Which popular YA bird-book character am I?

Hello and howdy.

I’ve just been staring at my laptop for the last hour, wanting to write something but just having one big brain fart. Finally though I’ve had the genius idea of re-visiting a post I’ve done before but with a lil twist.

Today I am once again going to be finding out which popular YA character I am, but specifically from the holy trinity of YA bird-books: Six of Crows, The Raven Cycle and The Foxhole Court (which is classed as a bird book cause of the second novel “The Raven King”)

From Six of Crows I am … Nina Zenik

The Quiz

I had a feeling I was going to get Nina purely because I answered with food to a fair few questions and well know Nina is a foodie and rightly so. I really love Nina, she’s funny, badass and so confident in herself. I haven’t read it yet but she’s one of the main reasons I want to continue on to read King of Scars. Very happy with this one!

From The Raven Cycle I am … Ronan Lynch

The Quiz

Well this one was a surprise. I really don’t think I radiate Ronan Lynch energy in the slightest. I mean I’ll take it cause I love him but this was unexpected. Lowkey thought I was gonna get The Grey Man for some reason.

The quote that came along with this was “Ronan was broken; Ronan was fixable; Ronan had a soul.” I feel like this says a lot but I’m not in the right head-space to ever unpack.

From The Foxhole Court I am … Neil Josten

The Quiz

Again this is a shocker but the reasons given to why I’m Neil Josten are actually pretty accurate:

  • u probably look like a lost puppy 85% of the time – I have been told I look like a golden retriever who just seems happy to be here. same vibes right?
  • the rest of the time you look like murder – resting bitch face/i look high a lot apparently
  • heart of gold – ya know what not to toot my own heart but yeah
  • might have issues w/ ur appearance – wow this really is a call out
  • likes bad boys – fictional bad boys definitely
  • has a hard time forgetting bad memories – hmmm not so much. actually tend to forget the bad times to the point where I look back and am like “that wasn’t so bad” when actually it really was.
  • probably needs more friends (but the ones you have are brill) – oh 100%

*all art is linked back to it’s original creator*

So here we have the answer to the question of “Which YA bird-book character am I?” This has made my day. I’m in a better mood now.

I’d love to see you guys do these quizzes, please let me know who you got. Also, just from reading my posts, do I give off the vibes of these characters. I’m curious! Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

Elli xx

2 thoughts on “Which popular YA bird-book character am I?”

  1. YA “bird-books” BAHAHA really good omg. eep yes nina is QUEEN. while i haven’t read foxhole court, from your description i might be neil josten too bc that lost puppy-murderous face thingy is really accurate


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