Dear Hollywood, please adapt these books!

Hello 🙂

Did I have pizza from uni for lunch? Yes. Did I just order a pizza from the shop down the road? Yes. Yes I did. Its 9:30pm, I haven’t eaten since 11:30am and I cannot be bothered to cook. Please don’t judge me.

While I’m waiting for my pizza to be delivered though, I figured it was the best time to talk book-to-screen adaptations, specifically which ones I want to see be a real thing.

The Brown Sister Trilogy by Talia Hibbert

So me finishing, and loving, Act Your Age, Eve Brown is what inspired this entire post because all I want from life now is a movie trilogy following each book in this series.

Ok so I’m thinking you do it like how Netflix did the Fear Street Movie trilogy (movies I LOVE!) in that you release all three movies within a short space of time of each other. Either on the same day or like every Friday for three weeks in a row.

Rom-coms just don’t hit like how they used to and this could drastically revitalise the genre. Each one is cute and well plotted while also packing a bit of an emotional punch. And then you have the representation that Rom-com movies also desperately need: poc characters, chronic pain rep, male survivor of an abusive relationship, autism rep.

I feel like it you cast characters with the right amount of chemistry this could be a great hit as a movie trilogy.

10 Blind Dates by Ashley Poston

Keeping with the rom-coms, I don’t know about you but I want more cute Christmas rom-coms. Hence why I would like to see an adaptation of 10 Blind Dates.

The book has great festive vibes: it’s set of the Christmas period, if memory serves some of the date’s have holiday vibes. But it’s more then just a Christmas story. It’s really rooted in family and an eventual friends-to-lovers romance.

The only possible downfall I can think of when it comes to this book being turned into a movie is that there’s a lot of characters in this book. Sophie has a huge extended family so I think any adaptation is going to have to be ruthless and cut a few of them.

These Violent Delights + Our Violent Ends by Chloe Gong

I will be very shocked if these books aren’t adapted. It feels like a no brainer.

Not only are these massively popular within the bookish community, but there’s so much about this story that would attract a main stream audience: forbidden romance, violence, gangs, historical setting, paranormal elements.

Can you imagine HBO adapting this. I haven’t watched many things from them but everything that I have seen, even if it’s only a trailer that plays before a Youtube video, seems like it’s got a big budget and production team behind it which is exactly what you’d need for this series.

There’s really nothing like this on TV at the minute so HBO, strike while the iron (and the hype) is hot my dudes! Please!!!

I like the idea of this being turned into a limited series because you can pack more things into it and stay true to the story. And then you have the fact that Gong is releasing a companion series following one of the characters from these books so you can always adapt that as well if it’s so popular.

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Knives Out was a huge success and an adaptation of this series could be too! Please give it to me!!!

I might be biased because not only do I love this series but I also love this author. But when I really think of the logisitcs I think this could be a great hit.

It’s got the mystery and thriller aspects, the soap-opera levels of drama which is so fun, the tone and vibes of the story of so unique, and then you have the fact that three of the main characters are rich and good looking guys which is obviously going to attract an audience

And there we have my current wishlist of books I would like to see be adapted. If I knew any producers, writers, directors I would happily bribe them until they made these become a reality.

I’d love to know if you’d like to see any of these on the big screen, and what other books you want to be adapted. Thanks so much for reading :))

Elli xx

11 thoughts on “Dear Hollywood, please adapt these books!”

  1. I actually haven’t read any of the YA you mentioned yet *sob but I’ve heard amazing things about them. I think TVD would make for a great tv show. Also, The Inheritance Games was actually optioned before release with Amazon (as a tv show) which I do remember because I wrote a blog post about it, not sure if there’s been any updates though 🤣 What a fun read! ❤

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