I just finished Heartstopper. Smiling and Crying.

Hi. Hello. πŸ‘‹

It is currently Friday 22nd April aka Hearstopper Season 1 release day and … I’ve finished the entire series already. Honestly there was no better way to spend my morning. And now I plan on spending my afternoon talking about it!


An example of perfect casting.

The first thing I want to bring up just to get it out of the way with is the fact that Olivia Coleman of all people was cast to play Nick’s mum! I was spoiled for this on Twitter by Netflix themselves but I still gasped when she showed up on my screen. What an icon!

Anyways, onto the more important topic of the characters we all love. I think the casting was absolute perfection. They all looked the double as their original character designs and portrayed them just as well

In my eyes Kit Connor as Nick Nelson was the stand out. His acting in this was phenomenal. Just the way that he nailed Nicks inner turmoil and confusion. So well acted!!

Every shot was so pretty!!

I know absolutely nothing about cinematography but The Batman and now Hearstopper makes me feel like I do because these had me saying stuff like “wow that was such a cool shot!”

The lighting was something I couldn’t help but notice: the halo of light around Nick when Charlie first meeting, and best of all, the gay ass lighting when Tara + Darcy kiss and the subsequent Bi lightning washing over Nick as he watches them.

Another thing I really liked is the addition of the Hearstopper illustration style animations that were incorporated throughout!! They made the whole show feel so unique, while also linking it back to the graphic novel and providing some great moments.

My favourite way this was incorporated was when Nick goes to hold Charlie’s hand when he’s asleep. Sparks literally flew!! I would honestly say this one of my favourite scenes.

It was like the comic brought to life.

My new favourite thing is seeing the side-by-sides of shots from the graphic novel compared to shots from the show. This was a perfect blend of sticking to the original story while also changing it a bit to fit.

It did hit a bit too close to home and to the plot of Hearstopper when we see peaks of Charlie’s mental health. The first scene I spotted this was when he’s got a bowl of cereal but we only see him stirring it about, never eating it. I legit said out-loud “oh no”.

I’m 98% sure this is going to get a season 2. I mean they put their money where their mouth is by getting Olivia Coleman on board (but I also know what Netflix’s track record is like – RIP Julie & The Phantoms). I want 10 seasons of this show but I’m also terrified of seeing Volume 4 played out on my screen.

Loved following the girls just as much as the boys.

One of my favourite changes was that we saw so much more of Elle, Tara and Darcy. We see how Elle is coping with being at a new school, making friends with Tara and Darcy, as well as the aftermath of Tara and Darcy coming out.

I wasn’t expecting this for some reason but I’m so glad we got this. Another thing we saw a lot of was Tao and Elle’s budding romance with their friends low key setting them up. I cannot wait to see more of this play out next season. I’m feeling soft and smiley already.

More Isaac in season 2 please.

Isaac is my new spirit animal which is why he’s getting an entire paragraph dedicated to him. My favourite scene of his is when the gang are playing Monopoly except he’s curled up asleep with a book next to him and then “accidentally” knocks the board over when the arguments start.

Legend behaviour.

I’m sure I’ll be watching plenty of “reading the books Isaac reads in Hearstopper” videos in a couple of weeks and I’m not mad about that. What I will be mad at is if this boy doesn’t get more screen time in Season 2.

My favourite moments

I feel like it’s pretty easy to discern that I absolutely loved this show. I’m itching to re-watch it already. It was perfection and evidence as to why you should not only be loyal to the source material when that’s what people loved in the first place, but also goes to show that you should 100% bring the author on board!

My favourite moment that I’m still thinking about 24 hours later is one scene in particular:

This is the most Nick Nelson moment and I adored it. I was so scared when this plot-line came into play but this scene erased all of those fears.

Ideally I would go and re-read the four published volumes right now but sadly my copies are all the way over in Spain. I’m back in like 6 weeks though so you bet as soon as I touch down back home I’ll be re-reading those.

Another thing I’ve really liked about this watching experience is that my friends are watching it too!!! Like this time last year Shadow & Bone was just released and it was only me that was excited. This time around it’s been somethign me and my friends have been excited about for ages now.

I was in a debate earlier with my friends boyfriend who didn’t like the Imogen plot-line (of course I brought up that he did it cause of her dog). And then five minutes ago another friend text me saying he was finally sitting down to watch it even though it’s 11pm.

I’d love to carry on any and all conversation about this show in the comments. What did you think about it? Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

Elli xx

6 thoughts on “I just finished Heartstopper. Smiling and Crying.”

  1. Omggg just reading this post makes me want to go back and rewatch the entire series again cos I just finished it this past Sunday and UGH, MY FEELS. There’s so much that you’ve pointed out that had me laughing and going YAAS! Like that Isaac momentβ€”what a legend. I absolutely cracked up and I also hope he gets more screen time because he was fantastic! I adored all of Nick’s moments (such strong golden retriever energy and I absolutely loved it!) but that one where he says “her dog died” was too good. πŸ˜‚ His mum’s face like, what? This show deserves all the hype and attention it’s receiving because it was truly SO well adapted. I really hope we get more 😍 Awesome post!

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    1. I love Isaac so much, I’m pretty sure Alice Oseman confirmed on twitter that he’s aro/ace which I love too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a season 2. I hope they follow through with the Paris trip!! I feel like we’re in the golden era for book adaptations right now and I’m very happy about that ahaha. Thank you for reading :))

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  2. I absolutely adored the series too! The soundtrack is fantastic and I thought the way it foreshadowed Charlie’s mental health troubles was really clever. It was so subtle that I’m sure only people who read the books would even notice it. So, when it’s finally revealed, I know it’s going to hit us all in the feels like a fully-loaded train! Isaac was a great new character with excellent reading taste and, while I was a bit torn on her at first, I ended up liking the addition of Imogen in the end. Here’s hoping Series 2 is just as good!

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