Book Review: In Deep Waters by F.T Lukens

Release Date: April 20th 2021

Prince Tal has long awaited his coming-of-age tour. After spending most of his life cloistered behind palace walls as he learns to keep his forbidden magic secret, he can finally see his family’s kingdom for the first time. His first taste of adventure comes just two days into the journey, when their crew discovers a mysterious prisoner on a burning derelict vessel.

Tasked with watching over the prisoner, Tal is surprised to feel an intense connection with the roguish Athlen. So when Athlen leaps overboard and disappears, Tal feels responsible and heartbroken, knowing Athlen could not have survived in the open ocean.

That is, until Tal runs into Athlen days later on dry land, very much alive, and as charming—and secretive—as ever. But before they can pursue anything further, Tal is kidnapped by pirates and held ransom in a plot to reveal his rumored powers and instigate a war. Tal must escape if he hopes to save his family and the kingdom. And Athlen might just be his only hope…

My thoughts & feelings …

Listen. A book doesn’t always need to be non-stop action. Sometimes, a book can be about a teenage prince and merman saving each other from various kidnapping situations and falling in love along the way and it hits just right. That’s exactly the case for In Deep Waters.

This book follows Tal, the youngest son of the Queen and only member of his family to possess powerful magic, as he’s setting off on his coming of age tour. Said tour gets off to a bit of a rocky start when not only does one of the crew members try to kill him, he also finds a boy, Athlen, held prisoner on an abandoned, sinking ship. After being rescued Athlen jumps overboard so Tal is shocked when he runs into him over and over again.

I’m pegging this as a “slice of life fantasy” and by that I mean it’s set in a fantastical world with magic and royals and messed up politics, but it wasn’t complex or anxiety inducing, it’s like we just get a little sneak peek into this world with the main focus being on Tal and Athlen. It really took the preassure off – I could kick back and enjoy without having to keep tracks of a bunch of stuff, and also without worrying about the fate of the characters because, while the stakes where high you just knew everything would be fine and I liked that.

If I had to sum up this book in one word it would be: cute. I read some other people’s reviews for this book and saw it described as “boring”. I get why people may thank that because like I said, despite being a fantasy it’s not very action packed and focuses a lot more on the romance. In my eyes it was a fun lovestory that just so happened to have fantastical elements and I really enjoyed reading about a prince and a merman falling for each other.

Another element I really liked was the family aspects. This book was pretty short but F.T Lukens managed to create a believably close family dynamic.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s just looking for a good time, over a long time. It was sweet and fun and made me smile a whole hell of a lot.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: In Deep Waters by F.T Lukens”

  1. I am desperate to read In Deeper Waters simply because of the cover, but I’m really happy that you loved it. Hope your August is going well.

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