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I (almost) read the rainbow🌈// June Wrap Up

My June TBR was ambitious. Very, overly ambitious. I set out in June to read my rainbow – reading one LGBTQ+ book from each colour, but I did hope to double up and read numerous books for each colour. And I accomplished this challenge. More or less …

Red – The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe

Me loving a book I knew I was going to love but put off reading for ages anyways? Wow what a surprise! On the one hand I’m very proud of myself for having read this (finally), on the other hand I’m pissed I didn’t read it sooner because it was so good!

The Girl’s I’ve Been was a recipe for a good time what with the compelling characters and dynamics, edge of your seat worthy action and an interwinning plotline that melded Nora’s life of living the con during her childhood to her using those “skills” to get her and her friends out of bank robbery turned hostage situation.

Orange – Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

I think of all the books I read this month, Perfect on Paper was probably my favourite and I’m very happy about this fact. Sophie Gonzales is officially on my “must read all her books” list.

I really liked the writing style, Darcy’s personality really shone through. I also loved the relationship between her and Broughman (whose name I’m still not sure how to pronounce properly) even outside of any romantic sense. In terms of the romance, this actually kept me guessing a fair bit as to who the endgame love interest was, or if there was even going to be a main focus romance.

Besides from Darcy being Broughman’s love coach and dealing with her crush on her best friend and the fallout from secrets she’s kept, this book also touched on bi-phobia, internalised and unintentional, which I thought was and important part too.

Yellow – Nick & Charlie by Alice Oseman

My friend got me a copy of Nick & Charlie as a going away gift when we finished Uni because I won’t be back until January because of Study Abroad. I for some reason thought this book was going to be sad. I’m guessing I got it confused with the other novella, This Winter, because actually this made me smile a whole of a hell lot.

I read this on the train ride to Birmingham for my Connan Gray concert and was that idiot that just sat there grinning the whole time. More happy times for Nick and Charlie please and thank you.

Green – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I know I’ve only just read this book, but I’m already looking forward to being able to re-read this book and highlight my favourite quotes. Same goes for Daisy Jones which I read a couple of months ago.

Yes, after reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo I’m now fully on the Taylor Jenkins Reid hype train and acknowledge I should have boarded this train years ago. It’s fine. I’m having fun playing catch up.

I enjoyed this book for numerous reasons: Evelyn and Cecilia, wondering why Monique would grow to hate Evelyn, Harry, the look into old school Hollywood, elements of fake dating which turned to marriage. All tied together with really pretty and effective writing.

Blue – On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous was actually a follw on from May. I didn’t even realise this was an LGBTQ+ book when I set out reading it, or when I wrote my TBR so thats why I didn’t include it on my TBR.

This was actually a Christmas gift from the same friend that got me Nick & Charlie and I actually read these two back-to-back so shout out to Jeremy! While this book was something totally different to what I usually read, and not something I would have picked up for myself, I really enjoyed it!

Purple – Loveless by Alice Oseman

This is where my TBR starts to deteriorate a little as Loveless was the first of two books I started in June but didn’t manage to finish on time. I have since finished this book and really enjoyed it. It was a slow going book for me, both in terms of plot as it’ve very character driven, but also just in how I read it – taking my time and really taking it all in.

Pink – Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan

And here we have the second book I started but didn’t finish in June, hence why this post is titled I (almost) read my rainbow.

I’ve read a book by Jennifer Dugan before and enjoyed it. Unfortunately this book wasn’t hitting the same. I got about 20% into it and haven’t actually picked it up in like a week or so. I’m hoping that a little bit of time away from it will do me some good and I’ll get back to reading and realist I wasn’t feeling it cause I just wasn’t in the mood. Fingers crossed.

None Rainbow Related – Kay O’Neil

I found something that made me very happy this month: queer graphic novels by Kay O’Neil. I first read the three Tea Dragon graphic novels and I swear to god they cleared my skin, healed my anxiety, and got rid of every concern I’ve ever had … at least for the afternoon I spent reading them. Everything about these was cute from the art style to the plot to the characters and dragons. I adore this!!!

Then I also read Princess Princess Ever After which had Rapunzel vibes but with TWO PRINCESSES!!!! Will now read every Kay O’Neil graphic novel I lay my eyes upon.

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5 thoughts on “I (almost) read the rainbow🌈// June Wrap Up”

  1. Haha, I love what you’ve said about the Tea Dragon books because YES! They’re such amazing, feel-good and healing reads and I would recommend it to everyone who wants a dose of happiness in their lives 💜 Looks like you had a great reading month overall, despite not quite completing the rainbow. I’ve only read one book by Dugan and it was *not* for me so even though this has an adorable cover and sounds great, I’m giving it a pass. I hope you have a great month in July!

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