Rich Asians. I’m not the biggest fan of soulmates, though. The ones I found in original fiction often feel like the author is forcing two characters to get together against their will rather than letting them come together naturally.


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